Try These 25 On-Trend Lighting Ideas for a Hallway to Create a More Cheerful Place

Homeowners often overlook a hallway due to its transit function. Besides, it is often narrow and lack of focal point. However, this entranceway is actually the best space to impress visitors. Lighting ideas in the hallway can eventually draw people’s eyes when they walk through your house. So, why not try these on-trend lighting ideas for a hallway?

Once you’ve done it, you must create a more cheerful place to experience.


Update your hallway with wall sconces. This lighting idea does really match for a home that has no ceiling light installation. Luckily, these sconces are available in various types, designs, and materials. So, you must find wall sconces that will accentuate your hallway perfectly.

Another good thing about sconces is that you can use them to enhance existing decorations. Use them to illuminate certain zones.

The minimalist hallway decorating ideas using sconces lamps accents give an interesting light charm. In addition, using sconces lamps will help create a more lively feel in the hallway. Square sconce lamp from architectureartdesigns.

Using vintage sconces for lighting ideas in your hallway is the perfect idea. You can place it on the wall so that it will provide the perfect lighting. Vintage sconces from architectureartdesigns.

The sconces in the hallway create a touch of glamor and modernity. With a square shape and orange glow, it gives a more elegant feel. Square shape sconce from nextluxury.

A sconce lamp in a modern design works well to light up your modern hallway. The white light from the sconces lamp will make your white hallway brighter. Modern sconce lamp from nextluxury.

Placing sconces on the wall for lighting ideas in your hallway is an interesting idea. You can add a brass rod for the perfect decoration. Sconce lamp with white hood from nextluxury.

Track Lighting

Do you have a long hallway? Try track lighting. It is an elegant and modern option for your hallway.

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With this lighting type, you have provided ample light for the whole length of the hallway. Besides, its stainless steel or metal materials really adorns your sophisticated house design.

The industrial hallways with highlighted artwork with track lighting make the decor even more perfect. You can combine it with a brick wall and multiple wall galleries for a stunning look. Industrial hallways with track lighting from digsdigs.

You will feel warm and comfortable when walking through the hallway. Because with a touch of a classic hallway using white nuances and directed lighting, it adds a touch of life to this hallway. Stainless steel track lighting from digsdigs.

By using track lighting that is placed on the top ceiling made of metal and stainless. Will create the impression of a more perfect hallway. Because track lighting with a captivating focus of light will give a more charming hallway touch. Track lighting with metal from digsdigs.

Metal path lighting provides sufficient lighting for the entire length of the hallway. Paired with whites for the perfect contrast. Metal track lighting from digsdigs.

Lighting is one of the things that can affect your decor. You can use track lighting to decorate your hallway to make it simpler. Track lighting from independencefest.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting doesn’t only work to illuminate your space but also works as a space statement or focal point. Unfortunately, it is only good for a hallway with a high ceiling.

If your home has a high ceiling, try to find one that really draws your eyes like a ceiling pendant with a brushed brass finishing or a ball-shaped chrome pendant full of crystal.

Choosing to use lighting with adjustable glass pendant lights is the perfect idea. This method makes the room look attractive for you to try. Glass pendant lights from laurelberninteriors.

A unique and beautiful pendant light can be a visual attraction. Having a beautiful floor combined with perfect lighting will take your eyes off the narrow corridor. Celling pendant light from laurelberninteriors.

A pendant lamp with a touch of gold will bring a classy look to your hallway. It will also provide the perfect lighting so you can try it out now. Gold pendant lamp from laurelberninteriors.

The hallway room will create a more glamorous impression by using a chandelier. French-style chandelier hanging on the ceiling and a combination of white accents on the walls and beautiful rugs make the hallway decorations more charming. French-style pendant light from laurelberninteriors.

Likewise with the Moravian Star lights. A unique pendant light hanging from your hallway ceiling will provide a gorgeous lighting and create a decorative look that looks stunning. Moravian Star lights from laurelberninteriors.

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Recessed Lighting

For those who have a low ceiling, this recessed lighting (or people call it “canister lights, downlights, or can lights”) is the perfect one. Besides, this type of lighting idea in the hallway is for you who love a fresh and clutter-free space.

Using downlights in the hallway is a good and suitable idea. Because the design of the hallway with a high ceiling is very appropriate and provides appropriate lighting. Downlights from nextluxury.

In order to add a brighter hallway impression by using downlights is the right solution. In addition, the concept of luxury and modernity that you want will be created in the hallway. Brighter hallway with downlights from nextluxury.

This wooden ceiling is complemented with recessed lighting for an attractive appearance. In addition, this type of lighting idea in the hallway is suitable for those of you who like a fresh and neat room. Wooden ceiling from decoist.

To get the perfect hallway decor, using the right ceiling lighting is the right idea. You can use hidden lights for a modern look. Ceiling lighting from remodelista.

Decorating the hallway with recessed lights is an interesting idea. You can place it on the ceiling so that it will provide the perfect lighting. For a minimalist design, you can choose a small one but it can provide proper lighting to your room. Hallway with recessed lights from shoproomideas.

Mixed Lighting

The last idea is probably the most popular, combining the types of lighting above. You can mix and match it to meet the needs and design of your aisle, of course, with a touch of your personal taste too.

Choosing to use sconces and track lighting is a perfect idea. So you can get an interesting hallway decoration. Sconces and track lightin from mymove.

Red shade table lamp and metal pendant lamp will bring a classy look to your hallway. It will also provide the perfect lighting so you can try it out now. Red shade table lamp from mymove.

Lighting decoration ideas in the hallway give a stylish touch. Namely by combining pendant lights and a table lamp to give a more charming hallway feel. In addition, the lighting produced provides a warm atmosphere. Pendant lights and a table lamp from farmfoodfamily.

You can place sconces on the walls and pendants in the hallways to create beautiful lighting there. This will also create an attention-grabbing decorative look. Sconces and pendants light from laurelberninteriors.

You will feel luxury and a charming feeling after walking in this hallway. With a touch of the hallway using hidden lights combined with pendant lights will create a warm and modern impression. Hidden lights combined with pendant lights from nextluxury.

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That’s it! You are now ready to implement the lighting idea in the hallway.


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