How to Decorate Your English Country Garden for A Charming Retreat

An English garden will make a lovely addition to your country decor home with lots of pretty perennials. The enchanting landscape is highly inspired by 18th century England, with a combination of straightforward patterns, sculptures, and sweeping landscape, featuring romantic vibes to give you a sense of tranquil countryside. However, what’s the essentials required to have a charming English garden? Read on to find out what you should do to shape one beautifully.

Create irregularity

The key to an ultimate English garden to complement your country decor is informality. Natural, irregular trees, expanses of grass are aimed to challenge the once-popular architectural gardens that were more rigid and unbending. Group the plants without having the need to look symmetrical.

Choose several different types of plants and flowers to decorate along your stone path, let them grow freely without any plant groupings. The next idea you can do is plant several types of trees to make your garden cooler and shady during the day, in this English country garden decoration you just need to provide regular care such as providing fertilizer and watering it with water so that it can grow and develop optimally. Several kinds of greenery and flowers along the stone path from realhomes.

There is nothing wrong with adding outdoor furniture to your English country garden decoration as a relaxing area during the weekend for a fresh new atmosphere. Place this furniture right under a shady tree to get protection from the hot sun during the day. This furniture is surrounded with several different types of plants which will be an unusual sight for the eye and make the garden decoration more beautiful. Cut your green hair when it becomes uncomfortable to see. A big tree surrounded by other green plants from realhomes.

The landscape of this English country garden is equipped with fresh greenery and makes for comfortable footwear. This colorful flower with curved dividing lines will be more neat and orderly, add a variety of different types of trees as a shelter area during the day from the hot sun. You can cut and shape the tree into any shape you want for a more unique garden look with a different view. Landscape English country garden from realhomes.

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Variety is important

Plant a variety of shrubs, trees, flowers, and other perennials to show more flexibility in your English garden. Traditional choices to match with your country decor includes shrubs, lavender, roses, hollyhocks, and wisteria. Create a landscape with ornamental grasses. To make it interesting, be sure to put your picks on free-flowing plants.

This purple flower that grows freely between the stone paths is a beautiful garden decoration in itself and of course does not require special care, making it easier for you to do routine maintenance. Next, you can use flowers with a matching color but a little darker like the lavender plant which is applied on the side of the road. Shrubs and green grass are complementary plants that enhance the look of an English country garden to the maximum. Purple flowers between stone paths from thespruce.

Choose several different types of plants for variations that make your garden look more colorful and cheerful. Lavender plants are one of the best choices that you can try, then green shrubs and other types of flowers can be planted around lavender with a free but artistic layout. Isn’t this English country garden decoration easier to try without spending a lot of money? If so, then you can try it in your backyard. Lavender is the focal point of the plant from thespruce.

Not only using lavender plant, you can create other atmosphere and appearance easily, namely by replacing them with white roses that are in bloom. Combine these white roses with shrubs and hedges in the entrance gate area for the first welcome for your family or friends who come to your garden. Match the color of your gate paint with flower colors so that it blends more perfectly. White roses in the entrance gate area from thespruce.

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A ‘fedge’ for limited space

When you don’t have enough space in the yard, incorporate the country decor for a simple English garden with fences and hedges. A screen covered in willows is a definite charm to shield you from the sunlight.

This wooden fence painted with white will appear more energetic when surrounded by blooming flowers and fresh greenery. In addition, these flowers are also a warm and natural welcome when you visit English country garden decorations. Use the shrubs in this garden decoration as a natural fence that can limit the garden according to your needs. Meanwhile, the wooden fence protects the garden from damage to the animals you have, such as chickens. White picket fence combined with a bush fence from homebnc.

For a more natural, rustic look, you can install a reclaimed wood fence that’s sturdy and tough in the changing weather outside. Plant shrubs around this fence to complement as well as natural hedges and make the garden cooler. This garden is complemented by lavender and red flowers which provide a striking color contrast but seem beautiful. This DIY wooden fence is easier to make and on a budget of course. No need to repaint this fence for a more natural finish. Reclaimed wooden fence with hedges from homebnc.

Beautiful embellishments

In an English garden, a simple gate can create a simple yet dramatic impact on the overall look. Other embellishments that match best with your country decor are trellis or some antique water cans, water feature or even a small angelic statue. 

A wooden trellis adorned with rosettes is an entry point to a British country garden decor with a distinct ambiance. You can make this gate at a low cost, besides that, the blooming roses are also a refreshing and very beautiful accent and are suitable for welcoming your guests or family who come. Arrange the trellis as neatly and as strong as possible so as not to do repeated renovations. This periodically cut green grass and shrubs makes for a more elegant garden scene. The wooden trellis is refined with roses blooming from lonny.

Create a different atmosphere in your garden with a fountain that will produce a splash of sound, giving an illustration of a more relaxed garden atmosphere. You can use this water accent with a standing fountain made of stone to make it sturdier and not easily broken when used for a long time. This fountain is accented with black stone underneath, which will produce a louder splash of sound. Don’t forget to surround this fountain with several different types of greenery as a fresh complementary accent. Standing fountain with a container made of stone from lonny.

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As English garden is meant to be enjoyed and cherished, be sure to incorporate seating like wooden benches or metal structures with elegant details. A garden path also makes a great starting point to add a nice, subtle flow before you enter the lawn. The key to introducing English gardens in every country decor is to blend with nature as dense as you can.