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8 Easy And Cheap Raised Garden Bed Ideas For Wonderful Spring

Spring will come soon. Prepare yourself to do more activities this season with some plans. Most of …

Spring will come soon. Prepare yourself to do more activities this season with some plans. Most of people love to plant new plants at their garden. To create inviting garden, you need to create raised garden bed. It will make your garden appears prettier.

Nest-Inspired Garden Bed

To create this nest-inspired garden bed you need to count how large your garden. You can have small or larger raised garden bed to plant any plants you wish. With some twigs or bamboos that shaped circularly, the raised garden bed will ready soon.

Wood Stumps Used To Create A Flower Bed

If you don’t have any palette wood, you may apply wood stumps to create flower bed. Just cut a branch of wood into smaller pieces and arrange them as like as cute littler fence around your plants. The result will be charm like the picture.

Vegetable Raised Garden Bed From Bricks

Use some old bricks to create raised garden bed will be a brilliant idea. You don’t need to spend more money, because you can use the unused bricks. Just arrange them one by one as fence with any shape you like. Then, plant your vegetable.

Herb Garden From Galvanized Tubs

Rather than building raised garden bed, it will be easier to use galvanized tub to plant your favorite herbs, flowers, or trees. Feel free to pint it or not, but let the galvanized tub with its color will look more inviting.

Old Tire Raised Beds

Don’t throw away your old tire! It can be used for another useful thing. Here, you may repurpose old tire as raised beds easily. You only have to remove the tire side wall by using jigsaw. Then fill with some soils on it and plant anything you want.

Concrete Blocks Raised Garden Bed

Build this concrete blocks raised garden bed is pretty easy even for the beginner. You only have to decide the location where you will create the garden firstly. Then, arrange the concrete blocks into rectangular shape. Fill with soil and plant.

Metal Sheet Raised Garden

Metal Sheet Raised Garden



When you don’t have wood any more, you may use metal sheet to create raised garden bed. Metal sheet is cheap and flexible. So, you can shape it as you like, whether it will be circular, rectangular, or even curve.

Friendly Herb Garden

It doesn’t mean you only can plant herbs, you may plant flowers, succulent, or trees at this raised garden bed. Using some wood blocks that arranged well, you may place them at your porch or garden corner. Moreover, this can be applied for indoor garden as well.

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