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8 Inspiring Minimalist Modern Nursery Designs Even For Small Room

To welcome your new baby born, you have to prepare a perfect nursery room. How if you only have sma…

To welcome your new baby born, you have to prepare a perfect nursery room. How if you only have small space to build it? No need to worry. You can create minimalist modern nursery which no need large area. Check out these following ideas;

Artistic Nursery Room Design

Artistic Nursery Room Design


This minimalist space for nursery room gives you an artistic nursery room design. Take a look at the rainbow on the wall and some part of ceiling which filled with wallpaper. So, you can see more patterns at this little space, right?

Wonderful Design With Unique Ceiling

It may look challenging to design a room with low ceiling that probably will give small area. However, this nursery room tells you about modern beauty even at very tiny space. Dark grey and white has already chosen as this room basic color to look larger and chic.

Astronaut Theme

This blue nursery room will trigger your creation to add astronaut theme for your little boy. With bold blue wall that combines with patterned fabric makes this room appears more sophisticated and bright.

Classic Nursery Room

Use eye-catching transparent crib for your baby’s bed that gives a touch of modern element for this classic nursery theme. Look at the rocking chair that already tells you about vintage inspired room decor.

Pink Nursery Room

Copy this nursery room design for your new little girl. She will looks like a princess at her own room. The gallery wall also makes this room more attractive.

Gender-Neutral Nursery

No matter what your baby gender, this room will be fit to him or her. With monochromatic color tone, you are free to add some texture for this room decoration.

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Elephant Nursery Design

Give your baby girl or boy no matter what this wonderful nursery decoration with elephant. With white basic color, you may add other bright furniture just like yellow chair there.

Colorful Nursery Room

The crib bedding set already gives you wonderful color that looks calm but eye-grabbing. Furthermore, the rug, side table, and wall accent give you more than you wish.

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