3 Unthinkable Ideas of Smart Laundry Room Design in Small Space

Each home requires a laundry room, but unfortunately, some homes have very limited space that it takes extra creativity to have a room for laundry stuff. The key guide to have a smart laundry room design in a small space is to think of the unthinkable! Then, think about whether the room can fit all the laundry utensils and supplies or not. Perhaps, the following incredible ideas of laundry room design can help you.

1. Laundry Room Cabinet (Maximizing Space)

You might have heard about a laundry room in a cabinet or a larder (a large cupboard), but the one with some extra behind-the-door shelves? The cabinet is for your washing machine and dryer with a small shelf over them, but you can install a simple wooden shelf on each of the cabinet’s door backs, for extra storage.

That way, all your laundry utensils and supplies can be covered in the compact cabinet. This is what we call a multifunctional minimalist laundry room. Smart!

This hidden cabinet is intended for a laundry room decoration to avoid clutter in the house. In this cabinet you can put some of the storage you need, such as floating wooden racks and storage baskets. Close the cabinet door when the laundry room is no longer needed, you can also use the room next to the laundry room as a small shower room equipped with glass doors and walls. Hidden laundry room in the cabinet from onekindesign.

To maximize the space, you can apply a cabinet that is converted into a laundry room. To make it tidier, you can also arrange storage drawers in stages. Don’t forget to also add a few racks next to the washing machine to hang the hanger containing clean, washed clothes. Use a stainless steel rack to make it more durable and not easily corroded. Cabinet laundry room equipped with storage drawers from onekindesign.

Having a laundry room that is not so spacious makes us confused to arrange it. You can try this placement idea, for example by placing the washing machine in a cabinet it can reduce the burden of room arrangement. The washer and dryer are located at the bottom, leaving the remaining space at the top. Floating wooden cabinet is a more effective and efficient additional storage idea. Laundry room in a cabinet with floating storage from onekindesign.

Storing the washer and dryer in a cabinet will make a small room look more tidy and orderly. A cabinet equipped with clothes racks and hangers will make it more multifunctional. Perfect it by adding a place to iron your favorite clothes. Repaint this cabinet with the same color on the wall so that it is not visible. Hidden laundry room with area to iron clothes from onekindesign.

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2. Study + Laundry Room

If you have a study room, why not add your laundry stuff there? It may sound unbelievable, but as long as you can design it right with the exact layout, it can all fit together. Another perk of having this smart laundry room design in small space, now you can also kill the boredom of doing the laundry with reading some books from your desk.

If you have a small house, combining a laundry room and study is a smart thing. In addition to saving space, you can also finish your washing work while reading a book to get rid of boredom while waiting. Place the study table in front of the washing machine cabinet in the corner of the room facing the window to keep you relaxed. Don’t forget to add a green nuance to the room with soothing indoor plants. Multifunction room from decoist.

Add a study table in the laundry room area to save space in your house as a whole. Use a desk and floating cabinet with matching colors to match the elegant color tones. Favorite color that is usually used is plain white. Study table set with floating cabinet in matching color from decoist.

Take advantage of the empty space in the laundry area for a comfortable and not boring study decoration. This study table is equipped with drawers so that it can be used as storage at the same time. Don’t forget to use glass walls to provide natural lighting into the room. Laundry room study room combo from decoist.

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3. Under-the-Staircase Laundry Room

Another smart laundry room design in small space as a bonus is the extraordinary under-the-staircase laundry room. If you live in a two-story house or more, you can apply this brilliant idea. Fit the washing machine and dryer into the space and install some wall-mounted shelves around the machines for your laundry storage. So, have you been inspired with the three amazing ideas mentioned above? Hopefully, our ideas of smart laundry room design in small space can help you.

If your house has several floors, of course you can take advantage of the remaining space under the stairs to make it more useful. For example, by using it for a small laundry room decoration and easy to arrange at the bottom of the stairs. You can add a wooden door to the laundry room under your stairs as a cover for this laundry room to make it look more tidy. Small laundry room at the bottom of the stairs from digsdigs.

Use the area under your stairs with more useful decoration ideas, for example for storage and also a room for washing. This room is like a hidden room because it is located in a remote area that is rarely touched, so it won’t be seen when it’s messy. Paint the entire laundry room a color that matches the stairs. White laundry room decor from digsdigs.

If you want a different look for your small house, you can make small room arrangements even more effective. The bottom of the stairs is an area that is rarely considered to be decorated. Change that mindset by giving a little touch of creativity. Use the area under the stairs to decorate the laundry room alongside the mini bar. A minimalist concept like this will look interesting and unique. Laundry room at the bottom of the stairs opposite the mini bar from digsdigs.

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If you live in an apartment or a small house, you have to be extra creative to have a room for your laundry stuff. Those unthinkable smart laundry room designs can be your option for the limited space.

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