Unique Kitchen Decorations to Create Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse style is perfect for a welcoming kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen exudes warmth and comfort, a perfect place for eating and socializing. You can incorporate farmhouse elements in a modern kitchen by adding five unique decorations.

1. Wire Baskets and Racks

Wire baskets and racks infuse a sense of practicality, common in farmhouse design. You can browse the flea market or secondhand store to find antique wire baskets and racks for a vintage look.

Modernity meets age in a wire storage basket that doubles as a display for antiques including old-fashioned scales and a ceramic kettle for storing your cookware. This decoration looks perfect if you place it on your kitchen table. This design will reinforce the farmhouse look to your kitchen. Wire basket in farmhouse kitchen from homebnc.

This wire basket makes it easy for you to store napkins or towels while in your farmhouse kitchen. This will give a vintage touch to this kitchen decor. You can combine it with open shelves to make it easier for you to store various cutlery. In addition, you can use this wicker basket for additional storage ideas and pot your green plants. Wire basket storage from homebnc.

Unique storage in a farmhouse style kitchen with wire baskets on your kitchen island. You can use the basket to store some fruit or other groceries. This will create a rustic feel in your home. Using a white kitchen island with wooden countertops will give a stylish room design and steal the attention of many people. Hanging wire storage from shelterness.

2. Tiered Cake Stands

Old-timey tiered cake stands can serve as a decoration and practical object. You can place fresh fruits and flowers on the stand to create a beautiful, down-to-earth decoration. A vintage cake stand can even serve as a decoration without any fruits, flowers, or cakes. If you have a few of these stands, you can use them to serve the guests in style.

You can transform your trash drawer by creating your own DIY three-tier landing zone. This will keep your small items organized and easy to find. Adding some cups and jars as well as this greenery will give the room an interesting look for you to try. DIY three-tier tray from homebnc.

A unique tiered cake stand is added to the farmhouse kitchen to stow stuff. Place it in the center of the table to get an interesting kitchen decor. Adding blooms in a wooden vase and some apples will create a stylish room design. Using this tiered wooden tray gives the room a natural look. Wooden tiered cake stand from homebnc.

Another way to add to the appeal of a farmhouse kitchen is to add a tiered cake stand on the kitchen table. This tiered cake holder makes it easy for you to store your things while in the kitchen. Placing it above the kitchen island will present a stylish room design. Adding green plants to this pot also presents an interesting room design. Tiered cake storage from deavita.

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3. Country Cabinet Skirts

Do you have rarely used floor cabinets? Add country cabinet skirts as simple but unique decorations. These “skirts” are low curtains that you can use to protect the lower cabinet doors. You can also use these skirts to cover the less aesthetically pleasing parts of the floor cabinets.

Instead of using a skirt to cover the kitchen cabinet, this farmhouse will steal the attention of many people. Add cute rustic skirts throughout your bottom cabinets to hide less functional cabinets and to add a little whimsy to your kitchen. You can also use this open shelf to put some glasses and plates easily. Cabinet skirt from homebnc.

Cabinet skirts are a simple way that you can try to decorate your farmhouse kitchen. You can mount a cabinet skirt under the sink for a neat look in your kitchen. Wearing a burgundy skirt and paired with this metal sink will create a charming room. This brick wall also brings a natural touch to your farmhouse kitchen. Burgundy cabinet skirts from housebeautiful.

Farmhouse kitchen design by adding a cabinet skirt will create an attractive kitchen look. This skirt serves to close the closet if you do not install a door cover. You can combine it with white cabinets to create an interesting contrast in the room and steal the attention of many people. White cabinet skirt from housebeautiful.

4. Repurposed Containers as Flower/Herb Pots

Use repurposed containers such as tin cans, bottles, or watering cans for fresh flowers. It is an environmentally friendly way to decorate your kitchen. You can also use these repurposed objects to plant herbs. Place them near the window and pick fresh herbs to spice up your cooking instantly.

You can add spice to your farmhouse kitchen window with a pot of paint cans to complete your eco-friendly kitchen décor. Metal is also synonymous with farmhouse style. Placing it on this clay tray will give an attractive room design with a natural touch to the entire room. Add ribbons and sign labels to give your plant decor a more stylish look. Tin cat pot from homebnc.

Farmhouse kitchen ideas that are fresh and natural, you can add blooming flowers in galvanized pots that are attached to your kitchen sink hook. You can complete the look with a garland to give a charming kitchen design. This white color scheme and metal chandelier creates a fresh space complete with dramatic lighting. Galvanized pots from homebnc.

Using galvanized to plant pine trees in a farmhouse kitchen is a great idea to make your kitchen look attractive. This planter is suitable for making eco-friendly kitchens. You can place it near your kitchen window to provide enough sunlight. You can also place some other ornaments in this kitchen to create an interesting room. Galvanized potted from donpedrobrooklyn.

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5. Cast Iron Appliances on Hangers

If you have a farmhouse kitchen, don’t hide your cast iron appliances. Show them off by placing them on hangers. Cast iron skillets and pans are great for cooking, and their appearances lend to the rustic elegance of farmhouse design. 

If you want to store cooking utensils in the farmhouse kitchen, you can attach metal hangers. Hang your cookware above the iron. Combined with this wooden shelf, it will present a stylish room decor and become an attractive focal point of the room. You can store various cutlery easily on your open wooden shelves. Hanging cooking utensils from homebnc.

Adding iron hangers in the farmhouse kitchen makes it easier for you to store cooking utensils by hanging. This method is easy for you to try. Lying on a kitchen island this gives the room a stylish design and is the perfect focal point of the room. Iron hangers farmhouse kitchen from designingidea.

This idea is suitable for you to try in decorating your farmhouse kitchen. Not only does it take up wasted space, it also doubles as a drying rack for pots and pans. Hang it up and let it dry after you wash it. It makes your room decoration look more perfect and will steal a lot of attention. Hanging pan storage from countryliving.

Choosing the right decoration will give your kitchen a rustic, elegant vibe, even if the design is completely modern. Use these decorations to create a warm and welcoming farmhouse kitchen you always want.

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