Lovely Design Ideas for a Teenage Girl Bedroom

When your little girl grows up to be a beautiful teenager, then it’s the perfect time to redecorate her bedroom. You probably want to keep her bedroom design cohesive with the overall house design concept. But keep in mind that it’s always recommended to understand her preferred design style. 

In this article, you’ll find some lovely teenage girl bedroom ideas your daughter will love. And most importantly, these ideas match different design styles perfectly.     

1. Get Inspired by Her Hobbies

The best teenage girl bedroom idea is by incorporating her hobbies into her bedroom design. Turn her bedroom into a place where she can interact with something she likes, experiment on it, and achieve her full potential. 

For instance, if she is interested in music, you can choose a music themed bedroom. Then, let her add and display some music-related stuff like music instruments as her bedroom decorations.    


Several wall paintings with different themes and sizes reinforce your hobby of painting in the room so that it will never bore you while in the bedroom all day long. This painting is installed in a wooden frame with a matching color, namely white, so it looks more elegant. The sunlight that enters this room is a source of natural lighting which will make the painting appear brighter and look clearer. Wall paintings with different themes and frame sizes from hgtv.

Do you have a hobby of planting green plants in the garden? If so, then you can hang a glass terrarium that contains various types of plants for a room display that takes you to a hobby that you like so that it doesn’t get boring easily. Hang this terrarium with a strong rope so that it does not fall to the floor and cause breakage and chaos. Hanging green plant terrarium from hgtv.

But if you have a hobby of reading books, then using the corner of the room as a vertical bookshelf is the right interior that you can try. With this you can read this book on your desk facing the wall, put all your favorite books neatly and in order according to the theme. Paint this bookshelf in a bold color in this room as a more detailed and certainly more feminine finish. Vertical bookshelf in the corner of the room from hgtv.

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2. A Beautiful Workspace to Support Her Productivity 

No matter what bedroom design style your teenage girl chooses, she needs a workspace to work on her projects, do homework, and enjoy her hobbies. You can decorate her workspace to suit the overall design of her bedroom. For a small size bedroom, you can choose a personal space-saving workspace with a bed attached above it. 

Furthermore, be sure with her workspace lighting. While it’s best to place the workspace next to the window, you can also add a desk lamp to it.  

Make your bedroom decor more functional by entering a workspace in the empty bedroom area. Arrange the layout of the furniture in this room to create a space that is not cramped and makes you feel comfortable when you are here all day. Choose some furniture with matching colors, for example, white, which gives an illustration that the room looks wider and cleaner. Use polka dot wallpaper for different textures and scenes. Functional bedroom with workspace area from loveproperty.

Take advantage of the empty space in your bedroom as an area to put the mini list set that you have. Install a standing iron shelf next to the work table as a storage idea that doesn’t take up much floor space in your room, this bedroom is equipped with several paintings that give the maximum artistic impression. Enter as much sunlight as possible to avoid moldy and porous wooden furniture. Minimalist work desk in bedroom decor from loveproperty.

If your bedroom has a large enough room, then include a work desk set so you can do office tasks while still in the bedroom. There is no need to use a room divider in this room to save more on the floor area. Cover your wicker rattan chair with soft cushions to make it more comfortable to use for sitting while doing office tasks. Avoid using a divider room between the workspace and the bedroom from loveproperty.

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3. Provide a Fun Area for Hanging Out with Friends

Another important part of your teenage girl bedroom is a lounge area, where she can hang out, have a small talk, or do some activities with her friends. You can add some bean bags to create a comfy atmosphere. 

If you have a larger space, you can create a sitting area inside her bedroom. You can put a bubble chair, couch, beanbag sofa, floor cushion, or egg chair in this lounge area for a cozier and more inviting environment. 

Throw the floor pillow under your bed as a comfortable and warm sitting area when used for chatting with your friends. Use floor pillows with different colors and sizes so that they can be used according to the comfort and needs needed. Some of these wall decorations provide artistic value that adorns the bedroom more optimally and certainly never goes out of style. Floor pillows with different shapes and sizes from loveproperty.

The macramé swing that is placed in the corner of this room becomes an interior that you can use for a relaxing area. On this swing you can read your favorite book you have, add throw pillows as a more comfortable and warmer sitting area. The greenery above is a great accent of freshener and air conditioning. Use vines as a more appropriate choice and of course very low maintenance. Macramé swing with throw pillow from loveproperty.

There is nothing wrong with adding a table set in the bed decoration as an area to chat with your friends when you come to the house, or if not, you can enjoy a more relaxed cup of coffee at this table. Choose a small table with only minimal form to save your floor space so it doesn’t feel stuffy or stuffy. A table set in the bedroom decor from hgtv.

The single bubble chairs that are placed in the bedroom decor are additional furniture that you can try for a comfortable relaxing area throughout the day. Cover this bubble chair with several different pillow sizes and one that has a smooth, soft and warm surface, for example faux fur fabric. Choose an interior with pastel colors that are suitable for teenage girl bedroom decorations with a sweet and of course calm finish. Single bubble chairs with pillow accents from hgtv.

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Those are 3 lovely teenage girl bedroom ideas you can follow. Remember to always apply the bedroom design concept that meets her personal preference, so that she can spend her precious teenage years in her perfect bedroom comfortably.


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