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How To Add Statement For Your Wall Decor In Simple Ways

Some people may be going crazy to think about what they should do to make statement of their wall d…

Some people may be going crazy to think about what they should do to make statement of their wall décor. IT deals with the budget, their ability to DIY, and the time to decor the walls. However, they adore seeing their wall to have character and authenticity. If you are one of them, you need to see these following ideas;

Apply Brick Walls

Apply Brick Walls


With minimum interior design, you may have this bedroom with strong character. This farmhouse bedroom style applies brick walls that real speak up. The bricks already fill your wall with its shape and look classic.

Color Blocking

Some vibrant and vigorous colors may add more statement to your wall. No need to think further, because color will fill the empty space of your wall easily. However, you have to be more creative to create the pattern.

Chevron Wall for Nursery Room

Make statement for nursery room is not easy. Consider that this is a room for baby to play and sleep for a long time. So, you need to choose a warm and chic wall decor. Applying chevron wall for baby’s room is great since it is neutral for any gender.

Fill With Wall Murals

This bedroom looks awesome with wall murals. There are millions wall murals ideas that can be applied for your bedroom. However, consider to match with your bedroom style to not make it too busy. See the picture with black as the basic wall color works well with the flower murals in gold.

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Use Attractive Wallpaper

Kitchen might become a place that appears more crowded than any room of your houses. Choosing the best wall decor is a must. If you choose to apply wallpaper, consider to choose neutral basic color wallpaper that will easier to match with other kitchen elements.

Single Colored Wall

Sometimes, a single colored wall already finishes your problem. When your room uses white basic color, you may have one side wall that appears differently. For example, it painted with bold green color to live up your room design.

Wall Planters

Add green plants on your wall may look as the best statement over all. It lives up your room design with fresh and natural material. See how this living room looks more inviting with green plants on the wall!

Vintage Gallery Wall With Multi Colored Frames

Gallery wall with multi colored frames come to add more statement for your wall. Here, you need to have more than ten pictures to create an amazing gallery wall.

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