Awesome Hot Tub Design Ideas

Nowadays, the hot tub becomes more popular than the swimming pool. It is because they are less expensive to buy and install in your house. Not only that, hot tubs are easier to clean and maintain compared to a swimming pool due to its smaller size. They also take less space and easy to install.

Generally, the backyard is the best location to put a hot tub. However, if you want to have it in the shade, you need to consult the landscape designers so the hot tub would fit into your design scheme.

The important thing for hot tub design ideas is you need to keep in mind that a typical round hot tub diameter is six feet. It takes up about 30 square fits, while the rectangular tub requires 48 square feet.

1. Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Combination

If you want to have a swimming pool and hot tub at the same time, the spool is the perfect answer. Spool stands for spa and swimming pool.

This is the perfect solution for those who want something bigger than a hot tub. While having relaxation on the hot tub, you could also have water exercise for a larger body.

This swimming pool and hot tub look more luxurious by using a classic style on your terrace. By the pool you can add white flowers to create a fresh space and become the perfect focal point of the garden. Pavers and grass paths in the middle also make for an attractive appearance for your terrace. Swimming pool and hot tub from architectureartdesigns.

Applying a hot tub combined with a pool of water will make the perfect backyard design and will steal the attention of many people. This glass railing will also provide the perfect terrace and become the focal point of an attractive room. Some of these green plants will produce a terrace that is fresh and has a natural impression. Small hot tub from architectureartdesigns.

The hot tub elevated is higher than the pool. For a nice finishing touch, you can add a rattan chair to relax enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Some of these green plants will also create a natural and fresh impression. The lighting on this garden bed will provide dramatic lighting. Hot tub elevated from architectureartdesigns.

To get a nice and comfortable look, you can use the hot tub and swimming pool design as in the picture above. It has soft seating and a hot tub and the pool looks very complete. Some green plants around the terrace of this house will produce a fresh and comfortable backyard. Hot tub and swimming pool combo from architectureartdesigns.

The decoration of the swimming pool and hot tub as in the picture above is perfect for your use. Because the design of the swimming pool and hot tub looks very elegant. With decorations like this you can relax in the hot tub and you can also do water sports for a bigger body. Combined with some greenery around the pool will give a fresh impression on your patio decor. Swimming pool and hot tub ideas from architectureartdesigns.

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2. Stone and Wood Combination Spa

The idea is to combine traditional and modern features to have a classic look. You can embed in a wood deck which can be accessed via winding steps.

Then, add wall granite stone pillars vertically to strike contrast to the simple wood deck. The wall also offers privacy.

Combining traditional and modern features, this hot tub with a simple wooden deck lets you enjoy nature while you soak. Give the floor a touch of stone for the perfect contrast. This white pergola, table and chair set and blooming flowers in a vase give a cozy and fresh feel to the room. This large pile of stones produces a room decoration that attracts the attention of your guests. Wooden deck and stone floor spa from onekindesign.

This outdoor hot tub features a wooden and natural stone deck for easy and safe getting in and out of the hot tub. Surrounded by several green plants, this will produce a natural terrace and have fresh air so that you will feel at home for a long time to soak in this hot tub. Wooden and natural stone deck spa from digsdigs.

The fireplace and spa tub are the perfect combination for a cozy terrace. Using natural wood materials on this stone deck and pillar will create a natural and stylish touch. Some of these green plants will also make the terrace fresh and have a natural look. Natural wooden and pillar stone from digsdigs.

This box hot tub with stone walls features a wooden deck that will add a natural look to your patio design. This lounge chair and coffee table will give a comfortable impression so you will feel at home for a long time in the backyard of this house. Combined with green grass and views of the open sea will relieve fatigue while you are on this terrace. Stone wall hot tub and wooden deck from onekindesign.

This cedar tub is also a focal point, featuring a relaxing waterfall that can flow even when the tub is not in use. You can use a natural touch in the form of wooden decks and stone floors will give an attractive appearance. The fountain drainage system requires clever integration, built into the vault that houses the tub. Wooden decks and stone floors from onekindesign.

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3. Deck Spa

Deck spa is also a great addition to enjoy your outdoor space. Put a wooden deck above your hot tub. You can use all kinds of decks for your hot tub.

To make it look extravagant, you can make a small garden next to the hot tub. Then, put a hammock and a dining table so you would have more relaxation with your family.

The terraced wooden deck in the outdoor hot tub creates an eye-catching look. Wooden fences for privacy, while lounge chairs are used to relax after we soak. This garden bed complemented by some greenery creates a natural terrace and fresh air. In the corner of the terrace you can plant a large tree to decorate your terrace. Terraced wooden deck with hot tub from nextluxury.

The wooden deck for this hot tub spa will make for an interesting room decor for you to try in your backyard. Around the hot tub you can add greenery and two chairs to provide fresh air while enjoying the garden while enjoying a cup of coffee. Combines with pavers and green grass to complete the eye-catching design. Wooden deck hot tub spa from nextluxury.

Applying a terraced deck for a hot tub spa in this backyard provides a comfortable and cozy garden decoration. In addition, you can add a complete set of chairs with a large umbrella to protect you from the sun after bathing. In this fence design you can add green vines to create a natural hot tub area and have fresh air. hot tub spa wooden deck from nextluxury.

The hot tub deck with wooden bench offers great comfort for you. Adding these colorful pillows will make a comfortable terrace. Choosing this small square shape hot tub will create a minimalist terrace and create a stylish look. The greenery around the hot tub makes for some fresh teas. Hot tub deck with wooden bench frrom nextluxury.

Making a terraced deck is not only to beautify the decoration, it is also a visual illusion to create a wider outdoor spa space. You can add lounge chairs and dining table sets for a comfortable and inviting room design. Some of these greenery and green grass give a fresh and natural feel to your patio decor. Wooden deck spa hot tub from nextluxury.

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Those are our awesome hot tub design ideas. Hopefully, these ideas would make inspire you to have the perfect hot tub in your house.


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