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8 Simple Ways To Install Mid-Century Modern Design For Your Home

Purchasing the real mid-century furniture or accessories may need thousands. However, having mid-ce…

Purchasing the real mid-century furniture or accessories may need thousands. However, having mid-century design may become one of your dreams. So, you need to be more creative to find ways to install mid-century modern for your home. If you have limited budget, just create DIY mid-century modern elements. See these following ideas that you may copy soon to your home decor;

Mid-Century Dresser

Mid Century Dresser


Put mid-century dresser for your modern room design may upgrade its decoration. You may create this mid-century dresser by your own. However, you need to have advance carpentry skill to finish it as soon as possible. Then, you will save hundreds of money.

Add Sunburst Mirror

Gold sunburst mirror that hanged on the wall looks glamour. Can you guest how many budget you need to prepare this creative mirror? Not much, it is only about $20 and you will get wonderful mid-century room decor without worrying the budgets.

Colorful Candleholder

Add some pop color for your mid-century modern room design by using colorful candleholder. You may create this project with your children this week. Further, it will not take more time just about thirty minutes.

Mid-Century Night Stand

Mid-century night stand comes to ease you put your books, magazine, or cell phone at the nearest place from you bed.  Moreover, you can adopt this nightstand design with hairpin leg that tells more about mid-century design very well.

Mid-Century Coffee Table

With simple natural material, this DIY mid-century coffee table offers you more than just simplicity. Further, vintage decor but can be installed for modern tone as well. Luckily, if you don’t have any time you can also buy it from the creator.

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Mid-Century Planter

This mid-century plant stand may looks amazing to be placed at one of your corners. Whether you are in a small apartment or in a big house, this plant stand will work well for both. You may put this chic planter at porch to welcome your guest too.

Vintage Night Stand

Prepare measured plywood and some nails to make this outstanding vintage night stand. Mid-century modern design deals with natural material like wood for its furniture. When you don’t like the drawer, you may omit it and change as other shelves.

Add Houseplant

Houseplants also become mid-century modern room design. Cactus may look best as houseplant that low maintenance. Add tapered legs to create variety heights for your indoor plants. This can be done just in minutes.

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