50 Different Ways to Present Macrame for Your Home Decors

Well, if you think that macrame is only about the wall hanging decoration, then you will be surely wrong. You should know how amazing macrame is so that it can be used to create varied home decoration stuff. That is why, here, we would like to show you about different possible ways to present macrame for your home decoration. With its different colors and possibilities to be created into some patterns, we do guarantee that your macrame won’t be seen as boring even when you have it into many parts of your home decorations. In this case, you should make sure that you choose the different patterns so that the decoration can be proper enough.

From the ornament, furniture, to the home accessories, everything could be possible to be added or made with macrame. For the ornament, you can have it in form of a wall hanging ornament or window ornament. Those things are the most common where I do believe that all of you have known. Then, for the furniture, you can have it to make a swing, giving your furniture an aesthetic look, or even use the macrame as the table runner material. For the home accessories, you have a window macrame curtain, rug, placemat, and so many more ideas that you can have. The following images can surely give you inspirations that will make you in awe. I hope that you can find the best one for your home decorations!

Pendant Bedroom Macrame from countryliving

Votive Candles Holder from thespruce

Macrame Wall Decoration from thespruce

Macrame Hammock from thespruce

Small Macrame Stool from thespruce

Shabby Garland Ideas from thespruce

Placemats Pot from thespruce

Curtain Door from thespruce

Triple Cage Chandeliers from thespruce

Plant Hangers from thespruce

Corner Macramé Lamp Cord from countryliving

Hammock in the Living Room from countryliving

Hanging Macrame Chair from countryliving

Triangle Macrame Shelf from countryliving

Ceiling Macrame Planter from countryliving

Boho Macrame Pouf from countryliving

Outdoor Table Runner from homebnc

Throw Pillow Decoration from homebnc

Hanging Macrame Framed from homebnc

Macrame as Pillow Layer from homebnc

Macrame with Leaf Ornament from homebnc

Macrame Light Fixture Cover from homebnc

Macrame Wall Hanging Decor from homebnc

Pink Macrame Planter from homebnc

Twisted Rope Macrame from homebnc

Macrame Rope Pulley Lights from homebnc

Macrame with Beads Wall Decor from homebnc

Luggage Stand with Macrame Top from homebnc

Bohemian Macrame for Bedroom from homebnc

Glass Jar Vase Decoration from homebnc

String Macrame Art from homebnc

Wrap Wine Bottle from homebnc

Braided Macrame Curtain Tie Back from homebnc

Macrame Clock Holder from homebnc

Macrame Coaster from homebnc

Folding Macrame Magazine Rack from homebnc

Macrame Leaf for Window Decor from homebnc

Hanging Macrame Baby Swing from homebnc

Patterned Macrame Art from homebnc

Macrame Leaf Wall Decoration from homebnc

White Marcame Planter from homebnc

Macrame Hammock Crafted from homebnc

Tiered Macrame Rack Planter from deavita

Hanging Big Macrame Chandeliers from deavita

Macrame with String Light Wall Decor from deavita

Woven Macrame Divider Room from deavita

Webbing Macrame Headboard from deavita

Black Macrame Divider Room from deavita

Sheer Macrame Curtain from deavita

Macrame Folding Room from deavita

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