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Pour Warmness with These 25 Romantic Winter Bedroom Décor Ideas

A small bedroom can be romantic too. Bring warmth and intimate vibe into your bedroom with these ro…

A bedroom is a vital area to take a rest after full-day activities outside. For couples, the room means bonding space to have pillow talk and relax. During winter, bedroom will be cooler than the other seasons, so it is time to pour warmth into your room with these romantic winter bedroom décor ideas

1. Seating Area

Arranging a bedroom to create a romantic vibe during winter is not so difficult. You can start by rearranging the furniture. If you just have a bed without other furniture, consider adding a seating area. It can be a nice place to sit together and have an intimate talk. It is romantic to spend the evening sitting together over a cup of tea or coffee.

One way to add warmth to your bedroom in winter is to add a set of chairs that can be placed right next to the fireplace. This chair can be used with your partner while in the room, besides that you can also use a chair with leather material to get the maximum warmth of the sitting area. Beige paint walls serve as a warm background for the room. Chair set with leather material from decoist.

The selection of chairs with velvet material is equipped with stools and small rugs made of faux fur so that it makes it a comfortable and warm sitting area when in a winter bedroom. You can place this chair right next to the fireplace to get maximum warmth when the weather in the room starts to feel colder. Velvet chair with faux fur rug from decoist.

Don’t leave the floor in your bedroom decoration empty and unused, now you can use it to put a velvet set chair with a splash of earth tone color that adds a warm impression. This chair can be used to relax with your partner during the day or at night, you should also add a small stool to relax your legs to be more comfortable. Brown chairs and stools with velvet material from decoist.

Two linen chairs with an ottoman in the middle are the perfect combination of bedroom furniture. You can place this chair facing each other so that it can be used as a very comfortable conversation area. Don’t forget to coat the bottom surface of this furniture using vintage rugs with neutral colors and faded patterns. Beams ceiling and wooden floors add a warm feel to your bedroom in winter. Linen chairs placed opposite each other from decoist.

The selection of chairs can be adjusted in color with the nuances of the winter bedroom you are currently using. A chair with a smelly color is the right choice because it is one of the neutral colors that is easier to combine with other interiors around it. This chair is equipped with a throw pillow that will add comfort and of course become a warmer sitting area. The harmony of the color of the chair with the feel of the bedroom from decoist.

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2. Dreamy Colors

Changing the color of the walls can give a more romantic atmosphere. Try white and gray or a green combination. For a glamorous look, choose gold tones, dark gray, They also bring warmth to your room. Add some supplies with colors that are almost the same as a set of tables, curtains, mattresses, and pillows.

When you use white wall paint, it is better to use bedding and blankets with different colors to make bedroom decorations not boring and seem monotonous. Currently you can use several layers of the same color as a warmer when you are on this mattress, peach is the color of choice that can blend with your current wall paint. White paint wall with peach blanket from onekindesign.

To maximize warmth while in bed, you can use a knitted blanket in gray as a very appropriate color choice for winter bedroom decorations. This blanket has a color that matches your headboard so that it can match the elegant color tone of the room. You can also add texture to the room with a polka-dot patterned pillowcase dominated by black and white. Gray knitted blanket from onekindesign.

To decorate your bedroom in winter, you can use dark room shades that can be applied through the use of wall paint and pillowcases. You can neutralize this bedroom by using a lighter colored faux fur blanket such as light gray. These two colors can work well together in one room to create a masculine feel. Black paint wall with gray faux fur blanket from onekindesign.

Another color choice for decorating your winter bedroom is gray wall paint. This color choice is very appropriate because it is easier to combine with other interiors, for example, when you want to present a monochromatic style, you can use bedding and blankets with a combination of black and white. Gray wall paint with monochromatic bedding from onekindesign.

Navy blue and headboard that has a color harmony is very suitable when combined with a gray faux fur blanket. These two colors can be perfected with the use of a white nightstand, this table can be used to place a candle holder that is able to provide warmth and very dramatic room lighting. The combination of navy blue with gray shades of winter bedroom from onekindesign.

You can combine dark gray wall paint on the walls of this winter bedroom with the use of lighter colored blankets and bedding such as white and light gray. Another color that you can apply in this bedroom is brown, brown is also one of the earth tone colors that can provide instant warmth to the room. Dark gray wall paint with lighter colored bedding from onekindesign.

