20 Things to Consider Before Buying a Bedroom Rug

We can do so many things in decorating the bedroom. One of them is by enhancing the floor. This spot is often overlooked, yet it affects the virtue of bedroom decor. Applying rug to the bedroom can certainly be a brilliant idea to give a new color to your private space. However, you should consider the five things below before buying a bedroom rug.

1. Size

The first thing you need to consider is the bedroom rug size. For the front area of the bed, a large rug is more suitable. Then, for the side area of the bed, a medium or small one is enough. However, also make sure that your rug fits the room size well.

A velvet rug that is dominated by a soft and elegant white color that is placed under the bed is the right choice to make your bedroom feel more comfortable. When you are going to put it under the bed then just choose a small size to cover the floor. This rug decoration is used to add an elegant atmosphere that will never fail to be tried all year round. Its existence can be combined with a tufted bed frame with a choice of gray to give the impression of a more luxurious master bedroom. Small Bright Color Rug Bedroom from @lovecoastaliving

Smart way that you can do to make your simple bedroom decor look more elegant is to cover the floor with a rug that is quite large in size. Currently you can use rugs with vintage patterns which are dominated by dark color choices such as dark blue. You can do routine maintenance so that the surface of the rug is free from dust or other adhering dirt. Besides that, the beautiful pattern is also ready to be used as a statement for the room, painting the walls and bedding in neutral colors is a smart idea to make the room look more spacious and open.. Large Rug Design Ideas from @rugsresidential

Placing a large coastal blue rug under the bed is a great idea and perfect for creating a warm feel in your bedroom. The rug currently in use is large and wide enough to cover the entire floor area evenly. Try to choose and use a rug with a choice of colors that match your bedroom decor. The color harmony of the rug with the bedding with this bright blue color choice makes the room seem brighter and can also instantly present a coastal touch. Same Color Large Rug with Bedding from @lovecoastaliving

Installing a medium-sized rug in front of the bed is a great decoration to make your bedroom look more spacious. This medium-sized vintage rug design is dominated by a fairly neutral color mix, making it easier to combine with other interiors around it. In this rug area you can also add a wooden bench with a unique shape that you can use as an additional sitting area in your master bedroom decor. You can try it right now easily. Medium Sized Rug with Neutral Color from @myvictorianhouselove

2. Placement

The bedroom rug placement is also an essential point that you need to think. If you desire an elegant finish in the bedroom, put the rug on one side of the bed. Meanwhile, to build a good point of interest, place your rug on the front area of the bed.

To create an elegant bedroom, placing a rug on one side of the bed is one way you can do it. Coupled with the use of natural furniture that is more environmentally friendly. You can try placing this geometric rug under the bed, the geometric patterns used are also more precise because they are not easily boring when used for a long time. This rug design is also equipped with tassel accents that add beauty to the room as a whole. Geometric Rug Under the Bed from @smithies_home

Placement of the carpet is an important thing that must be considered to decorate your bedroom. Placing in front of the bed can make the rug the focal point of the bedroom. Choose and use a rug design with bolder colors and of course with a choice of vintage patterns that attract attention. One of the advantages of using this runner rug is that it is easier to wash again when it is dusty and dirty, you can try it now easily and cheaply. Bedroom Rug In Front Of The Bed from @theloomhouse

This lighter material polyester carpet has a soft surface and is very influential in the appearance of your bedroom. Placing a rug beside the bed can make the bedroom look elegant. Just choose and use it with bolder colors and patterns so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. The touch of earth tone color on this rug is suitable to be combined with bedroom decorations which are dominated by bright colors such as plain white. Wash it again when the rug starts to get dirty and dusty. Bold Pattern and Color Side Rug from @theloomhouse

Placing a runner rug next to the bed made of soft white fur is perfect for creating an elegant impression on your bedroom. The right carpet placement plays an important role in the appearance of your bedroom. The geometric pattern on this rug design brings a modern and minimalist feel at the same time. The use of floors and nightstands with natural wood materials adds color to the room with a more environmentally friendly look. Indoor green plants can also be placed in this room. Runner Rug by the Bed Frame from @theivyhousenz

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3. Plain or patterned?

You also have to determine which one is most suitable for your bedroom – plain or patterned rug. If you have a lot of furniture, select a plain (one color) rug. Instead, choose the patterned one if your room is still spacious.

