Living Room Decors You’re About to See Everywhere in This Year

It’s almost the middle of the year. But it doesn’t mean that redesigning your house in the 2021 style should be stopped. Instead, we should start designing before the year ends. Start with something that wouldn’t get faded by time. For the year’s trend, people’s favorites varied from colored cabinets to floral wallpaper. Not to mention that navy paint color and free-standing tubs are things.

If you are up for the updated look of the year, below are some living room ideas 2021 for you.

Floral Wallpaper

It is good news for all ladies out there. Enhance the elegance of your living room with floral wallpaper as you will see it everywhere. Have you checked on your friends’ house?

This kind of wallpaper has been around for quite some time. Now, it’s happening again and become a thing more than before. To match the current taste, combine floral elements with bold color and large scale.

Neutral colors that are applied to living room decorations will never fail to give the illusion of a room looking brighter. If you are already using furniture with white paint, then for wall decoration, you can use floral wallpaper with a combination of pink and green with a white base surface. Colorful pillows make the room feel more colorful and alive, you can add small flowers that are placed on the coffee table as a natural air freshener. Neutral color floral wallpaper from homedesignlover.

Don’t let your walls appear monotonous and boring, you can evenly apply floral wallpaper to the entire wall. A velvet sofa with green is the perfect combination to present an earth tone color that looks fresher. There is nothing wrong with adding greenery on some wooden floors as room decoration which doesn’t cost a lot of money because you can take it from a collection of plants in your garden. Floral wallpaper with green sofas from homedesignlover.

Bring a classic vibe to the living room decor by using floral wallpapers that match the interior around them. This wallpaper is dominated by pink and has a white splash on the flower pattern. Hang oval mirrors with unique and artistic frames to enhance the appearance of your walls in detail. The lamp spindle leg is an accent that brings vintage style at the same time. Floral wallpaper dominated by pink from homedesignlover.

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Vintage Accents

Some people consider some vintage accents in their interiors as elegant and classy. Thus, this accent is happening again after its appearance around the early 1900s. For your living room ideas 2021, you can add vintage detailing like spindles and spooled legs. But don’t incorporate everything to make it look less overwhelming.

An easy way to bring a vintage style to your living room decor is to use classic furniture with spindle legs on the chair legs, these chair legs are made of glossy wood which looks more shiny when exposed to sunlight or from a chandelier. You can combine this chair with a transparent glass coffee table that is equipped with gold legs made of metal. Cover all the legs of this furniture with a brown carpet that makes the feet warmer. Wooden spindle leg chair from decorpad.

The spooled legs on the chairs and tables are a vintage accent that looks even more stunning when perfected by repainting it in white. This chair is equipped with leather cushions so that it will be more soft and emphasize the vintage style more optimally. Two different layers of carpet line your wood floor so that it makes the room look more elegant and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money when renovating. Spooled legs on the chair and took the coffee from decorpad.

Not only about the spooled legs in your vintage furniture, in this living room decoration you can use several different patterns and colors to present a more cheerful and lively room. Transparent glass windows are a perfect source of sunlight that enters the room, you can add several lamps such as chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps. Vintage spooled furniture legs from houzz.

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High-Contrast Décor

If you have already got bored with your white living room, then high-contrast décor is your savior. Yes, a white living room promotes cleanliness and brightness. But, it’s also boring and sometimes easy to get dirty.

Combine the white look with black elements for the flooring, paintings, window frames, chairs, and any interiors in the room. But remember to keep everything balanced. With this look, you can have a bright, clean room while minimizing the possibility of dirt to be noticed.

Black and white are a mix of colors that bring monochromatic and modern styles at the same time. When you are already using a black sofa, then for wall paint ideas you can use clean white paint which gives the illusion of a wider room. The wall in this living room will look more comfortable when equipped with an open shelf that is used to store some of your favorite books. Monochromatic and modern living room from home-designing.

The interior, which is a combination of black and white, presents a minimalist feel and seems very modern. Decorate your black walls with abstract paintings that are large enough. Cover a white marble floor with a gray rug to add a different color that will blend in perfectly. The green plants placed on top of the coffee cups give the room an infinitely fresher impression. Black and white walls decorated with abstract paintings from home-designing.

An easy way to bring a monochromatic style to your living room decor is to use a black and white interior. The black color that is applied to the sofa and the floating melamine shelf will appear more neutral when placed in a white-nuanced living room. Don’t forget to add some green plants that have different types to add natural colors that are never boring. White nuanced living room with black interior from home-designing.

This tufted sofa which has a deep black color is suitable when placed in a white living room decor. If you need a room divider here, then you can use a sliding divider with a matching color. Neutralize the appearance of this living room with the walls painted in white and a palm tree placed in the corner of the room. White walls with black tufted sofas from home-designing.

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When it comes to design, everything comes and goes at ease. The design that was happening years ago can be a hit again in the future. That’s what happens with living room ideas 2021. If you want to redesign the living room, choose one that would last longer.


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