25 Fashionable Wooden Door Ideas

Cheap and versatile, wooden doors come in various shapes and size, making it somewhat difficult to pick the “right” door for your home. After all, most of them look the same, the only thing differentiating them is the shape and color. But actually, that’s not the case at all. Wooden door could look different and trendy, too! Some of the examples of trendy and modern wooden door design ideas could be seen in this article.

1. Single piece white door looks chic and trendy

Single piece door is the most common door type. With white paint job, the wooden door design looks absolutely stunning and will catch the eyes of your visitors. Not only it is easy to the eye, the door is also highly functional and a breeze to maintain.

White is one of the favorite color choices in all rooms of your house, including the door to your bedroom. You can choose and use solid wood which has a stronger material and is not easily porous when used for a long time. Dressers, chairs and painting hanging frames are the right interior and can be neatly placed on both sides of the door. White solid wood bedroom door from homedit.

Match the color of your wooden door with the color of the wall paint for a more elegant appearance of the room and of course it doesn’t damage the color tone of your current room. White paint is one of the favorite colors that can be applied to your door and walls at the same time. This wooden door has a striped pattern that will now add texture to the modern interior ending with a blue glass vase filled with white tulips. White striped wooden door from avso.

As a barrier between rooms, you can use a single door with clean white paint. This door has natural materials that never go out of style, wood is the best choice you can try. Don’t forget to add a stainless steel door handle to make it easier for you to open or close this door. Although it has a simple appearance, this door is a favorite in every home interior decoration. Single wooden door from avso.

The door handle which is installed lower on this white wooden door is intended so that your child can reach it easily. This white door design has color harmony with the walls so it is suitable for decorating a room that has limited space. Plywood floors are a very appropriate interior combination and can be tried easily without having to spend a lot of money. Lower door handle on white wooden door from avso.

This white door design that is perfected with a black list is one of the best door choices that is suitable for application in all rooms with any style. You can use a door handle that has the same color as the door list for a more harmonious look. By polishing this paint, the appearance of your door will be more shiny when exposed to the reflection of light from the lights that are used around it. White wood door with black list from avso.

To emphasize the rustic or farmhouse style in your home decor, the use of a sliding wooden door repainted in white is a smart interior idea that you can apply. The existence of this sliding door can also be enhanced with lantern lighting which is placed right next to this door neatly and does not interfere with your space. The striped pattern on this door gives its own beauty. Rustic wood sliding door from digsdigs.

If you have a home decor with limited space, then you can use sliding wooden doors to save more floor area. You can slide the door ki left or right when you want to open it. You can easily do a sweet and elegant final touch, one of which is by repainting it with white color without a combination of other paints so that it is more focused. White sliding wooden door from digsdigs.

The white door perfectly complements the lighter colored plywood floor. Currently you can use a revolving wooden door with a thicker material so that it is stronger and very stylish of course. With this door, you can enter the house with two sides that can be used simultaneously. Swivel white front door from sebringdesignbuild.

The white nuance in this porch decoration is a favorite this year, you can use wood with a little glass applied to the top of the door. The black metal holder makes it easier for you to open or close the door when you enter the room. The appearance of this door will be more perfect with hanging lantern lights that are installed on both sides of the door. White wooden door with black iron hold from sebringdesignbuild.

This white entry door detail with beautiful solid wood material with black hold and hinges brings a monochromatic feel that looks modern. You can combine it with wooden floors which seem more natural and environmentally friendly. The sidelight design on both sides of this door adds a more elegant appearance. Solid wood door with black iron hold from sebringdesignbuild.

You can use a single entrance with fully teak wood to make it more sturdy. For a more elegant look, you can repaint it in plain white, don’t forget to add a sidelight design on both sides of the door as a source of sunlight that can be maximally absorbed into the room. Elegant style white single door from sebringdesignbuild.

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2. Double black wooden door adds elegance to your house design

Once thought as an old and odd choice, the double door is starting to be in style again. However, it takes a bit of real estate to make one, so it is still rarely found in homes. Regardless, this wooden door design looks elegant and rich, adding to the overall look of your home.

It’s time for you to remodel the front door with a better look, you can use a double door with a splash of dark color that seems to have a masculine style vibe. Not only using wood, now you can combine it with transparent glass which will help lighting in your current entryways decoration. Choose a glass material with a thicker size so that it is not easily broken. Black wood with thick glass double front door from sebringdesignbuild.

