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8 Affordable Platform Beds That Will Transform Your Home Decoration

Create platform bed may need some hours. However, it is fun project that will give your more advant…

Create platform bed may need some hours. However, it is fun project that will give your more advantages. You don’t need to spend more money, the design will be up to your desire, and you may add anything to the platform bed. Most of on budget platform bed are created from wood. See these following ideas;

Dark Wood Platform Bed

Dark Wood Platform Bed


Enjoy your time to sleep with this dark wood platform bed that can be made by yourself. What you need to have is basic carpentry skill. You may need some hours to create this project, but will happy with the wonderful result.

Platform Bed And Salvaged Door Headboard

This platform bed looks awesome for farmhouse bedroom style. With white wooden wall and three salvage doors to replace headboard, this bedroom appear classic but inviting. Even with simple lighting, this room appears larger.

Platform Bed With Storage

To gain tons of space for your bedroom, you may copy this platform bed design with storage under it. Even, you don’t need a bookcase to save your books. This platform bed design works well for you who have a small room only.

Great Platform Bed With Floating Night Stand

You will need many boards to create this ingenious platform bed design. To create the bed, headboard, and a floating night stand that in one element. For you who adore romantic bedroom design, this idea may what you search for.

Simple Pallet Bed

If you are trying to build platform bed with minimum budget, you copy this design. Pallet wood is cheap and will easy to be used as platform bed material. Furthermore, you are free to add some storage toward this platform design.

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Mid-Century Modern Platform Bed

Whether you want to use modern or contemporary-style bedroom, this mid-century modern platform bed will fit to your plan. The idea of using wood as the basic material and modern decoration makes this bedroom appeal chic and inviting.

Concrete Blocks Bedframe

If you love industrial-themed bedroom, a concrete blocks bedframe may complete your decor. It works well for minimalist bedroom design with small space. Just mix and match other furniture with this platform bed color tone.

Platform Bed on Wheels

This platform bed will make you swoon with its practical and decorative functions. You may change the platform bed location anywhere at your bedroom easily with its wheels. Further, the stripped pattern gives more than just fun platform design.

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