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8 Recommended Crib Canopy Decorations For Lovely Nursery Room

Having a baby becomes wonderful gift that dramatically change parent’s life. They tend to prepare a…

Having a baby becomes wonderful gift that dramatically change parent’s life. They tend to prepare anything to welcome the baby such as nursery room. Furthermore, designing nursery room will be the most exciting thing for parent. That room should be comfortable, chic, and interesting. You can try to decorate nursery room with crib canopies as follow;

Bohemian Crib Canopy

Bohemian Crib Canopy


Build bohemian crib canopy for your baby is not hard. This attractive crib canopy may look awesome for baby girl nursery room. However, you are free to make this bohemian crib canopy for baby boy as well.

Fairy Lights Over Classic Crib

Decide to apply earthy tone for baby nursery room. With fairy lights over this classic crib canopy, the baby’s room looks more classical. No matter what the gender of your baby, this vintage crib canopy will fit to them.

Enchanted Forest Nursery

Darker canopy may look spooky, but it is awesome for night sleep. With fairy lights, the design appears more eye-catching. You can apply this enchanted forest nursery room either for baby girl or baby boy.

Earth-Tone Flowers

Apply earth-tone flowers for the top of canopy may inspire you to do the same thing for your baby girl. This design looks neutral for any house style. Moreover, you are free to add some fairy lights or just simple bulb at this sweet crib canopy decoration.

Dainty Butterfly Mobile

Add dainty butterfly mobile gives more effect to this crib canopy decoration. Your baby will see the butterfly over its eyes that move whenever someone touches it. So, your baby will learn that something can mobile after being touched.

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DIY Crown Canopy

When you get your little prince or princess, you may treat her or him as like as that. Make a DIY crown canopy may be one of the best things that you can do. It needs time to create, but will allow you to see wonderful nursery room design.

Crown Of Large Flowers

Here is again baby girl nursery room design that will inspire you to do the same thing. With crown that makes this crib canopy looks eye-grabbing, the flower mobile also add interesting element. Pom pom pillow gives more than just beautiful effect.

Under The Moon And The Stars

Show your imagination with this dreamy crib canopy design. Pretend that your baby sleep outside with some stars and a moon on the sky. Moreover, this design can be used for all. Add some star pillows and dolls.

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