Outdoor Decoration Cement Fire Pit: Try These 5 Dazzling Designs

From toasting marshmallows, sharing stories, to playing card games are some exciting things you can in do with your family and friends while you gather around a fire pit. Since nothing can’t beat that intimate and snuggle feeling, building a fire pit in your outdoor area is always a great idea.

If you agree, try these five stunning cement fire pit designs to daze your guests.

1. Square Shape and Decorative Stones

This square fire pit is adorable in its minimalist design. Featuring an 8-inch-deep concreted square shape and metal bowl on top of it, this furnace looks great with the addition of decorative stone called Mexican pebble. Place outdoor Lounger seats around it for the utmost enjoyment.

This contemporary square fire pit in the backyard is made with cement. Adding a metal bowl in the middle of the fireplace will create a warm decor. You can add some other furniture around the fireplace for a warm and cozy impression into your garden. Potted green plants will also make your room a fresh and natural decoration. Contemporary square fire pit from concreteexchange.

This square-shaped fire pit with two wooden chairs in this courtyard is the best place to relax. Not only that, but also gives you a comfortable chat with your family or guests. Choosing a fireplace design that is square in shape and completed with a metal bowl and some decorative pebbles will complement your fireplace decoration. You can add green plants to create a fresh and natural garden decoration. Square-shaped fire pit from diynetwork.

2. Fire Ring

This pretty fire pit is built from several concrete blocks that are stacked in a circle. What makes this item unique is the heart part of it has gaps, giving a clear sight of the fire. The cement blocks are arranged horizontally for the bottom and topside. Meanwhile, for the middle point, the chunks are pilled vertically and tenuously.

This backyard fire ring makes a useful decoration. Not only can it keep you warm there, but also give you some decorating points as well. Add a metal bowl to create an attractive room decoration for you to try. Completing the garden decoration with wooden benches will give a comfortable impression to your garden. Green grass and a few greenery will create a fresh, natural garden trophy. Backyard fire ring from theglobalherald.

Cement ring fire with wooden chairs curled around the fire ring. It is built for large gatherings or to accommodate large numbers of people. In this way it will provide a nice and warm decoration while you are in the garden. Some flowers blooming in pots and green grass will complement your room decor so that it presents a fresh and natural room. Cement ring fire with wooden chairs from diynetwork.

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3. Teardrop-Shaped

If your patio doesn’t allow you to build a fire pit with a round bench, why don’t you place the bonfire in the corner? This teardrop-shaped fire pit can accommodate you. Featuring a round base with a back, it will be the center of attention.

A awesome teardrop-shaped fire pit in the backyard to add a simple decoration. It is not just decoration but also provides a useful fire pit to warm you around there. Placing this fireplace next to the house will create the perfect garden. Featuring a round pedestal with its back, it will be the center of attention. Teardrop-shaped fire pit on gaden from trendir.

Giving your lawn’s flower garden an unusual decoration like a teardrop-shaped fire pit will make a garden look stunning that way. Placing it in the middle of the garden will create a unique garden decoration for you to try and will make the perfect focus of the room. Featuring a round plinth with its back, it will be the center of attention. Teardrop-shaped fire pit from gardenholic.

4. Large Salad Bowl

With a modern and stylish design, the fire pit that looks like a giant salad bowl will make a stunning focal point for your back yard. At the very bottom outside the cement basin, laid pebble stone in black and gray colors.

A backyard decoration by adding a giant firepit bowl really makes your garden decoration feel warm and cozy. Equipped with several wooden chairs for gathering with family or even several guests. This wooden coffee table will complete the look of your home. The gravel floor and some greenery create a natural garden that has a fresh feel. Giant firepit bowl from nextluxury.

Several modern designs are implemented with simple and minimalist decorations. Likewise, this large fire pit gives your decoration a modern twist. Equipped with some black wood, this makes the room a perfect decoration and creates a comfortable impression. Some of these greenery make for a fresh garden decoration. Large bowl fire pit from nextluxury.

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5. Long Rectangular Table

Although the design is simple, this modern rectangular fire pit looks fancy and chic. This stylish piece creates fire in long lines due to its length.

Luxurious rectangular fire pit with a sleek finish. It’s done perfectly decorated with a wicker sofa in between the fire pits. This fireplace can serve as an attractive coffee table so that it will give a warm and cozy impression while you are in this garden. This garden design with a fireplace will create a fire in a long line due to its length. Rectangular fire pit from housebeautiful.

Classy and modern garden building with rectangular fire pit. Moreover, the number of sofa benches around the firepit can accommodate many people too. In addition, this idea will provide a comfortable and inviting room decor. This stylish cut creates fire in long lines due to its length. Some soft pillows are added for an attractive room design for you to try. Rectangular fire pit from housebeautiful

No matter the season, a fire pit gives you a perfect place to adore the warm night while chatting with family and friends, sharing scary stories, and enjoying hot coffee. To complete the night, the above cement fire pit designs will make the intimate time more memorable.

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