25 Ways to Create Rustic Industrial Decor for Your Home

Talking about the industrial decoration style, it will be really matched if paired with the rustic style. You can have such a perfect combination to create a unique, artsy, and impressive decoration appearance. Anyway, to create rustic industrial home decor, there are some things that can be your consideration. You can use that so that you really get the characteristic of the style into your home. Here are the things that you can adapt to.

Steel Base Bottom Table

This one will be the easiest and might be the most common for you when talking about the rustic industrial style. The steel base bottom table has been applied by so many people. Hence, to give the rustic touch, you can pair it with the wooden table surface. Don’t give any color into the wood and just simply let it in its natural color because that will be the character that is built for this table.

Using this wooden table with black metal legs will create a sturdy and inviting look. This design lends itself to industrial rustic styles for stunning results. Applying to the dining table and equipped with some comfortable chairs will produce an attractive room. Wooden table with black metal legs from home-designing.

This work table made of iron and wood on the top will create the impression of being sturdy and durable. Applying this decoration to this rustic rustic style house will give it a trendy and inviting look. Don’t forget to add a comfortable classic chair to give the room a stylish look. This open shelf made of pipe and wood complete with hooks at the bottom makes it easy for you to store various ornaments and your items while you are in the office. Industrial work table from homebnc.

This rustic industrial dining room is equipped with a wooden dining table set that will give a solid and unique impression. Choosing these hair clipper legs will make the table sturdy and durable. Placing this dining table set in an industrial kitchen will give it a stunning décor. Rustic industrial dining room from homebnc.

Steel and Barn Wood Furniture

The barn wood is one of the woods that will be really fit for the rustic impression. Here, you can utilize it for your rustic industrial furniture. Since the barn wood characterizes the rustic style, then it is great if you combine it with the steel material to characterize the industrial style. This mirror is one of the great examples of steel and barn wood material combination furniture. In addition, to strengthen the rustic character, you can let the stell to be in a weathered look.

You can use this barn wood door to make a vintage DIY mirror. Choosing a material from this weathered wood will also give a unique and stylish room design. This decoration will strengthen the attractive rustic character and steal the attention of many people. Wooden barn mirror from diyncrafts.

If you want to give a natural impression to your bathroom, the application of a mirror complete with a wooden and iron frame will make the room decor stylish and steal the attention of many people. Complete the look with an Edison bulb hanging over a mirror complete with industrial piping all around it is absolutely perfect. It gives a rustic and industrial feel which is very popular and trendy nowadays. Mirror barn wood from homebnc.

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Iron Lighting

From all of the furniture that you can provide for the industrial style decoration, the lighting is one piece of furniture which can be effectively characterize the style. In this case, so many people use it first when creating the industrial style because it is really easy and simple but has a great influence on the style impression. For the industrial lighting, the material will be the iron. Then, to give the rustic impression, you can adjust the style. You can find the lamp with rustic style and make of iron just like what we have here.

This industrial lamp uses metallic material that is painted in colorful colors to create a stunning room decor with the right lighting. You can place this lamp above the bar for a dramatic room result. Pair it with a set of wood and metal bars to amplify an industrial vibe throughout the room. Industrial lamp from homebnc.

Complete the decor of your industrial kitchen area with yellow lighting that fits and gives a dramatic effect to the entire room. Choosing this metal chandelier will give a stunning room decor. This vintage design gives a vintage look to the entire industrial kitchen. Vintage lighting industrial kitchen from homebnc.

In this industrial country house, you can add a globe chandelier and metal floor lamp for an industrial look to your entire space. Emitting this yellow light will make your room decor look more dramatic. The white color scheme and brick walls give this room a stylish look. Metal globe chandelier from homebnc.

The contrast between industrial and rustic style in this dining bill design has the perfect lighting for you to try in your décor. Choosing a metal lantern chandelier will give it a charming look with yellow lighting. You can place this lamp on the dining table to provide the perfect lighting. Metal lantern chandelier from homebnc.

This modern industrial chandelier provides an opaque glow that will coat your kitchen countertop. With this set of three metal chandeliers, they offer an adjustable stand for your industrial kitchen design. This decoration will be a stylish and inviting room design. Modern industrial chandelier from home-designing.

Having a house with this rustic industrial design, you can add a rustic metal chandelier for stunning results. Adding this to the living room is the perfect decoration for you to try. These brick walls and storage shelves will give a unique design and steal the attention of many people. Rustic metal chandelier from architectureartdesigns.

Pipe Rack

The pipe is another industrial feature that will be great if you can provide it in your rustic industrial home decoration. To paint it in the black color is the best one. Then, to give the rustic character, you can use the wood material to be paired with the iron pipe material. From all of the furniture ideas that you can make by using the pipe material, the rack is the most common. IT would be any rack, from the book rack, shoe rack, or even your greenery rack.

