30 How to Create A Relaxing Coastal Themed Bedroom

Make your bedroom more relaxing yet interesting with coastal décor. Beach theme offers great elements to create a beautiful retreat, from water-related tones to breezy and natural elements. Follow these steps to create a coastal theme in your bedroom.

1. Get Creative in Tones

Blue shades are the obvious choices for coastal décor, but you can mix them with other colors. Turquoise with hints of coral, navy blue and white, or seafoam green and beige are classic options for coastal themes. Make the cool colors the dominant ones to make your room more relaxing.

Combining seafoam green and beige colors in a coastal bedroom creates a quiet room. Wooden floors provide a warm atmosphere at night. Seafoam green and beige colors from hgtv

Uses a soft green color that creates a calming effect. You can pair it with a beige color accented with stripes for an eye-catching look. Soft green color from hgtv

The coral accents on the pillows and blankets combined with the turquoise color on the walls will create an attractive coastal bedroom feel. You can apply wooden floors for a warm impression on your feet. Coral accents and wall turquoise from caronsbeachhouse

The turquoise bedroom decor will bring out the perfect Coastal feel. Use coral pillows and bed covers to beautify the decorations so they can serve as inspiration. Turquoise bedroom from caronsbeachhouse

You can use blue and white wallpaper to add a beautiful beach impression. Blue and white wallpaper from sandandsisal

Applying navy and white to the coastal bedroom walls will give the room a cool and relaxing atmosphere. Pair it with a patterned console table for the perfect decoration. Navy and white to the coastal bedroom from homebunch

2. Add Board Wall Accent

Board wall adds a beach cabin vibe to your coastal bedroom. You can cover the entire room with boards or turn the board wall into an accent. Whiteboard wall gives a classic beach cabin look.

Choosing a board wall will give the beach cabin vibe in your bedroom so that it will enhance your coastal style decor and look more perfect. Board wall from hgtv

Using wallboards for your coastal bedroom decorating ideas will give you a classic look that grabs the eye. Try adding sea animal paintings to strengthen your beach design to make it look more attractive. Wallboards coastal bedroom from hgtv

A coastal bedroom by applying a board wall will make your room look modern. The white color will give it a clean look. Coastal bedroom from beachfrontdecor

The white wallboards give it a clean and spacious look. You can add blue paddle decorations to create a beach scene. White wallboards from beachfrontdecor

This white wallboard gives a beach bedroom a modern look. The addition of a unique wooden table and other ornaments will make the room decor more attractive. Modern white wallboard from theheartandhaven

White wall boards and framed wall ornaments make your bedroom decor even more stylish. Blending with the blue color on the headboard will add a deeper impression of the beach. Framed wall ornaments from beachfrontdecor

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3. Add Subtle Nautical/Beach Elements

You can add nautical or beach elements in the bedroom but keep them minimal to prevent a kitschy look. A picture of octopus illustration, black and white photos of old ships, or framed seashell artwork, for examples, add a prominent beach look without filling all the space with similar images.

Applying a wooden wall decoration in the shape of a sea animal will add to the attractiveness of the room. This method can be a focal point in your bedroom. Wooden wall decoration from hgtv

Hang a float on the wall of your coastal bedroom for an attractive seaside feel. Float ornament from hgtv

You can add paddles ornaments on top of your headboard for a simple and attractive look that can be inspiring. Paddle over the headboard from hgtv

Simply adding a picture of the ship and the theme of the sea as a wall decoration of your coastal style bedroom, will give a special attraction for everyone and still look simple. Black-and-white photo old ship from hgtv

A contemporary beach style design with a stylish octopus image can make your room look more attractive. The white and blue color scheme of the bedroom will strengthen the coastal vibe. Contemporary coastal bedroom from digsdigs

Try adding starfish ornaments to your bedroom wall for an attractive appearance. Place it over your headboard so it becomes the perfect focal point. Starfish ornaments from decorpad

To present an attractive appearance, you can add starfish ornaments to your coastal bedroom. Applying neutral tones will bring out stunning beauty but still look simple. Starfish ornaments from decorpad

You can display a surfboard on the wall of your room so that it becomes the perfect focal point in your coastal themed room. Green surfboard from hgtv

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4. Let Air and Natural Light In

Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can still create a breezy, airy feeling of a beachside cabin. Install large windows that allow natural light to come in during the day. If your house is surrounded by beautiful views (meadow, lawn, hills, your garden), position the windows so your eyes can immediately fall to these views.

Installing a large window in your bedroom is the right idea for your coastal bedroom design. So you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel more fresh. Large window coastal bedroom from veranda

You can still create a cool feeling in your coastal bedroom by installing a large window there. So you can enjoy the beautiful hill view from inside the bedroom. Coastal bedroom fromveranda

Creating fresh air into the room with large windows then the sunlight and fresh air easily to come in. This way it will make your room look spacious and comfortable. Large windows from decorilla

Apply large windows in blue and white shades to the bedroom then it will create a fresh feel to the room. Add light white curtains for an eye-catching look. Large windows with light white curtains from decorilla

Large windows create a cool and airy feeling. This way you can enjoy the outside view from the room. Large window with grey curtain from houseandhome

5. Add Rustic, Natural Elements

Rustic natural elements create a tropical vibe, perfect for a coastal-themed room. Woven seagrass, rattan, or jute makes great materials for window blinds, shutters, rugs, lighting fixtures, and ornaments. Pick one or two wooden furniture items from reclaimed wood to add a vintage accent.

A wooden bedside table and wooden bed combined with white nuances, make your beach bedroom look attractive. An abstract painting that has the same color tone will make the beach decoration looks perfect. . Wooden bedside table from completely-coastal

Wicker beds and rattan crates will create a rustic feel in a beach bedroom. Pairing with white wallboards creates an eye-catching look. Beds and rattan crates from completely-coastal

Applying a wooden bed and wicker basket will create a rustic impression in your coastal bedroom. The distressed look that it owns by that furniture will add a vintage vibe. Wooden bed and wicker basket from completely-coastal

Adding a rustic element to your beach bedroom will create a warm and classic vibe. You can add a reclaimed wood bench in front of your bed then it will complete your bedroom decoration. Wooden bench from homestoriesatoz

Using bamboo curtains to design your beach themed bedroom will bring a rustic feel that verifies the perfect natural vibes in a beach themed bedroom. To complete the decoration, the distressed wooden bench can be the option. Bamboo curtains and wooden bench from onekindesign

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Coastal décor in a bedroom creates a rustic but relaxing vibe. Use these simple tips to bring the beach into your room.


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