Additional Things You Should Consider to Make a Perfect Bathroom

A comfortable home certainly makes its residents feel at home in it. Comfort can be obtained, one of which is having a good spatial or interior design, both in terms of the arrangement of furniture, room models, interior color selection, and others. The interior that you also need to consider is the bathroom. Having an attractive and cozy bathroom design certainly makes us feel comfortable when doing self-cleaning activities and others.


When building a bathroom, usually people do not pay attention to the window. Usually, they will focus more on other interior designs such as furniture to be used or bathtub designs. In fact, choosing a window is very important. In addition, because the window has a function as incoming air ventilation, the selection of a window with the right design will make your bathroom design look better and match the furniture in the bathroom.

Try to keep your bathroom decoration comfortable in use every day, to avoid humidity in the room, you can use a transparent glass window that is applied in the corner of the room. Match the color of this window frame with the feel of the bathroom so that it can blend in more perfectly and of course it doesn’t damage the color tone of your French country bathroom. Corner transparent glass window from elledecor.

Glass windows are one of the must-have interiors for a bathroom decoration to provide a lot of sunlight into the room so it doesn’t make the room smelly or stuffy. You can use rattan woven curtains that can be adjusted to the lighting needs of the room during the day. The blue bathroom nuance gives the impression of a cooler and fresher room. Apply small green plants as a room decoration. Glass windows with rattan wicker curtains from housebeautiful.

Take advantage of one part of the wall in your bathroom to apply a glass window that can be used as lighting in the room during the morning and afternoon. You can use a frosted glass window to disguise your activities while in the bathroom. In addition, this glass window is also the best choice to minimize the occurrence of excessive sunlight entering the room. Frosted glass window from housebeautiful.

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Among the many spaces in the house, the bathroom is usually the last thing we think about to dress up. Simply by adding plants, the atmosphere of the bathroom can look more beautiful, fresh, and comfortable. Moreover, one way you can do to deal with bathroom odors is to put plants in the bathroom. Rather than putting a room deodorizer that sometimes even causes dizziness, green plants with the same function can even help the mood become better.

You can apply a large rubber tree to your bathroom decoration as a natural decoration that brightens and refreshes the atmosphere in the room. This green plant will be a statement of the room that many people like, place this green plant in the corner of the room so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. Rubber tree statement from elledecor.

Perfect the interior appearance of your bathroom by installing a palm tree wallpaper that is dominated by fresh green colors. In addition, you can also install green plants on a standing towel rack using an orange glass vase. You can use water as a growing medium to keep green plants fresh all day long. Green plant with orange glass pot from elledecor.

There’s nothing wrong with using a little vanity area to put some small green plants as well as flowers. The combination of these two plants makes the bathroom decoration fresher and more colorful, plus the old vanity which looks cleaner and shiny. Perform regular maintenance on your plants so that they can continue to develop properly and stay fresh. Combination of indoor greenery with flowers from elledecor.

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When considering the type of bathroom rugs you will buy, there are quite a lot of details that you must keep in mind. There are special characteristics about the carpet that you should know because you will put the carpet in the bathroom. There are various bathroom rugs and you will surely find one that suits you in purpose, design, and size.

If your bathroom has the feel of a white room, then for the rug idea you can use a bolder color like purple. Choose a pattern that matches your current bathroom decor and style, the boho pattern is the right choice that you can easily try. This rug will also be warm footwear when you are in the bathroom on a dry floor. Boho rug pattern from apartmenttherapy.

There’s nothing wrong with using two rug patterns in your bathroom decor to add a more colorful impression to the room. Choose and use one of the faux fur rugs for more comfortable, soft, and warm footwear. White bathroom decoration with matching furniture becomes a room neutralizer that makes it look more elegant. Two bathroom rug patterns from apartmenttherapy.

Rugs with vintage patterns will never go out of style when applied to your bathroom floor decoration. Choose a rug with a splash of earth tone color and of course with a material that is not too thick to make it easier to wash when it starts to get dirty. Apply this rug on a dry floor area or rather next to your standing bathtub. Vintage rug with earth tone color from apartmenttherapy.

White bathroom decor will look more perfect when you use two different patterns on the shower curtain and rug runner accents. This geometric rug which has a combination of blue and white is the best choice to present a modern and minimalist impression at the same time. Match the color of the shower curtain so that it blends in more perfectly. Geometric white and blue rug from apartmenttherapy.

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Not just washing the body and cleaning up, bathing can be an activity to start the day with a new spirit. You can use the bathroom to let go of exhaustion and fatigue after work, to restore energy. If your bathroom is now not able to bring positive enthusiasm, you should consider renovating it with a new bathroom plan.


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