Wood and thick glass are a mix of materials that are suitable for your front door design, these two materials will work together well and perfectly. The appearance of this dark door is also equipped with lanterns that are placed on both sides of the door perfectly. You can choose a lantern with the same color as your door so as not to damage the color tone of your current porch which ends with green plants around it. Wood with thick glass porch door from sebringdesignbuild.

The front door which is dominated by wood is perfected with an iron handle that has a longer size so that it looks more luxurious and modern. On both sides of this door are also equipped with transparent glass windows from the floor to the ceiling so as to maximize the outdoor appearance while providing a perfect reflection of sunlight into the room. Black paint is the best neutral color choice that can be applied to your door. Double wood door with sidelight on both sides from sebringdesignbuild.

There is nothing wrong with using a double black wooden door in your porch decoration because you can make it more colorful by placing two yellow flowers that bloom on both sides of the door symmetrically. The existence of this dark door is also enhanced by the use of a red coal front floor which gives a vintage impression or an industrial feel at the same time. Double black porch door with red brick floor from sebringdesignbuild.

To go to the bathroom, you have to go through the door, now you can use a double sliding door made of teak wood which has a smoother surface and is certainly more sturdy and not easily porous. Repaint this door with black to bring out a monochromatic style when combined with plain white wall paint. You can open this door to the right and to the left when going into the bathroom. Sliding black door bathroom from digsdigs.

The perfect way to bring a farmhouse feel to your home decor is to use a wooden sliding door that has been repainted in solid black. This door is equipped with matching colored hinges so it looks cooler and masculine. The runner rug next to the door has a bold color and pattern so it fits perfectly when combined in the same room. High ceilings make the room feel more spacious. Farmhouse style sliding door from digsdigs.

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3. Single brown wooden door with sidelight looks pleasant to the eye

Sidelight is a window that flanks a door. With sidelights, you can allow more lights to enter the house, adding a warm touch to the overall house design. Add in a single brown window, and you get a nice-looking front door of your house!

The traditional porch decoration which is perfected with a single door and two sidelights makes it look even more perfect. Not only wood, now you can also combine it with transparent glass with a size large enough. The wall lanterns on both sides of this single door are an idea for lighting that gives a classic impression without being overwhelming. You can try this idea easily. Traditional single door with glass sidelight and lantern lighting from shelterness.

It doesn’t have to be that all porch walls are used for single door designs, but you can also use them to apply glass sidelights with wooden frames repainted in white. The two will work well together when decorating a farmhouse-style porch. The blooming flowers placed on each step are the initial welcome for your guests and family who come. Combination of single door with white wood frame sidelight from shelterness.

Do you want to make the porch decoration look more different? If so, then you can use a single wooden entrance door that is repainted in red brown. Hanging greenery wreath is an ornament as well as a decoration that is very easy to get at a very affordable price. Next you can use classic wall scones as a dim lighting idea that gives a warm impression to the room around it. Red brown wooden door with wreath decoration from shelterness.

This single wooden entrance door design is perfect for use in any type of house with any style. This door is also made entirely of wood with a slightly attractive striped pattern, don’t forget to install a glass sidelight to make it easier for you to adapt to guests or family who will come to the house. Coat the glass sidelights with a series of sturdy iron to make your home safer. Brown wood single door with sidelight covered with iron frame from shelterness.

The design of the brown single entrance door made of wood can be beautified by using sidelights on both sides symmetrically. In addition, you can also add a classic feel by using walls and floors made of red bricks. This wall scones lamp on both sides of the entrance also helps in lighting the outside at night, you can use it when it is getting dark outside. Single brown door with wall scones on both sides from shelterness.

You can get an artistic impression on your porch decoration easily, one of them is by using a shiny brown wooden door filled with beautiful carvings on the outer surface. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with two sidelights that are applied on both sides of the door with the same size, material and color. The red brick wall is the perfect combination that can be applied. Brown wood entrance with carving from homestratosphere.

The brown color on this entrance has a solid wood material that is hard and not easily porous. You can combine it with sidelights that form a curve and are lined with iron bars instead of peepholes that allow easier communication with visitors before entering the house. Stone walls give the impression of a more natural outdoor home. Natural wood door with curved sidelight from homestratosphere.

Not only using the entrance with a rectangular shape, now you can use a door with a curved shape and is equipped with a built-in sidelight glass that will be a source of sunlight in the room. The color of this door produces a natural brown color that can be perfected by re-polishing for a cleaner and shiny look. Arched entrance door with built-in sidelight from homestratosphere.

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The door is easily one of the most visible parts in your home, so make sure your wooden door design fits with the entire architectural design of your home should be your priority. Hopefully, you will get one of the inspiring wooden door ideas from this article and can be applied for your home.


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