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9 Marvelous Headboard Designs With Cool Space Saving Storage

Headboard is designed to add aesthetic value for bedroom decoration. It gives statement more and te…

Headboard is designed to add aesthetic value for bedroom decoration. It gives statement more and tells that bedroom is your privacy area. Furthermore, it can be double-duty to function as storage as well. Like these following headboard ideas;

Brilliant Shelves for Girl Room

Brilliant Shelves For Girl Room


Check out these brilliant shelves at headboard that look so tidy and sweet. This bedroom design with headboard storage will be great to apply for girl’s bedroom. Save books, photo frame, or anything on the shelves.

Headboard With Shelves

What a creative headboard design with some shelves floating. This headboard looks rustic but will be good to apply at any bedroom design. Luckily, we can save our books at the floating shelves. Even, hang a great photo frame.

Unbelievable Headboard Storage

Take a look at this unbelievable small bedroom. The headboard functions as storage as well. Moreover, there is a floating desk that you can use to do your home projects. Home office, storage, and bedroom are in one small place. Fabulous!

Hidden Storage in Headboard

With simple headboard design, you will be surprised by the hidden storage behind it. Look! There is a big storage that you can use to save anything. The owner of this house chooses to make e rectangular hole on the wall that functions as storage and covered by the headboard.

Cool Space Saving Storage

Cool, isn’t it? No more works to do. This is a simple headboard designed with hanging fabric that has two pockets at right and left side. They can be used for saving your books or any small things you want.

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Small Bedroom With Space Saver

Look at the floating shelf at this small bedroom headboard that functions as storage. Furthermore, it has three lamps underneath. Moreover, this smart bedroom designed for you who live in small apartment or only have small bedroom space.

Tiny Bedroom Headboard Storage

It will be the solution for you who have problem with small bedroom space. When you need more storage, you can change your headboard design into these wonderful shelves. Furthermore, the bedroom looks more organized well and beautiful.

Teenage Boy Room With Headboard Storage

Teenage boys love a bedroom with minimalist decoration. Furthermore, they love neutral color as well like brown, grey, or black. After that, the bedroom is designed with wonderful headboard that functions as storage. Marvelous!

A Simple And Tidy Headboard

This is a smart storage designed for a wonderful bedroom look. Then, no one will guest that there is some floating shelves behind the headboard. The room still looks tidy and clean.

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