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8 Impressive Basement Bar Ideas For Your Home Even With Small Space

We adore a basement bar that will not take much space. Especially for you who live in a small apart…

We adore a basement bar that will not take much space. Especially for you who live in a small apartment or condominium. Having a basement bar may one of your dreams. However, you still have problem to define the location of your basement to be.

Basement bar may entertain your family and friend when they visit your home. Provide a room for basement may look hard, but how about nook? It may be a great option. Then, think over to not make it too busy. Take a look at these ideas that may inspire you;

A Black Basement Bar

Black basement bar looked elegant and glamour. The floor and cabinet are in black color that will blend to the whole design. Arrange your bottles and glasses at the cabinet. Then, add lamps to show them up.

Space Efficient Basement Bar

Even if you don’t have any room to create basement bar, you may use your empty nook. Fill with white cabinet to look elegant and touching.

Stunning Rustic Basement Bar

The combination of brick walls and wooden cabinet allows you to have this stunning rustic basement bar. Add industrial lighting to complete this design to entertain your family and friends. Do you worry with small space? Just build smaller one.

Retro Design Basement Bar

Look at the sunburst mirror on the wall! It is sophisticated accent. A bucket of wines for your family and friend is enough. This basement bar will work well if you only have few wines. Add a cabinet to save others.

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Narrow Built-In Bar

When you have problem with the space, just use you nook. This built-n bar only needs one of your walls to build. Furthermore, this also works well for condo or apartment which only has small area.

Small Bar Cart

Small bar cart can be your solution to have basement bar but don’t have space anymore. This basement bar can be easily moved anywhere as you wish. Whether you want it inside or outside, just drive it.

Trendy Drink Serving Table

This wood and metal bar cart may help you who wish to have basement bar with limited space. The bar cart looks glamour and modern. However, you can’t ask more wines.

With Mini Bar Cabinet

This functional mini bar cabinet can save your wines very well. Moreover, it functions as storage to save your fragile as well. You only need to put this mini bar at one your nook.



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