Material Ideas that You Can Use for Your Interior Design

Everybody wants to have a house that is suitable for their preferences such as suitable in its perfect interior design, furniture used, and decoration applied. Why those three aspects become so important to be considered, well this is about building a house for living, where comfortability is the thing that you are looking for. So, material choosing becomes the next step that you need to well-considered since it is related to your suitable interior design. Here, we would like to share some information regarding what kind of materials might fit with your preferences of having a home.


Since a long time ago, wooden is used as the main material for building a house or become a part of interior design such as furniture. Wood is believed to have embodied energy that lessens than other materials along the manufacturing process that is why wood material is an eco-friendly material. Wood is also a versatile material for a house. There are a lot of wood types that can be used for building or furniture and this material is a good material for making any kind of home furniture. This material is also regarded as a stress relief since it can present a nature vibe that can make it more comfortable to live in.

Using wood materials for the interior design of this rustic bedroom will add a rustic feel to the room. Using one of the walls and barn doors of this reclaimed wood barn will make for the perfect decoration for the room. Combined with large carpets throughout this room, it will bring a warm impression to your feet. The illumination of the table lamps on the right and left of the bed will create the perfect lighting. Walls and barn doors reclaimed wood from nextluxury.

The unique wood texture creates a backdrop of neutral colors for interior decoration. Some wood accents that bring natural wood textures to the room decor are enough to make the interior of the house more attractive, soft, and warm. choosing this wood base will give a warm and cozy vibe to the room. Adding a metal lamp that is placed on the dining table will focus your food. Light wooden wall from nextluxury.

Wood in the living room is also a possible option. This is not only possible but also a very creative, unique and stylish interior design. Wooden floors and walls are one of the main trends in interior design, due to the beauty of natural wood and its long-lasting durability. You can also add some wooden furniture to complement your room decor. Living room with wooden materials from nextluxury.

Wooden furniture is one of the most popular because it is durable, beautiful and wood can be finished in any way furniture or ornament can imagine. With this unique wooden bedroom wall, it will bring you to the desired atmosphere. Applying this to the ceiling, floor and walls will present an interesting bedroom decor for you to try. This large window on one of the walls will let sunlight into the room. Ceiling, floor and walls wooden material from nextluxury.

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This material is usually used for wall costing material. The unfinished look on the wall can give its special vibe to the house. There are some other advantages of using stone as completing part of interior design such as it is long durable (weather resistant), refreshing, gives a natural impression, easy to install, and is also a strong foundation. But, this material has its weaknesses that you should consider such as andesite-based materials are not suitable for the bathroom cause is water absorbs easily and moss will use it as their living medium, heavy material, and high cost. However, its cost higher than other wall costing but it is equal with the quality and the impression that you will get.

The dining room with stone walls will create an environmentally friendly decoration and natural materials that make dining money have a rustic and elegant impression. Easy to find and durable too. You can complement the decor of the room with a wooden dining table set and this crystal rustic chandelier will add a luxurious feel to the room. This green plant near the wall gives a fresh impression into the room. Stone wall dining room from housebeautiful.

Natural wall stone is the right choice for any bedroom that will prevent the room from being dull and cold. White walls can create a spacious and clean atmosphere, therefore you can use stone walls and break the boredom by incorporating natural materials in your dining room. Carpets throughout this room will add a warm impression to this room. Natural wall stone from architectureartdesigns.

Interior stone walls help emphasize the height of this spacious bedroom, stone is an excellent choice of material as it complements and helps create a unique and serene atmosphere to strengthen the connection between interior space and nature. Choosing a ceiling from this wooden board will add to the quality and excellence you will get. Stone wall and wooden celling from architectureartdesigns.

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We all know that brick is material for building walls. There some kinds of bricks that can be used for building material such as common burnt clay brick, sand-lime brick, engineering brick, concrete brick, and fly ash clay brick. Along with building development, especially house building, the use of brick is decreased. However, brick still can be used as a part of interior design. Exposed brick becomes a good choice to complete your rustic or industrial, classic, and also shabby design. Brick also can reveal a special feeling like warmth and natural. However, this material is highly possible to crack and spreading its dust, it also needs a long time to arrange in precision line. You need to purchase special coating to avoid moss that grows in the brick if you don’t maintain your brick wall.

The arrangement and arrangement of the furniture in the house, it turns out that the open colored brick walls can give a touch of beauty to the living room. The interior design of the house decorated with modern accents will create the perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Combined with white nuances and white floors, this creates a bright and clean room decor. Colorful brick walls from ofdesign.

Brick walls have a variety of colors and textures to suit different decorating themes, such as industrial, modern, contemporary. In this image, the warm color of the exposed brick wall adds a ingenious organic touch that complements the view in your living room. Adding a large window on one of the walls will create the perfect space and will create a bright and airy impression into the room. Brick and window wall from ofdesign.

Exposed brick wall with conventional brown color. As depicted above, conventional brown brick walls look really attractive in your bathroom. Balance with a large window on one wall for the idea of ​​a room that is bright and airy. Fitted with wooden floors, this industrial living room has a warm and warm design. Ceiling lighting and a large fan will make the room completely bright. Exposed brick wall from ofdesign.

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So, those three materials that usually use for building a house. Those materials have their own advantages and disadvantages but, as long as you know how to prevent any damage, then worrying is an unnecessary feeling. You only need to decide what best interior design then if you want to apply those materials above, then make sure about its position which is at least not at a high humid place and have a window to let the sunshine coming through.


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