26 Homemade Painting Projects for DIY Wall Art Ideas

If you love painting and drawing, use those skills to create cute DIY wall art ideas. Many projects are simple enough to be done on weekends or less than a week. With some creativity and the right color options, you can turn a drab room into amazing work of art.

Here are several project ideas to try at home.

1. Color Blocking Art

Color blocking is one of the simplest DIY wall art ideas, especially if you cannot draw. You only need painter’s tape to help with creating neat lines. Choose several bold colors to create a unique kaleidoscope. You can apply this project in a small area instead of the full wall.

Home decoration ideas by adding dark wall paint create an attractive appearance so that an attractive entryway design will be created. Dark wall paint from decoist

Dark and light geometric paint shades are a great idea to try in a Scandinavian workspace. Stay warm with wooden furniture and hardwood floors is a brilliant idea for you to try. Dark and light color blocking art from decoist

Home decoration by painting your own mural will save your budget so you can be creative yourself. Using your dark color palette will create an attractive home look. Dark color palette from domino

2. Abstract Fabric Paint

Use a piece of large fabric as a “canvas” for abstract paint art. Mix the colors until you get rich patterns. Wait until the paint dries before you frame the fabric. A simple, dark wooden frame will create a nice accent when you hand the fabric on the wall.

Modern living room by adding abstract paintings from black and white cloth to make it look more attractive. The placement of the painting next to the lamp can add an elegant impression to the living room. Abstract paintings from lilyardor

A stunning living room apartment with abstract fabric paintings to make it look elegant and creative, and a rustic touch is felt in the shabby family picture frame. Abstract fabric paintings from homeisd

Use a sheet of cloth to make an abstract painting in pastel colors. Place it on the wall of the room to get a luxurious impression on the room. Pastel abstract painting from homeisd

Nice living room apartment with gray paint to make it look more solid. Add an abstract painting with dark wood frames for an interesting look indoors. Dark wood frames from homeisd

A beautiful modern living room with colorful abstract paintings can create a luxurious impression. Pair it with a light gray wall for the perfect contrast. Colorful abstract paintings from homeisd

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3. Contemporary Block Painting

Contemporary block painting is a simple but interesting DIY wall art idea. You can use contrasting colors to create a dramatic look. Use painter’s tape to create superimposing blocks in different colors. Add small blotches of bold paint to create interesting details.

This easy-to-make wall paint feature will complement the interior of your modern home and doesn’t require any creative or artistic skills to complete. Just pick a gray palette and paint random rectangles in different colors. Random rectangles from renoguide

Home decor with touches of contemporary block painting in grays and yellows will create a dramatic look. Pair it with a gray sofa for a matching color. Gray and yellow contemporary block painting from renoguide

Contemporary block painting adds a unique feel to your home décor. Use red, yellow, and orange for a stunning look. Contemporary block painting from renoguide

4. Stencil Wall Painting

Stencil art is a fun way to create intricate wall painting. You can use a small stencil board to paint on a small area on the wall. You can also make the stencil art on a piece of fabric and frame it. 

The beautiful home decor with stencil gray and white frescoes looks amazing. That way, a luxurious impression will be created in your room. Stencil gray and white from hgtv

The bathroom with green wall painting with leaf pattern gives a fresh impression to the room. Pair it with a white wall for the perfect contrast. Green wall painting with leaf pattern from homebnc

The laundry room with stenciled blue wall paintings adds a calm impression to the room. Here you can make it yourself so that it has the perfect decoration without spending a lot of money. Loundry room with stenciled blue from bobvila

Applying a stencil wall painting on one of the bathroom walls combined with white tiles adds to the attractive impression of the room. You can complement the decor with classic hanging mirrors and wall sconces to get a classic look. Wall painting stencil bathroom from drivenbydecor

A minimalist bedroom with stenciled wall paintings blends nicely with cream tones and wooden floors. This method makes your home decor more attractive. Stenciled wall paintings with cream tones from decoist

The wall decoration in the bedroom by adding a wall painting stencil will provide the perfect decoration. This way you can turn the room into a favorite place in your apartment. Bedroom wall painting stencil from decoist

The powder room decoration by adding a gray stencil wall painting is the right idea to decorate the room. So it will look more elegant and charming. Gray stencil wall painting powder room from decoist

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5. Geometric Wall Painting

Simple geometric patterns become interesting if you place them on a large wall area. Stencil, painter’s tape, and spray paint are enough to create beautiful artwork. You can make the painting on plywood panels and stick them on the wall.

This Scandinavian dining room has a stunning accent on the wall. You can add geometric wall paintings for an eye-catching look so that it becomes the focal point of the room. Scandinavian dining room from digsdigs

Applying the wall decoration with geometric paintings in bold colors will add to the accent of the room. You can be creative to produce a stunning appearance. Geometric paintings in bold colors from digsdigs

White walls with a touch of geometric pastel paint help to balance the look of your home. You can easily make these decorations to create beautiful works of art. White walls with geometric pastel from digsdigs

Colorful geometric painting panels will brighten up your space and give a meaningful impression to the workspace. Colorful geometric painting from digsdigs

You can apply this geometric pattern to draw people’s attention to the dining room. In this way create an attractive look for you to try. Dining room with geometric wall painting from digsdigs

Try using a geometric wall painting for your bedroom wall decoration idea. This will help create a more modern atmosphere. Geometric mural from digsdigs

Decorating the room with geometric wall paintings in black and pink is the right idea for you to try. Add a few other ornaments for an eye-catching look. Black and pink geometric wall paintings from digsdigs

To bring an attractive look to your dining room, decorate your dining room walls with bold geometric paintings for the perfect room design. This decoration makes the focal point of your room. Bold geometric paintings from digsdigs

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These DIY wall art ideas use simple tools to create beautiful artworks for your interior. Use your spare time to beautify any room at home and create a home “gallery”.


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