24 Impressive Tiny Kitchen Designs that Maximize the Function and Style

Be functional and practical are those characteristics of managing a tiny house interior design. All rooms must be decorated as optimal as possible. One of the rooms is the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where you do many activities like preparing, cooking, and serving food, washing and organizing the dishes, and many more. Thus, you have to find some smart tricks in organizing your tiny kitchen. The followings are some aspects that you should know in making your tiny kitchen more stylish, functional, and adorable.

Minimalist Design

Maximize every minimal inch you have in your kitchen. Some of the designers suggest applying a minimalist design for a tiny kitchen since it offers a bright color scheme, functional elements, and a stylish look. A minimalist kitchen design usually emphasizes practical and simple design starting from the island, cabinets, countertop, and etc. They do not need to be too much, but they have to be properly placed and used.

Small kitchen with open space design suitable for your minimalist home. This will save space in your home but not reduce its functionality. Kitchen with open space from hgtv.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a small kitchen but the most important thing is that your kitchen can function properly to help you serve by simply adding a few pieces of furniture. White nuance small kitchen from hgtv.

The smart idea to built a kitchen in your small house by using an i-shaped design. Place at the corner to save space. Corner minimalist kitchen from hgtv.

The white nuances in this home kitchen create a simple and spacious home decor. Here, you can pair a white kitchen with an old wooden dining table for an extraordinary effect. White nuances with wooden table from home-designing.

Take advantage of the small space in your kitchen by adding some minimalist furniture to keep it simple. You have to make sure the countertop is free to avoid a cluttered appearance. Just put what is necessary. Monochromatic kitchen from home-designing.

Just install the important appliances, your small kitchen will look tidy. To save space, you can apply an I-shaped kitchen design. I-shaped kitchen design from home-designing.

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Natural Lighting

Lighting is an important element for a tiny kitchen. In this case, you can get natural lighting in many ways. First, you can have a large window in the kitchen. Therefore, you can make an airy ambiance by opening this window so that the sunlight enters your tiny kitchen. Next, apply white color scheme for your kitchen. White is believed as a color that gives a natural larger impression for a small space.

Having a bright kitchen is a good idea to make you feel comfortable and your kitchen looks clean. The window can be the option to make it happen. White kitchen and large window from shelterness.

Your small kitchen design will look bright and comfortable to cook if you install large windows. Install a window next to the kitchen set to emit light. Bright kitchen from shelterness.

Even though you only have a small kitchen but it is sufficient to accommodate your needs. The most important thing is that you have to make sure your kitchen gets natural sunlight. So, you need to install large windows in the room. All white kitchen from shelterness.

This is a smart idea to make your kitchen look bright and big. Large windows and all-white shades can help you create the impression of a spacious kitchen. Large windows and all-white shades from shelterness.

Natural lighting can help your kitchen look bright and clean. So you’ll need to install large windows for this idea. Combining it with white tones creates an airy look. Natural lighting from shelterness.

Installing a large window is very important to make your small kitchen looks bright. Especially if you apply white paint for the main decoration. It will make the kitchen feels wider and larger. Large window from shelterness.

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Smart Storage

In managing a small space of your kitchen, you have to be excellent to make it effective. Make smart storages to organize your stuff, dishes, or dried food. Create shelves inside the cabinet and consider a magnetic area behind the door to store the herbs. Furthermore, get some hooks to hang your pans on the wall. You can aesthetically arrange them from the smallest to the biggest, or vice versa.

To maximize the space in your kitchen, you have to think smart about arranging your kitchen utensils. Create shelves in the cabinet for neat storage. Shelves on cabinet storage from goodhousekeeping.

Storage with hooks can help you organize your kitchen utensils and save space. You can place it on the ceiling using wood and hooks to store your kitchen utensils. Ceiling using wood and hooks storage from goodhousekeeping.

Build some racks inside your cabinet can make your small kitchen looks neat and tidy. You can use the racks to store your kitchenware. Grouping according to the type will make it easy to find it. Cabinet storage from goodhousekeeping.

Apart from that, it is also a great idea to attach multiple hooks to add extra storage to your kitchen. Applicable hanging storage can be used to organize your pans. Hanging storage from goodhousekeeping.

Don’t let the space beside your kitchen cabinet is not useful. You can attach some hooks and use them to hang your kitchenware. Kitchenware storage from goodhousekeeping.

Use your old ladder for storage ideas in your kitchen. Hang the ladder and install some hooks to hang your pans. Old ladder storage from goodhousekeeping.

Kitchen with A Mini-Bar

Having a tiny kitchen does mean you cannot have a mini-bar. It will not spend much space as long as it is well-designed. Then, merge your kitchen with your tiny bar to save the space. As well as, provide a couple of chairs there just to accommodate the family who wants to have breakfast in the bar. So, you can do more than one activity at once in this functional tiny kitchen.

If your kitchen is in an l-shaped design, utilize the other side for the minibar. This mini bar can be used as the dining table. And you can get dine in the kitchen at the same time. Transparent stool from shelterness.

Add a wooden table next to the kitchen countertop for the minibar. This mini bar is functioned as the dining table. This is the best solution to save space in your tiny house. Wooden countertop with high stool from elonahome.

Building a miniature kitchen is very useful to save space and make your small kitchen more effective and functional. Just equip it with a comfortable chair and ready to use. Wooden high stool from elonahome.

The best spirit for saving space in your minimalist home is to have a kitchen combined with a minibar. The mini bar serves as a dining area for your limited space. White minibar from elonahome.

Including a mini bar in your kitchen is very useful to save space in your tiny house. In addition, it can make your kitchen look stylish with the addition of a stool . Wooden and metal high stool from elonahome.

If you can have a kitchen that merged with a minibar, it’s very useful to save space. You will have a dining space without making a dining room. Wooden Countertop from elonahome.

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Now, you do not need to be worried about having a tiny kitchen. Your tiny kitchen can be your special space to spend time with your family. Applying some of the tricks we describe above may help you in creating a sleek, cozy, and functional tiny kitchen. Apply the tricks and we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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