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8 DIY Faux Flower Crafts That Will Upgrade Your Home Décor This Early Spring

Let us see how creative you are! Spring will come soon, but you don’t have any idea to upgrade your…

Let us see how creative you are! Spring will come soon, but you don’t have any idea to upgrade your room decor. Don’t think too long. You may create more DIY accents with faux flower. Why it should faux flower not the real one? Because it faux flower will be more durable and low maintenance.

DIY Floral Curtains

DIY Floral Curtains


Do you feel bored with your curtain? It is time for your add some accents on it. Rather than by the one, it will be better for you to add faux flowers for your curtain. However, you need to sew the faux flower one by one. If you like Mclean flower you can try to call hanaflorists.com if you want it

Paper Flower Lanterns

Let’s do something fun for this spring decor. Creating paper flower lantern may look as great idea. We need to prepare some papers with various colors. Then, create faux flower for indoor or outdoor accents.

Faux Flower Wreath

This spring, you can create flower wreath as your door accent. No need to look for bloom flowers from your garden, just use faux flower. It will be more durable than the real flower. The result will as beautiful as the picture.

Hanging Flower Chandelier

Do you want to add something new for your room decor? Try this idea! Hanging flower chandelier will not only make your room look lighter but also more beautiful. Faux flower will not be withered though used for long time.

Flower Monogram Letter

Here is one more spring decor that easy to make, even for a DIY newbie. Let see this beautiful flower monogram letter made from faux flower. Prepare letter board and use glue to catch faux flower.

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DIY Flower Wall

How about this wonderful wall decor design? Do you want to apply this for your bedroom wall? Just prepare some faux flower and hang them on the wall. This decor is simple but looked romantic.

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms

Use tissue paper as faux flower will be great. Cherry blossom usually comes with pink and white colors. It just takes minutes to have this wonderful room accent.

DIY Faux Flower Lampshade

If you love flower very much, this faux flower lampshade may look adorable. Attach faux flower to the lampshade using glue. It will make your room look sweeter and fresh. Choose bright or calm color as natural as you wish.

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