Clever Bathroom Organization

Getting ready in the morning will be much faster with everything being managed well in the bathroom. It will be achieved with well-thought bathroom organization below.

1. Minimize Toiletries

Toiletries products are various. From soap, shampoo to toothpaste, these can fill up too much space in your bathroom. Try to minimize them by moving the products into the dispenser. You can choose matching glass dispensers for an elegant touch or plastic ones with a cute motif. Next time you buy soap or shampoo just buy the refill ones and worry not about bottles!

A glass dispenser with liquid soap placed at the bottom of the vanity wall is the right choice. With this dispenser, you can minimize the space in your bathroom. This will give an interesting style for you to try so that it makes your sink look neater and looks more stylish. Glass soap dispenser from homebnc.

Vanity, which uses a dispenser for liquid soap containers, is the right choice. Because apart from minimizing space, this dispenser can add an elegant touch to your bathroom. Putting it on a wooden tray and combined with several other ornaments will make your dressing table look more attractive. Soap dispenser with wooden tray from homebnc.

One way to make your bathroom look elegant, you can use a dispenser for soap containers. Besides being able to make your bathroom look elegant, the dispenser will also make your bathroom look minimalist. Adding this wooden sign will turn the ship’s walls white in your bathroom. This is a fun way to design the perfect room. Dispenser soap from homebnc.

2. Organize Hair Tools and Products

If you do your hair in the bathroom, sometimes it can be hard to find the right hair tool and product if you just put them on your vanity or toss them in the drawer. Thus, it is essential to organize them well. Do not let your hair straightener or hairdryer entangle each other. You can install several wire baskets and put each tool separately. For your hair products, try hanging pocket organizer. Each pocket will hold one product so it will be easier for you to find and use it. 

If you want to use hair tools such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, and combs, you can put them on a storage box shelf like in the picture above so that your bathroom doesn’t look watery. It plugs into the wall and uses a power outlet right there, so all the wires plug into the box and you can decorate it however you like. Wall mounted hair tools from apartmenttherapy.

Keeping a hairdresser in bed like the one pictured above is a smart idea. With this arrangement your bathroom will look neat. It’s easy for you to make so it will save your budget when decorating your room. This box has room for more than just your hairdryer making it easier for you to store a variety of other products. Box hair tool Storage from apartmenttherapy.

All you need to do to make this simple hair styling tool stand out, from Decorating Your Small Space, is to find a PVC pipe connector that fits the size of your hair dryer and flat iron or curling iron. This idea will tidy up your sink area so that it will create an interesting room for you to try. PVC pipe hair tool from apartmenttherapy.

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3. Drawer Management

A messy drawer is the nightmare of bathroom organization. Not only you will need to struggle to find what you need, but you can also accidentally get hurt if you happen to put a sharp object in it. Start managing your drawer by putting in some plastic boxes. Those boxes will act as drawer divider. Then, organize your things neatly into each box.

A dresser drawer that has a box inside and is used to store your utensils is a great choice. Besides being useful for storing things, your dresser drawer will look more attractive. You can separate multiple products easily and you will provide a neat storage design. Drawer dividers from bhg.

So that the arrangement of your bathroom does not look bad, you can open a drawer like in the picture above. Managing drawers by adding wood to provide a divider inside for sorting out your appliances will make your bathroom look tidy. You need to try this because its practical design will also make it easier for you to pick up some items easily. Wooden dividers drawer from homedit.

It’s a good idea to keep toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap in a drawer. But to make it look neat you need to provide a wooden partition like the picture above on your drawer. You can make this decoration to produce an attractive drawer appearance and look neater. Dividers drawer bathroom storage from homedit.

4. Adopt Container

A container is not only for the bedroom or kitchen. Use a container with a lid such as a glass jar or even mason jar to organize your cotton and q-tip. Those containers can prevent dust from sticking to your cotton. Not only cotton, but those containers can also be used to store your bath salt, scrub powder and your bath bomb collection.

Using a mason jar to store makeup and ear cleaning in the bathroom is a brilliant idea. With this storage will make your bathroom look attractive. In addition, you can attach it to the wall and add reclaimed wood to add a rustic touch to your room. At the bottom of the jar you can add hooks for your accessory storage ideas. Mason jar storage from homebnc.

One container that is suitable for you to use in the bathroom is a mason jar. With mason jar storage for storing toiletries and toothbrushes from bathroom dust. This is a brilliant idea for you to try as using reclaimed wood planks will create a rustic look to your bathroom. Container mason jar storage from homebnc.

Mason jar is an attractive storage place that is suitable for you to use in your bathroom. Placed on the wall of the mason jar used to store cotton and other utensils, this will make your bathroom look neat and comfortable to use. Using this wooden plank will make it easier for you to place the mason jar on your bathroom wall. Bathroom storage with mason jar from homebnc.

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5. Groom Your Vanity

Let’s make your vanity look neat and cute. Do not let your perfume, hand lotion, brooch and pins scattered around. Place a tiered to organize each item neatly. Then, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your precious brooch or accidentally losing your pins. 

Using tiered trays for storage above the vanity is an idea that you should implement in your bathroom. This tiered tray will make your vanity look luxurious. In addition, this will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and your toiletries neatly. Iron tiered trays from diys.

Maximize vanity top space with an elegant three-tiered tray that makes your most used items easy to access and organize. You can use this tray to neatly store various accessories and ornaments. Simply glue the glass chandelier to the center of the base metal tray painted in a color to match your bath. Three-tiered tray bathroom storage from diys.

Wooden and wire trays placed on top of the vanity to store perfume and other items are a brilliant idea. With this tray your dressing table will look neat. You can place it next to your dressing table so it will be easier for you to grab the things you need. It will also spruce up the look of your bathroom vanity. Wooden and wire trays storage from thespruce.

Let’s roll your sleeve and start to apply those clever bathroom organization right away!


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