Chic Decor for Your Apartment College

Moving out from the childhood home to finally stay at the apartment college is an experience you may want to cherish for as long as possible. Hence, it’s better to decorate the room to make it much homier and comfortable! Discover some of our top picks below to get you inspired.

1. Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art

Contribute something unusual to your apartment college walls by hanging  3D geometric wall art in fun and bright colors. You can either decorate the entire wall or just a particular area as long as the wall arts don’t clash with other in-room elements.

Colorful geometric wall hangings hang above the chairs to make a plain wall look more creative. This color gives a pop of decoration to the space with this pastel color scheme so that it will become the perfect focal point in the room and become an attractive room decoration. You can use it in your college apartment decor for a stylish look. Colorful geometric wall hangings from decoist.

Playing with soft colors to create 3D wall art is a great way to decorate your walls. Especially for campus apartments to make it look cool but minimalist. This will be the perfect focal point of the room and will attract the attention of many people. Placing it on the wall against a gray background presents the perfect room design. Colorful 3D wall art from decoist.

This beautiful wallpaper with a watercolor design steals people’s attention when you attach it to your campus apartment study room. Adding this wooden open shelf will last longer and make it easier for you to store books neatly and avoid clutter. Colorful geometric wallpaper from decoist.

2. Floating Nightstand

Having a nightstand nearby will be highly useful, even if you’re sleeping on the upper level of the bunk or lofting your bed in the dorm. It’s where an apartment floating nightstand can squeeze in a tiny space without bothering you in terms of installation or arrangement.

Giving a floating nightstand in this wooden bedroom you will maintain a harmonious look. Moreover, this small and simple design will look more sturdy and stylish. Adding this basket creates pet storage into your space. Add a gold table lamp and flowers in a vase for an interesting room decor idea. Reclaimed wooden floating nightstand from countryliving.

Wood material is the best choice for decorating any room. In this bedroom, you will find the unique design of a floating night table made of wood. It looks simple but useful. Adding a safety elbow will give a comfortable look when you are in this apartment bedroom. At the top you can add a wooden cube for a multilevel nightstand idea. Wooden floating nightstand from digsdigs.

Having this floating nightstand next to the bed will make your bedroom decor look more stylish and will make it easier for you to put some things. You can complete the decoration with some ornaments and wooden table lamps to create an attractive appearance and steal the attention of many people. You can also store several collections of books neatly on this side table. Small floating nightstand from countryliving.

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3. Light-Up Sign

A beautifully designed apartment neon sign proves how function successfully meets style. If you aren’t the type who’s comfortable sleeping in a completely dark room, having one of these hung on the wall will be sure to brighten up your feelings whenever they light up.

Apart from being a wall decoration in your living room, lamps can also be a source of bright light. Choose a design with the word you want. This idea is easy enough for you to try. Combine it with a white color scheme and wooden floors for an attractive room design that will steal the attention of many people. Yellow neon sign from hgtv.

Features a college apartment decor with a lighted sign. It not only gives you light to brighten up your space, but also shows how it decorates the walls. It is simple but makes your bedroom dazzling. This will be the perfect focal point of the room and will create an interesting room. Hanging on the wall will lighten your mood whenever the room is lit up. Large neon sign from hgtv.

The use of neon lights on the walls of this campus apartment room makes the perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. You can opt for a white neon light that features swirling letters and emits a bright white glow that makes it a natural addition to your existing decor. White neon light from hgtv.

4. DIY Desk Organizer

Your desk is one of the most vital elements in your room, which is why a cluttered and messy desk is such a big no. Consider investing your time and effort in making a simple DIY apartment desk organizer that’s just as easy as they come.

To make your desk look neat and uncluttered, you can add storage cubes and file holders to tidy up your desk. This is an attractive room decoration and will look more stylish. Combine with large paintings and some other ornaments to create a stylish look. Cubes storage and file holders from apartmenttherapy.

This table, which is equipped with a drawer at the bottom, you can try to organize the mess in the college apartment decor. Using a wooden pallet and the legs of this hair clipper, it looks sturdy and durable. Don’t forget to add an acrylic chair to create a comfortable feel throughout the room. At the top of the table you can arrange a stack of books neatly. Organizer desk apartment college from apartmenttherapy.

Modular study desks can help you organize your desk neatly and orderly. You can add open shelves to make it easier for you to store various ornaments and book collections neatly. applying this desk organizer will be more organized by displaying several utilities. Adding greenery in pots also gives a natural touch to your room. Modular study desks from apartmenttherapy.

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5. Personalized Doormat

A personalized apartment doormat isn’t only giving a different vibe compared to the other units, but it also welcomes warmly everyone who comes knocking upon seeing your personalities displayed in a beautifully designed personal doormat.

Give your doormat a unique mark to bring a regular mat to life. A simple touch of the sign name can give you the usual neglected to get creative with your own personalization. You can put it in front of your apartment door to give the room an attractive appearance and steal the attention of many people. Doormat apartment college from apartmenttherapy.

Don’t be afraid to get your mat creative. As the image above shows, you can personalize your mat with signs to create your own style. You can place it on the door of a college apartment to make it look charming. Adding some greenery in this pot will add some extra freshness to the room. Personalized apartment doormat from apartmenttherapy.

Adding this beautiful hand painted floor mat makes any room decor stylish and will steal the attention of your guests. This is a DIY mat that will save your budget and create an eye-catching display for you to try. Place it in front of the entrance of your apartment for a charming room decoration. Hand painted floor mat from apartmenttherapy.

We hope you have a blast in your study with these five chic decors for your apartment college later.


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