How to Decorate Your House with Maximalism Styles

Minimalism still rules in home decoration tips, but maximalism is also rising in trend. The latter provides a channel for your creativity to shine, with the combination of bold colors, rich details, and style-mixing. However, personal comfort still becomes the main principle in modern maximalism.

Need ideas to start with maximalism in interior design? Here are some pro tips.

1. Broaden the Color Options

Don’t be afraid to pick several bold, clashing colors. The key is to balance the use of dark and light shades. You can use darker shades like red, plum, and bottle green to start, before adding brighter accents such as bright yellow, orange, and turquoise.

This gray color scheme will maximize the room well. You can also combine it with white window trim and a bright pink sofa to balance the look of your room. The touch of a wooden floor with a geometric patterned carpet gives an interesting look for you to try. This framed wall decor adds a glamorous look to the room. Gray color scheme from hgtv.

With a green bottle atmosphere in your living room, you can also apply some brightly colored furniture on the sofa complete with bright colored pillows. Combine with green plant accents that provide freshness. This colorful patterned rug will add a cheerful touch to the room. This vintage storage cabinet provides a neat and clutter-free space. Green bottle color scheme from hgtv.

With a bold bedroom feel, you can add bright wall complete with geometric patterned pillow covers combined with natural lighting from the window. Of course, the bedroom concept provides maximum comfort. Choosing this wood floor will make the perfect room decoration and create a warm impression. Bright wall from hgtv.

2. Combine Various Patterns and Textures

Play with different patterns and textures in one room. Wood, natural stone, metal, fabric, and woven grass can meet in the form of floor, lighting fixtures, rug, upholstery, and furniture. Patterns can also fill empty spaces in your house. Use them on smaller objects such as area rugs, lampshades, sofa pillows, and such.

Soothing earth tones get a jolt of energy when paired with a bright red patterned carpet. This contrast creates a pleasant balance, especially when there is pattern and texture involved. Using this wood floor gives texture to your living room. This abstract painting placed on the wall makes an interesting look for you to try. Red patterned carpet from hgtv.

Applying a traditional pattern to your living room decor is a good idea. Filling a living room full of patterns will make your home decor look optimal without overdoing it. A touch of bold patterned rug for wall decor and this navy velvet sofa give it the perfect look. Choosing a wooden floor and this geometric patterned rug provides a beautiful accent and will add to the cheerful atmosphere of the living room. Wooden floor and geometric patterned rug from hgtv.

You can combine a velvet sofa with a rug to create an interesting pattern in your living room. Combine with natural stone walls and wooden floors to create an elegant living room feel. Combining with a colored sofa gives an interesting room decoration for you to try. These track and standing lights provide dramatic lighting. Velvet sofa with a rug from thespruce.

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3. Create “Art Gallery”

Home decoration tips for maximalism never let the walls stand empty. Create a form of the gallery to draw the eyes and attract admiration. You can group several artworks on a wall or install a large artwork with details that match the interior. The gallery can be something unique like the combination of various ceramic plates or framed photographs.

An attractive dining room You can add some art galleries that you can put on the wall to make it look neat. Combine with some other ornaments such as flower vases. Of course it will create a good taste. This gallery can complement the walls of your room so that it provides an interesting focal point to try in your room. Galleries in the dining room from onekindesign.

To create an interesting look in your living room, you can add some art galleries on the walls. Complete the look of a brightly colored sofa that brings a more elegant touch. And it brings privilege in this living room. combined with the navy walls give the room a warm and stylish look. Choosing a dark color frame gives it an attractive look. Art gallery from onekindesign.

Maximize the staircase wall area by adding this framed wall gallery into a stylish focal point of the room. You can apply framed paintings and photos for an attractive room design. Choosing a variety of sizes will create a stylish look. Wall gallery on the staircase from onekindesign.

4. Mix Vintage with Boho Elements

Boho is the most obvious design choice when it comes to maximalism. It features a lot of colors and textures, reflecting the unrestrained Bohemian culture. To make the design more varied, mix some vintage elements such as colored metal, rustic furniture items, and unique lamp into the room.

To complete the room decor, you can add a vintage wooden bifet and a coffee table combined with a bohemian themed room. Add greenery and wall art. It will definitely give a wonderful feeling. Upholstered carpets, wooden floors and other wooden furniture will give the room a warm and cozy feel. Vintage wooden dresser and a coffee table from bhg.

The vintage furniture accents on this coffee table use woven crate for an eye-catching look. Incorporating a bohemian style into your home is a brilliant idea for an eye-catching contrast. A pair of animal skin rugs covered in a larger burlap rug help the whole space take a big step towards bohemian style. A large plant in the corner of this room gives the room a fresh and natural feel. Vintage furniture with boho style from bhg.

This bohemian-themed bedroom uses white walls and vintage bedding accents. In addition, the touch of the side table and table lampshade make the lighting dramatic. Combined with a pink canopy and pink patterned pillows, it brings a feminine touch to the room. Some framed wall hangings present an interesting room. Vintage-bohemian-themed bedroom from bhg.

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5. Choose “Happy” Patterns

Don’t be afraid to showcase the happy, positive side of you in the design. Cheerful patterns like flowers, colorful geometric shapes, or animals will add positive vibes into your home.

To get a happier living room, you can add a cheerful red sofa with an animal pattern to your living room. Combine it with colorful carpets and wall art to bring comfort and intimacy to your family. This neutral beige wall color makes for a calm and inviting room. Red sofa with an animal pattern from elledecoration.

An interesting idea to decorate a room by applying colorful geometric patterned curtains will give a cheerful atmosphere. In addition, the bright touch on the walls and the beautiful red round coffee table bring a homely feel. Equipped with a light colored carpet, it also presents a unique look for you to try. Colorful geometric patterned curtains from elledecoration.

Take yourself to a warmer climate with patterned and colorful wallpapers. A floral navy sofa and patterned rug also add an interesting touch to the room for you to try. This yellow coffee table equipped with several brightly colored jars will brighten up your living room. This red table lamp provides a stylish space and provides dramatic lighting. Colorful patterned wallpaper from elledecoration.

Remember, maximalism in home decoration tips is not about perfection. The design allows you to get creative and feel positive by visual expressions through the design.

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