This shoe rack made of pipes and wood offers an industrial rustic feel to your home decor. You can use reclaimed wood or press it yourself for a simpler look. Placing it at the entrance of this house would be the perfect focal point of the room for you to try. Metal tubing is a rust-resistant material and will last a long time. Pipe shoe rack from homebnc.

This pipe accent creates a unique room look and steals the attention of many people. You can apply it to a firewood storage rack for a trendy look and steal the attention of many people. You can place this shelf in the corner of the house near the fireplace for a stunning room result. Pipe rack from homebnc.

This industrial home office desk with ample shelf space uses pipe material for a unique decoration that attracts the attention of many people. Using pipe material makes this shelf look sturdy and trendy at all times. Pair it with reclaimed wood for a rustic feel throughout this room. Rack industrial home office from decoist.

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Wooden Headboard

In case you want to give the rustic touch to your headboard, the easiest way is by applying the wooden material. You can let the wood with its natural wood pattern and line to strengthen the rustic impression. Hence, since it will be the rustic industrial style, then, of course, you should bring the industrial character. In this case, you can have it by applying the pendant lamp in an industrial style to be paired with the wooden headboard.

This reclaimed wood headboard adds a rustic feel to the entire industrial bedroom. Adding this metal style sconces will provide the perfect lighting in this bedroom. Pairing it with this gray color scheme will give a calm and warm look to the entire room. Reclaimed wood headboard from homebnc.

This industrial-style bedroom with a natural touch gives a warm impression to the room. You can apply a wooden headboard to give it a unique look. This concrete wall complete with large pipes gives an industrial style to the entire room. Wooden rustic headboard from decoist.

This trendy bedroom in industrial chic style uses natural touches of wood headboard. You can choose reclaimed wood to apply to this bedroom headboard. This wooden bed is also equipped with storage to make it easier for you to store various ornaments or books. This bedside table furniture also presents a stylish space. Reclaimed wood headboard from decoist.

Mason Jar Fixture

In case you want to use the DIY thing to your rustic industrial home decoration, then this mason jar lighting is really recommended. Then, to give the industrial character, you can apply the iron material as the handle. You can install it on your porch on the wall to provide the unique lighting. Or, you can also install it for your entryway lighting, living room lighting, or even the bathroom lighting.

An antique Mason jar is transformed into a very cool industrial-style chandelier. Tones can be applied in any room to create a bright room decor. Tying this piece of wire will make your masoon jar decorations more interesting. Antique Mason jar light from diynetwork.

This industrial lamp from mason jar provides a unique room decor with dramatic lighting. Making it yourself will increase your creativity. Choosing this chain will also provide a sturdy and durable design. This DIY mason jar will be the perfect light for your home decor. Industrial lamp from architectureartdesigns.

Use a masson jar with pallet wood to create a focal point for lighting in your décor. You can make your own to boost your creativity. Placing it on top of this kitchen island also makes the room decor interesting. Masson jar lighting from homesthetics.

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Copper Ornament

For the ornament, because the style is in industrial, then creating the ornament by using the copper is really worthy. The copper material can also really represent the industrial yet rustic character. This ornament example seems really awesome and worthy. Look at how artsy and impressive this ornament looks like. Even more, with its uniqueness, this copper ornament doesn’t lose its characteristic of the style that going to be built.

This wood lettering has a handy rustic charm that really looks like metal. You can paint it blue to create a unique ornament and attract the attention of many people. Putting it on the console table of this living room will result in a stylish room. Copper monogram from homebnc.

This combination of wood and copper materials gives an industrial feel to your entire home decor. Applying to the initials of the letters will make the decor of the room more stylish. You can press the wood, polish it or leave it raw for a modern rustic design concept that really makes your space look more appealing. Wood and copper ornament from homebnc.

This industrial-style home decor is equipped with copper ornaments to create a unique decoration and steal the attention of many people. Complete with ombre wood for a unique look. Attaching to this wall will result in a stylish decor. Copper sign from homebnc.

Wooden Crate Furniture

The crate could also be used to build a rustic character for home decoration. Then, to make it more effective related to the rustic industrial style, you can combine the crate with the iron or steel material. The crate can be functioned to store anything that you need. It could be for the ornament to simply beautify the room. Or, you can use it for the more functional value such as to store your appliances or even your book collections.

This stack of wooden crates can be a unique tv table with a natural touch to the entire room. Choosing this decoration will make your appearance attractive and steal the attention of many people. You can add a table lamp and a TV to complete your home decor. Stack wooden crates from diys.

This DIY wooden crate table is a beautiful design. You can apply this furniture in one room to create an attractive appearance. Making it a sneidri out of these metal legs will give it a sturdy and durable look. You can add initial letter ornaments, and some ornaments for the perfect result. DIY wooden crate from thespruce.

Those are some ways to create rustic industrial home decor. It was such an interesting home decor that you can try to your home.


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