Bathroom Organization: Get Creative with Shelving Units

Bathroom organization is essential since it’s where you clean up. You don’t want any countertop clutter, electronics and wires scattered about, or towels on the floor. However, organizing stuff in a bathroom with limited space can be tough. It’s where you need to be creative with storage. Shelving units are your answer. They come in various shapes and sizes to cater to different styles and spaces.

Multipurpose Wall Cabinet

The classic wall cabinet has always been reliable storage for any part of the house, and the bathroom is no exception. For your bathroom specifically, opt for a roomy wall cabinet with a built-in towel bar and hidden storage for anything you’d like to keep away from sight.

The most popular bathroom cabinet is the medicine cabinet. There are many options that hang directly on the wall above the toilet to provide storage space. In this wardrobe you can create the perfect room decor and will maximize your bathroom wall space. This blue and white color scheme makes for the perfect contrast. Cabinet above toilet from homebnc.

Create new storage opportunities using walls in your bathroom. This wall cabinet offers open shelves and closed storage. Placing it above the toilet will give the design a spacious room and will save space in your bathroom. Choosing this wood material will make the room look attractive and have the perfect contrast. Open wall cabinet storage from homebnc.

This wall-mounted mirror cabinet provides a storage area for your toiletries without taking up too much space in a small bathroom. This will also give the room a neat design and will avoid clutter. Choosing a shelf from this glass will give a sleek look and look more charming. Wall-mounted mirror cabinet from bhg.

Corner Shelves

The smart organization is about using any available space for convenient storage. As such, don’t limit to flat walls. Convenient corner shelves make the most out of whatever layout you have. You can use them to hold extra toiletries.

In a small bathroom, you need to think about the exact location of the shelves. This wicker basket shelf in the corner of this bare wall offers ample storage space. You can use it to store a collection of towels easily. Combined with this beige wall scheme, it gives a warm and calm touch to the room. Wicker basket shelf from homebnc.

If you are creative enough, this corner shelf might even prove to be one of the most prominent elements in your small bathroom. You can use this shelf to store towels and hang greenery. Convenient corner shelves take advantage of whatever layout you have. Opting for this white and blue room scheme will make the room fresh and inviting. Corner shelves from housebeautiful.

This corner shower caddy is a brilliant idea for storage space in your small bathroom. This is an interesting design that is suitable for you to try in your bathroom. Placing it in the corner of the room with this triangular shelf shape will not take up much space so that your room still looks wider and bigger. Corner shower caddy from thespruce.

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Functional Wall Decor

Go beyond functionality and invest in shelving unit that can double as decoration. Find a shelving unit with unique shapes that match your bathroom style and complement the entire interior. In addition to being a décor, it comes in handy to store your bottled products or even some plants to freshen up your bathroom look.

Wooden beams installed above the bathroom toilet decorate the room without forgetting its main function. You can use it to store various toiletries and blooming flowers in a vase that will be useful for refreshing the look of your bathroom. Using wooden blocks for this shelf gives it a sturdy look and will last a long time. Wooden beams shelves above toilet from homebnc.

You don’t have much space to work in a small bathroom. So, choosing a floating shelf with minimal decorating effort that fills a tight space is the right choice. This wooden block floating shelf gives the impression of being sturdy and durable. The addition of some ornaments and greenery to this wooden block gives an interesting look for you to try. Wooden block floating shelf from homebnc.

This simple DIY mason jar storage idea allows you to easily fit some of the clutter you usually find in the bathroom while keeping your room decor in mind. You can choose open cabinet shelves to make it easier for you to pick up the things you need. Don’t forget to add some greenery to freshen up your bathroom. Open shelves from homebnc.

Use the space under the Sink

Having a sink with built-in cabinets is always a great idea for bathroom organization. Even if you opt for a free-standing sink, don’t let the space under the sink empty. Since it offers plenty of space, put some storage units to store extra towels, beauty products, or anything else.

This bathroom storage strategy features an open shelf at the bottom of your sink. This will make it easier for you to store towels and other toiletries. This design will offer a lot of space in your small bathroom. Choosing this double sink brings a stylish look to your room. Bathroom storage from homedit.

The compartment under the sink is a space that is often occupied by towels. They can also accommodate all your toiletries. You can use it to store some other toiletries to give it a neat look and will avoid clutter. This design will offer a lot of storage space in your bathroom design. Opt for this double sink and double square mirror complete the look of your room. Large cabinet under the sink from homedit.

More and more modern bathroom furniture designs are trying to distance themselves from the traditional belief that the items we store here should be hidden and placed under the sink. Open sink storage is a good design strategy if your desire is to give the bathroom a neat and organized look. This will make it easier for you to take it up close without compromising on appearance and style. Storage under the sink from homedit.

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Repurposed Old Cart

Have an unused cart at home? Bring it to the bathroom and fill it with baskets full of your bathroom necessities. The cart comes in handy to store towels, nail polish, makeup, and more.

The cart functions as a toilet paper holder which is placed right in front of the toilet to ensure toilet paper is within reach. This makes bathroom decoration interesting for you to try. Opting for this old blue wagon adds a stylish look to the room and creates the perfect focal point of the room. Blue old cart bathroom storage from housebeautiful.

Floating Shelves

Display your beauty products on wall-mounted floating shelves. After all, beauty products deserve a beautiful display! It’s best to keep some bottles. You can even adorn it with a little decoration, such as potted succulents.

Make your bathroom feel more open and airy by replacing closed cabinets with narrow floating shelves. The openness of this shelf helps create a feeling of extra space while making things more accessible. The use of industrial style on this floating shelf gives a charming appearance and will create a neat impression into the room. Placing this shelf above the toilet will maximize the wall space of your farmhouse bathroom. Industrial floating shelves from shelterness.

This white floating shelf makes a room look much larger and offers an attractive way to display bathroom accessories. Placing it on the bathtub to store various beauty tools in a jar and several other toiletries will give a neat look to your small bathroom. Flowers blooming in this vintage vase bring fresh air into this room. White floating shelf from shelterness.

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Creative bathroom organization help you keep your bathroom necessities! The key is to Save your valuable floor space and opt for vertical storage instead.

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