When you’ve used bedding and painted the walls in dark or light colors, there’s nothing wrong with covering the floor with a cotton cloth rug that has an eye-catching pattern. For example, you can choose a rug with a striped pattern that is dominated by monochromatic colors, namely black and white. The use of this rug will make the surface of your feet softer and warmer, choosing a rug with a pattern or plain will never fail to present an elegant feel. Monochromatic Black and White Rug from @villa_pocket

Bedroom decoration without a rug layer looks imperfect. So from that you can decorate this bedroom with a rug that can be adjusted to the style and color tone of the room. When the wall has been covered with patterned wallpaper, using a neutral and textured rug will be more appropriate. The dominant color of the room used is black and white which is able to emphasize the coastal touch instantly, you can try it right now. Textured Coastal Rug Bedroom from @eclectic_ksa

Take a look at this bedroom decor in a modern and contemporary style, doesn’t it look more elegant when it’s perfected with a plain warm colored rug like brown. Yes, you can choose it for a more appropriate room decoration, just choose a size that is large enough to make the first step of your feet warmer. The use of a brown rug also has a color harmony with the use of bedding used. In addition to the earth tone color scheme, it also makes it easier for you to choose other interiors to use. Plain Brown Rug Bedroom from @contemporary.rugs

To add a pattern to your bedroom decor, it’s a good idea to cover the floor with a rug that has a vintage pattern and is dominated by neutral colors. This vintage rug can be applied simultaneously with a modern or farmhouse style because it is neutral. By using this rug, the appearance of the bedroom will be tidier and elegant, of course. When you are going to use a layered rug design, you can combine the bottom layer with a plaid rug. Vintage Pattern Rug with Neutral Color from @homeonnativetrail

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4. Color

Choose a bedroom rug color that matches your decor. For a rustic-style bedroom, for example, fancy mild colors like brown, beige or white. Meanwhile, for a pop design, striking and bright colors are certainly more suitable to apply.

Beige is a neutral color that you can apply to your home decor. At this time, you can try neutral colors in the use of rugs in your bedroom decoration. This rug with a textured surface will make your feet feel warmer, you can apply it right under the bed in a neat arrangement and of course it can coat the floor evenly. Bedding and wall paint in white make the room look more spacious and open. Simple Look Neutral Beige Rug from @sabrina.tewksbury

An easy way you can do to make your boho bedroom décor more alive is to use a rug with a choice of warm materials and of course with a choice of colorful schemes. Even though it has a fairly mini size, if you use colors and patterns that are bold enough, it is ready to be made as the focal point of the room. Just put it right beside your bed so you can use it as your first foothold in the morning. This rattan bed is finished with warm colored bedding and throw pillows to emphasize the bohemian theme in an instant. Colorful Side Rug Bedroom from @bazaaar_au

When you are going to coat the bedroom floor, just adjust it to the color tone of the room. For example, when using blue wall paint, you can also use the same color for the rug so that it can blend in the same room. So that the use of blue in this rug is more neutral, you can combine it with some white furniture that looks modern and contemporary. Natural lighting that enters the bedroom through this glass window makes your bedroom brighter and avoids humidity in the room which causes odor. Blue Tone Color Rug Design from @lucyinteriordesign

When you use white bedding and wall paint, you can also use the same color for the design of the rug. White is always the best color choice that can be used in modern, contemporary or minimalist style bedroom decorations. Look at this rug design, doesn’t it look quite attractive with its textured pattern and soft surface? Yes, just install it right under your bed, choose and use a size that is large and wide enough. White Textured Rug Bedroom from @luluandgeorgia

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5. Material

For rug material, pick a soft and slightly thick one. Meanwhile, short pile wool rug works well in the children’s bedroom because it is easy to clean and does not store a lot of dust.

A rug, although its existence seemed trivial, it could make a big contrast to the room ambiance. For this reason, don’t just buy a bedroom rug based on motifs or colors you like, but also consider its uses and your decor design.

You can complete the bohemian bedroom decoration which is dominated by the use of natural-based interiors with a jute rug to cover the empty floor. This jute rug is combined with a layered rug which has a plain white color so it doesn’t give a striking color contrast. The brown and white shades that dominate this bedroom will never fail to be tried throughout the year. Adding green plants is easy to do, you can get these plants in your backyard garden for free so you can save more on your spending budget. Natural Jute Rug Design from @vextnattis

Polyester material is the best choice that you can try using a bedroom rug in your home. The two layers of rug that cover this part of the floor add to the elegant atmosphere inside. You can choose and use two different patterns and colors so that it looks more varied and not easily boring. The existence of this vintage rug can be combined with bedding and pillowcases that are full of colors and patterns so that the room looks more festive and attracts attention. Vintage and Classic Polyester Rug Material from @six_by_the_sea

Or another choice of rug material that you can try is faux fur with a softer and warmer surface. Just choose and use a beige rug to make it easier to combine it with a wooden bed frame and some rattan plates that are used as bedroom wall decorations. Green plants can also be placed on both sides of the bed to add natural color to the room. In this way, the main bedroom decoration in a bohemian style will look more spacious and open. Warm Faux Fur Rug Bedroom from @contemporary.rugs

Do you want the surface of the bedroom floor to be softer and smoother? If so, then you can try covering it with a gray rug that has a color harmony with the color tone used. Also pay attention to the use of the material on the rug, the velvet material will be softer when you first put your feet on it. You must take care of this thick material by cleaning it, which can be used by the vacuum cleaner that you have. Abstract wallpaper adds texture to the room. Soft Velvet Material from @starkcarpet


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