Perfect Small Bathroom Decor Ideas to Get a Spacious Look

Believe it or not, giving a spacious look to a small bathroom can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. With the right decor strategies, you can make it seem larger. In this article, we’ll reveal 3 small bathroom decor ideas to help your bathroom reach its full potential.

1. Pay Attention to the Furniture You Use

First of all, be wise with the use of furniture. Rather than using cabinets that can take up more floor space, you can pick wall-mounted or floating shelves. While for vanity, a pedestal sink is a good solution. Otherwise, you can make the most of your corner area with a hung corner vanity or basin. As for the bathtub, a round tub is the best space-friendly choice. 

Use the internal space on the wall to create the default storage. You can make shelves and they will help save floor space in your small bathroom. This idea provides the perfect small bathroom design and will create a neat and clutter-free room. The dark color scheme and gold accents on this wall lamp and mirror give this room an elegant impression. Open wooden shelf from hgtv.

The floating vanity creates the illusion of a spacious bathroom and gives space to your bathroom floor. Using a wooden material will give a natural touch to the room. The large round mirror and gold finish in this discount lamp give the illusion of a spacious room and an elegant look. You can try a white color scheme for a bright room design. Wooden floating vanity from hgtv.

By replacing the round bathtub is the perfect choice for the design of a small bathroom space. This is the best bathroom look for you to have. This white color scheme is the best solution for your smarter small bathroom. Some of these potted green plants bring a natural touch to your bathroom. Round bathtub from hgtv.

Adding a floating vanity cabinet accent to the bathroom wall is an interesting concept. Besides being able to function as a practical storage area. In addition, it brings the appearance of a small bathroom that is more decorative. The white color scheme combined with this large round mirror creates a spacious decoration of the room and looks more spacious. Floating vanity cabinet from hgtv.

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2. Make the Room Look Bigger Using a Mirror

The next design trick to get a spacious look is by using a large mirror. To make the room feel open, you can place it above the vanity and let it reach the ceiling. Alternatively, you may put it on the opposite side of the window to reflect the light from the outside and brighten up your bathroom. Your space also will appear larger with the reflection of the outside view.   

Installing a large mirror in a small bathroom is one idea to give the illusion of a wider area. In addition, placing it on the opposite side of the window triggers more natural lighting in the room. You can also add a floating sink to save your bathroom floor space. Marble accents for this background also provide an elegant look. Large mirror from thespruce.

To give this bathroom an elegant addition to the architecture of a wider space. You can add a wide glass wall accent. You can even add windows on the opposite side to brighten up your bathroom. So that your space will also look bigger with the reflection of the outside view. Wall mirror from thespruce.

This wall-mounted bathroom mirror provides endless styling capacity. They will duplicate the architectural elements of the bathroom more beautiful. And create a broad impression of a limited space. With this black color scheme, it will give the room a minimalist look and look more stylish. This white floating sink also provides an interesting contrast of light. Wall-mounted bathroom mirror from thespruce.

3. Create Visual Tricks with the Colors

Another smart small bathroom decor idea is to choose the colors that can give a spacious look. Using white is a clever decision as it can give an airy effect and blend seamlessly with bathroom furniture and accessories, which mostly come in white too.  Alternatively, you may opt for other pale or soft colors like fresh green, light blue, or creamy white.

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To avoid monotone feel, you can add tiles with beautiful accents and textures. For those of you who prefer using bathroom wallpapers, bright or neutral colors are the perfect options.

Choosing this white color scheme in this bathroom presents an airy room and looks wider. Combined with white furniture, this also gives the room an attractive and clean look. This gold frame box mirror accent gives an elegant look to your small bathroom. White color scheme from housebeautiful.

Architecturally and visually, it is best to keep the bathroom small so as not to give it a dull feeling. Using bright colors is the right choice. The bright blue color on the walls and furniture brings a fresh impression to this small bathroom. This brown tile floor brings warmth and calm effect into your bathroom. Blue wall from diynetwork.

Brilliant yellow stripes bring a cheerful and youthful vibe to a small bathroom. Keep fixtures and accessories to a minimum so they don’t take up space. A sleek sink complete with a round mirror and chandelier bulb adds an eye-catching look to your small bathroom design. Yellow stripes bathroom wall from diynetwork.

Those are 3 best small bathroom decor ideas that can give a spacious effect to your bathroom. Feel free to find and experiment with your own design tricks to make your bathroom look bigger. Good luck!

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