Choose These 24 Ideas of The Right Furniture for Industrial Design

Industrial style introduces you to a developing concept that optimizes the value, function, and appearance. It relies on creativity that offers solutions and ideas on how to maximize the use of an object.

It gives you so many benefits in a different aspect. If you still have no idea about what furniture items to have, these options of the right furniture for industrial design might inspire you.

Multi use Furniture Set

Industrial design is all about efficiency without neglecting its aesthetic. A multi-use or multi-function furniture set is the perfect embodiment of efficiency. It serves several purposes in one single item, so having them in your house is really helpful. Plus, it helps minimize clutter by reducing the number of pieces in a room that will save a lot of space and is easy to maintain.

A smart idea to add extra storage in your living room is to buy multifunctional furniture, for example a coffee table with storage underneath. Coffee table with storage from home-designing.

Industrial home decoration with multifunctional furniture in the form of a murphy bed will make your bedroom look tidier, practical, and doesn’t take up much space. Murphy bed from thespruce.

The coffee table with storage underneath will be the place to store your books. So it doesn’t require a lot of space and still looks neat. Coffee table with storage from hayneedle.

Industrial home decoration idea by adding an entrance bench complete with storage underneath will make the room tidier. Use sturdy wood and pipes to create durable furniture. Wooden and pipes bench from bobvila.

This dining table looks multi-functional because it can be used for a work table too. This table is equipped with a side stove and high stool for an interesting decoration. Multi-functional dining table from homebnc.

The multifunctional coffee table is the right choice to save space in your industrial home design. This way it will make your house look neat and attractive. Multifunctional coffee table from homebnc.

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Neutral Color Table Set

One of the first things that usually will be noticed in industrial design is its color palette. You will not find many striking or bold pops of color. It dominated by a simple neutral color palette that emphasizes simplicity and a modern look. Natural material also included as neutral. You can have a brick wall or wooden coffee table set to add a warmer and authentic look to your interior.

The dining table set that is made of wooden material is suitable for industrial home decoration furniture. Both will blend better and create a warm, rural atmosphere that is so simple but more comfortable. Wooden dining table from mymove.

To emphasize an industrial feel to your living room decor, exposed brick walls and wooden furniture are ideas that you should try. Leave the wooden cabinet in its original color to make it look more natural. Wooden cabinet from mymove.

An industrial living room with red brick walls complete with wooden coffee table furniture will be a suitable decoration for you to try. A mustard sofa and a few other ornaments will complete the décor. Red brick walls from blog.modsy.

One of the industrial living room decorations by adding a wooden coffee table will create a natural and neutral impression in this room. Pair it with exposed brick walls in a neutral color to get calm industrial home decor. Brick wall and wooden coffee table from home-designing.

Using exposed brick walls for your bedroom decoration ideas is an interesting idea. You can combine iron furniture and wooden floors so that it will present an industrial look. White exposed brick walls from home-designing.

If you want to decorate an industrial living room, you can use a red brick wall combined with wooden furniture in the form of a coffee table and open shelves to make it look perfect. Wooden coffee table and open shelves from home-designing.

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Combine Metal and Wood Furniture

Mixing the old and new furniture items to the interior will perfect the modern and industrial look. One of the easiest ways to make the contrast looks perfect is juxtaposing different types of metal and wood within the design. The examples of the right furniture for industrial design are a wooden table set and an antique metal. You can place them next to each other and embrace the industrial style.

To make your industrial home office looks more modern, you can mix your old work desk with modern office chair in metal material. The combination of wood and metal material in industrial furniture will create a stunning look. Wooden work table from homedit.

Old furniture creates a vintage impression in the design of your home office. Vertical rack will be a decorative item because you can use it to put some beautiful ornaments. Vertical rack from homedit.

To keep your industrial home decor simple, try using vintage furniture. The wooden coffee table is suitable for one of your industrial decoration furniture. You can match it with a modern sofa that has metal legs. Wooden coffee table from digsdigs.

Using a combination of wood and iron furniture in the form of a sofa and coffee table will add a solid impression to the room decor. With this idea, it will create an attractive appearance for you to try. Wood and iron furniture from digsdigs.

Vintage industrial furniture in the form of wooden and iron coffee tables will enhance your modern and industrial appearance. Combining with other wooden furniture will create a warm impression into the room. Wooden and iron coffee tables from digsdigs.

Bookshelves and coffee tables made of wood and iron are a suitable idea for you to try so that they will look sturdier. This way it gives a natural touch to industrial living room decor. Bookshelves and coffee tables from digsdigs.

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Simple Design

An industrial theme also emphasizes modesty and modernity. You do not need any striking design with a detailed pattern or accent. For example, you can put a glass coffee table or pop a modern chandelier for the room lighting. The simple designs are able to offer a great aesthetic just as much as other types of design.

The pleasant lighting arrangement with sleek beige furniture provides a décor that you should try for industrial home designs. Combining wooden furniture and wooden floors will create a cozy and warm decoration. Industrial metal lighting from digsdigs.

Metal ball pendant lights provide dramatic lighting to industrial living spaces. Combining dark colors with red brick walls and iron accents will enhance an industrial setting into the room. Metal ball pendant lights from digsdigs.

Applying lots of pendant bulbs and antique metal chairs adds a deeper industrial style. The orange wallpaper will complement your industrial living room decor. Pendant bulbs from digsdigs.

You can enhance your industrial living room by choosing the right classic furniture, such as a shiny glass coffee table in rectangular shape. The simple design will make the industrial vibe more feels. Rectangular glass coffee table from home-designing.

The use of this industrial-style pendant lamp creates a minimalist decoration. Even so, this lamp is able to illuminate the room properly. Pendant lamp from froy.

The coffee table with a glass surface gives the impression of simplicity but luxury in the decoration of your industrial living room. You can copy this idea for your industrial design. Glass coffee table from homedecorbliss.

Create your most sophisticated house interior with the right furniture for industrial design and live your dream house!


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