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8 Easy Travel-Inspired Room Decoration Ideas Using Map

A map can give you new idea to decorate your room. It doesn’t cost much but will give your room cut…

A map can give you new idea to decorate your room. It doesn’t cost much but will give your room cute effect. Furthermore, it has unique feature to upgrade your decoration very well. Then, decorating with map only takes minutes. Check these ideas below fur further inspiration;

Wrap A Vase

Wrap A Vase


Look at this travel-inspired design that applied at a vase. The role of map upgrades the vase to look more sophisticated. Furthermore, there are two glasses votive that wrapped with map as well. What clever decoration!

Recycled Map Drawer Makeover

You just simply cut the map into the size which will be fit to the drawers. Than attach map to the drawer using glue. The map pattern dramatically changes this drawer look. Then, add new handles to help you open and close it easily anytime.

Map Heart Art

Add new items for your wall decor that will not cost much. You can cut a map into heart shape and attach it into white paper. After that, put the heart map into a frame. Then, you may use it as your wall gallery.

Embroidered Map Pillow

It should be made by someone who has embroidered ability. Create a map of an area such as America, Australia, and or other continents on a pillow. With embroidered creation, the map will look awesome on your pillow.

Map Votive

Buy an old map or atlas. Then, cut them in certain size that will enough to cover the box. Use glue to attach it easily. This map votive may become a gift for your friend as well. Or, you may teach your kids to create it as their school project.

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Pallet World String

This art will look different to be used as your home decoration. Use string to create map using nails and hammer. Even, you may use different color to make the map look more aesthetic. This idea may upgrade your vintage decoration.

Antique Map Wall Clock

This clock looks fabulous as a room decoration. Just buy a clock or you can use the old one. Then, you need a map that cut into round shape. Attach it with the clock using glue.

Easy Map Heart Bunting

This cute room decoration is super easy. You will do it just in minutes. You only have to cut the map into some pieces with same shape and hang them using rope. Then, use other pieces to create letter.

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