Stay Warm this Winter with These 3 Fireplace Ideas

When you think about winter, one of the pleasant thing is sitting in front of a fireplace. With a blanket and hot cocoa in your glass, it will be a really comfortable moment. However, the winter come and gone but fireplace still fashionable with these 3 fireplace ideas.

Speaking of the fashionable fireplace, there are a lot of inspirations to draw, from Nordic countries to Asian design marvels. We compiled 3 best fireplace ideas that will look surreal in your house. Interested? Read on.

1. Nordic fireplace is minimalist and functional

A tell-tale sign of Nordic influence in this fireplace is the functional design, minimalist decor, and wood storage compartment under the fireplace. It is streamlined and fits a modern living room.

Great living room with traditional Nordic fireplace to create a minimalist living room decor. Equipped with built-in shelves this will store various ornaments easily and look tidier. Scandinavian Fireplace from @paula_power

For a minimalist and functional fireplace decoration, you can apply a Nordic fireplace. This fireplace has a minimalist style and provides a charming home decoration so you will get a functional decoration in the living room. Corner Scandinavian Fireplace from @piiatuuli

To appear minimalist but functional living room decoration with a fireplace you can apply a Nordic fireplace design. This design is very simple and will make it easier for you to move this dress anywhere you like. Metal Fireplace from @dash_interiors_pl

To get minimalist and functional fireplace you can store your firewood under the fireplace. This style can make your living room look neat and comfortable. Brick Scandinavian Fireplace from @dom_w_sansewieriach

Installing a modern fireplace in a Nordic style can enhance your living room decor. To store firewood, you can store it under the fireplace for a neat and traditional look. White Scandinavian Fireplace from

Decorate a cozy living room with a malis nordic fireplace complemented by wood storage underneath that is printed on baskets for a functional decoration for your modern life. Minimalis Fireplace from @home.and.i

Great living room with a white Nordic fireplace in the corner and small wood storage underneath to achieve a sophisticated look and keep warm this winter. White Corner Nordic Fireplace from @perler_design

Beautiful living room with a Nordic fireplace in black for a sophisticated look. To store your firewood, you can arrange this wood next to the fireplace for your modern living room decoration ideas. Dark Nordic Fireplace from @_annavagg

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2. Brick fireplace could look modern or traditional

To get modern or traditional look, brick fireplace with mirror that installed on top fireplace is great idea. This versatility is one of the reasons why this brick fireplace is very popular.

Great living room with whitewashed brick fireplace combined with the vintage tray ornament above for a rustic look. The choice of bricks for this fireplace design produces a beautiful and stylish home decoration. Whitewash Brick Fireplace from @morgan.kalberer

This attractive living room with white brick fireplace is paired with wooden beams to complete your winter living room decor. Choosing this white color will look clean and minimalist. White Brick Fireplace from @pacificglobetrotters

To make the living room decor with a brick fireplace look rustic, you can use stone for a natural touch to this year’s winter decoration. Combined with evergreen garlands, it can make your living room decoration more attractive. Exposed Brick Fireplace from @painttherosesred_interior

Installing traditional winter decorations in the living room can be done by combining a brick fireplace with some other winter ornaments. It can make your room more attractive. Winter Brick Fireplace from @fiveacresfarmhouse

An attractive living room with a brick fireplace is a great idea for a traditional living room decor. For a more rustic look, you can put tobacco kernajnag on top. Rustic Brick Fireplace from @jennifersusanstyle

This modern fireplace is equipped with white brick accents for a beautiful and warm home decoration. Complete with some framed ornaments and greenery this completes this fireplace decoration. Modern Brick Fireplace from @craftedsparrow

This brick fireplace brings a touch of nature and extra warmth to your entire winter home. Equipped with a metal fireplace cover, it will provide protection from sparks. Brick Fireplace from @nicolettes_for_the_home

This winter fireplace made of brick will make a beautiful and charming decoration. Complete with some winter ornaments such as a garland from evergrenn which is equipped with ball and ribbon ornaments, this makes a beautiful home decoration. Winter Fireplace from @houseonheatherfield

This farmhouse design is complemented by a brick fireplace which will provide a warm home decoration and a beautiful contrast to the room. Don’t forget to complete the decoration with some rustic ornaments for a perfect decoration. Farmhouse Winter Fireplace from @judyslittlenest

For a traditional living room decor you can pair a large brick fireplace with some framed paintings on the mantle. This can make your room more attractive and give extra warmth to the whole room. Brick Fireplace from @beauplacelikehome

A gorgeous living room with a large brick fireplace is teamed with some plants for a modern look. In addition, this large fireplace means the center of attention of everyone who comes to your home. Neutral Winter Fireplace from @six_arrows_farm

For a sophisticated living room decor, placing some winter ornaments beside this brick fireplace can make your room look prettier and more stylish. It makes a beautiful decoration and has a unique look for you to try. Striped Brick Fireplace from @myperiodhomesty

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3. Dark fireplace feels gloomy and unexpected

This dark fireplace looks somewhat gloomy and befitting for a winter feel. So, it can create a contrasts the cheerful vibe of the living room, making it somewhat unexpected in a good way.

To get contrast look in your living room decor you can apply black fireplace. The dark classic concept of fireplace can turn the look of your room decor instantly. Black Classic Fireplace from @lovebluehouse

To get a contrasting look in your living room decor, you can install a black plank fireplace in a white color scheme decor. It can make your room more unexpected. Black Wood Plank Fireplace from @ky.block

To create gloomy impression in your living room decor this winter, you can apply black fireplace. With the black color it can create a contrast look in the living room decor. Black Fireplace from @my.secondhandhome

Installing a black fireplace is a great way to create a somber and unexpected décor in a living room. Choosing black bricks can also create a contrasting look to your charming living room décor. Dark Brick Fireplace from @__seslie

Incorporating a dark fireplace in your living room decor is a great way to achieve a contrasting and eye-catching look. Having a tall fireplace of black painted bricks makes for a beautiful and charming décor. Black High Fireplace from @simplymadehome

An attractive living room with a dark marble fireplace paired with white living room decor is a great way to achieve a contrasting look. This can make your room look different but comfortable for your modern living room decorating inspiration. Black Marble Fireplace from @cambriasurfaces

To get gloomy for winter feel in your living room decor you can apply dark fireplace in your living room. This style is suitable for winter because you will get warm impression in your room. Dark Fireplace and Wall from @cannins_at_no_7

This mid-century-style house, equipped with a black natural stone fireplace, will give a warm impression with a different look. Placing it in the center of the room will be the perfect centerpiece. Dark Mid Century Fireplace from @eclectic_goods

This dark christmas fireplace has an elegant appearance to celebrate winter this year. Adding a Christmas accent in the form of a pinecone and berry garland makes a beautiful and charming decoration. Dark Christmas Fireplace from @homing_in_progress

For a gloomy and unexpected living room decor, you can install a black fireplace. Pairing with some Christmas ornaments like a garland from a Christmas tree can create a contrasting look. Dark Traditional Fireplace from @christmas_x_santa

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Need more inspirations for your next fireplace revamp? The internet is chock full of designs you can try to replicate. Good luck with your fireplace modification, and stay warm this winter!


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