Beautiful Living Room Designs Inspired by Celebrities’ Homes

Celebrities have the means to create the best living room designs, and we can learn one thing or two. From traditional design to modern wonder, many celebrities invest in creating the most gorgeous living rooms, because these rooms are the windows to the celebrities’ lifestyle.

What living room style could you copy from celebrities? Here are some ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Spacious Country Living Room

Cher’s Beverly Hills home has a country-style living room with French doors that open to a beautiful terrace. The room features a dark wooden floor, ceiling wooden beams, and wood-trimmed doors and windows. Dark leather sofas are softened by colorful pillows to create a welcoming look.

A country-style living room that uses French doors, soft sofas, and wooden ceiling beams into an attractive living room design. With a living room that has a decoration like the one in the picture above, it will make the appearance of your family room look friendly. Don’t forget to add a fireplace for a warm and inviting indoor decoration. The lantern pendant lamp will provide the perfect light. Country-style living room from hgtv.

One way to create a living room that has a friendly appearance in your living room, you can use decorations like the one in the picture above. Besides that, decorations that use ceiling beams and soft sofas will make your living room look elegant too. This uniquely shaped fireplace will become the focal point of the room and will create the perfect decoration. A large carpet under the sofa will complement your decor. Rustic living room decor from hgtv.

2. Cozy and Relaxing

Bradley Cooper’s Greenwich Village home has a living room with French doors, high ceiling, and bright walls. A fireplace and comfortable armchair set welcome every guest, and the simple walls are decorated with modern minimalist artworks.

A decorated living room with French doors, high ceilings, and an additional fireplace is perfect for your use. Because the design of this living room will look like a Greenwich village house. Using dark wood floors and geometric patterned rugs, this adds an interesting look for you to try. This fireplace with its carved wood coat is the perfect focal point of the room. Fireplace with carved wood mantel from streeteasy.

Using a living room design that is similar to the living room design of a celebrity home like the one in the picture above is perfect for you to use. Because with this living room design, your living room will look attractive and comfortable. Fireplaces and armchairs are one of the attractions for you to enjoy a nice and warm cup of coffee. The green plants in the corner of the room are also a natural and natural impression into the space. Bradley Cooper’s Greenwich Village home from nextluxury.

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3. Vibrant Blue Living Room

Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills home (now for rent) has a blue living room design that feels luxurious and relaxing at the same time. The dark blue color is balanced with a lime green sofa and a large indoor palm. The room has a lot of glass windows and large glass panel doors to let natural light in.

If you want to make a living room similar to Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills living room, you can add a green sofa and use a blue wall color as shown above. With a living room design like this, your living room will look luxurious. The contemporary style floor lamp is also perfect for lighting. The large carpet throughout the room is also a warm impression. Green velvet sofa and blue wall color from thespruce.

Blue and green is one of the best living room color combinations that are suitable for creating an elegant impression. Because with the living room design like in the picture above, your living room will look like a celebrity living room. The green tuffed sofa combined with the navy walls and completed with wall ornaments is also the perfect focal point of the room. Floor lamps, quirky chairs and a contemporary coffee table will complement the decor. Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills home from residencestyle.

4. Mid-century Modern Living Room

Cindy Crawford’s Malibu house has Mid-century modern elements in its living room. The design is sleek and functional, with a combination of neutral and warm colors. The overall look is uncluttered, but there are unique elements, such as the contemporary floor lamp and bright colors on the sofa pillow.

Choosing a living room decor with a medieval theme and using neutral colors as the base color for the living room is a brilliant idea. Because with this design your living room will look elegant. A wooden ceiling, a fireplace with stone mantle and wood furnishings will create a natural feel to the room. Planting in the corner of the room is also an interesting room decoration. Cindy Crawford’s Malibu house decor from donpedrobrooklyn.

A mid-century living room that uses a combination of neutral colors and bright pillows like the one in the picture above is a great living room decoration. Because with a living room decoration like this, your living room will have a warm impression. The carpet under the sofa is also a room decoration that has a warm impression on your feet. This wooden furniture is also a natural impression into the room. Mid-century living room from donpedrobrooklyn.

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5. Vintage and Colorful

RuPaul’s home in Hollywood Hills is inspired by the glamorous 60’s era, which boasts a lot of colors. Red becomes the background of the room, which you can see on the walls, artworks, rug, and bench. Blue, purple, and yellow is sprinkled in smaller portions. Black and white balance all the colors in the room.

If you want a colorful vintage living room, you can apply a design like the RuPaul house. Besides being full of color, the living room is also filled with framed photos that can make guests interested. Using red on the walls and some vintage chairs makes for an inviting decoration. Don’t forget to add an antique mirror so that the room becomes the perfect focal point. Vintage living room RuPaul house from elledecor.

The living room with vintage colors, which is complemented by nunasa red walls, is a suitable living room design to be applied. Because with this combination your living room will look more beautiful and brighter. Don’t forget to add some antique framed wall decorations to make the room the perfect focus point. A white sofa and a few retro chairs will make the room comfortable and inviting. Red wall on vintage living room from decoist.

These living room designs may be expensive, but you don’t need to have homes like celebrities. Just copy the elements to create a dream room with your budgets.


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