3. Comfortable Bedroom Design

With cold weather upcoming, it is time to replace your flannel sheets with a warm and comfortable duvet. Choose the finest blanket with a solid color like deep eggplant, rich mocha, or soft sage, and match with your bedroom’s wall color.

Some fabrics and blankets that are applied just above the bed are the right warmers because these fabrics have a very thick material and a smoother surface. A faux fur blanket and knitted lining will work well together to create maximum warmth when you’re in bed right now. Blankets and fabrics made of faux fur and knitted material from digsdigs.

If you want a neutral room color tone, then you can use a white knitted blanket that is placed in the white bedroom decor as well. This blanket in addition to making you feel warm in winter is also a sleeping surface that has a smoother material and guaranteed maximum comfort when used. White knitted blanket from digsdigs.

This rustic bedroom decoration in winter usually uses a touch of earth tone color in the interior it uses, including the use of a brown faux fur blanket placed on the bed with beige bedding that looks warm and natural. Another interior heater that you can use is a stone fireplace that is applied to one part of your bedroom wall. Earth tone color faux fur blanket from digsdigs.

The combination of light brown with dark brown in a winter blanket design creates a natural room that is suitable when combined with white bedding which is right under this blanket layer. This color is also very suitable for bedroom decorations that have a touch of rustic style, the statue of a deer head hanging just above the iron headboard is a statement decoration that emphasizes the rustic style this year. Faux fur blanket with a combination of light brown and dark brown from digsdigs.

Or do you want to bring a monochromatic feel to your winter bedroom? If so, then you can simply use the interior of the room with a splash of two to three colors. You can start by using a thick knitted blanket with dark gray and white wall paint that can give color clarity with a monochromatic style. Of course these two colors will work well together. Dark gray thick knitted blanket from digsdigs.

Maximum comfort and warmth is needed in winter, now you can start by using a blanket and several layers of warm cloth that is applied right above the bed. The existence of fabrics and blankets with neutral colors is perfected with candle lighting that makes the atmosphere of the room warmer, you can put these candles in several different places. Neutral color blanket and fabric over the bed from digsdigs.

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4. Romantic Dimmer Lighting

When it comes to creating a romantic vibe, lighting is vital. Add some eye-catching lamps to the bedroom with dimmer switches. This arrangement will allow you to adjust the brightness depending on your activity in the bedroom. If that is not romantic enough, you can add a small chandelier on a dimmer light. 

If you want to give a dramatic impression in winter bedroom decorations, then you can use dim lighting that can be applied by using hanging chandeliers that are hung right above your bed. Not only chandeliers, when you want the room to feel brighter then you can use a table lamp that is placed on both sides of your bed at this time. Hanging dimmer chandeliers from hgtv.

To maintain the health of your eyes while sleeping, it’s a good idea to use a bulb chandelier with some dim lighting right in the middle of your bedroom. During the day you can take advantage of the sunlight that enters through the use of large glass windows so that the room is healthier and not easily damp. Chandelier bulb from hgtv.

Use a chandelier in your bedroom according to your needs, at night you can use a glass ball chandelier that has a unique shape. Because this lamp has very dim lighting, you can combine it with a wall scones lamp that is applied to the two sides of the wall in this bedroom at a distance that is not too far away. Combination of glass chandeliers with wall scones lamp from hgtv.

Wall scones lamps are an idea for lighting lamps that seem dim, you can apply them right on both sides of the fireplace in the bedroom this winter. Not only scones lamps, but you can also use classic hanging chandeliers that hang on a wooden ceiling in a more stylish way. These two lamps will complement each other’s lighting according to your needs. Wall scones lamp with classic chandeliers from hgtv.

Bulb lamps that are hung right above the bed are equipped with DIY rattan wicker cage lamps so they look more stylish. Because this lamp has very dim lighting, you can combine it with wall scones lamps that are perfectly applied to both sides of the bed. The splash of pink on the wall paint and blankets gives a feminine feel. Bulbs lamps with wicker rattan cage from realhomes.

This fairy string light around the bed is a dim lighting idea that is perfect for a simple and warm winter bedroom decor. If you want to add a warm feel to this bedroom, then you can use some candles that are neatly placed on the nightstand. Combination of string light with candle from realhomes.

If you are a lover of everything that is modern and contemporary, then you can choose a series of glass chandeliers to decorate your bedroom which is very suitable for monochrome room decorations and will also look good when combined with gray walls. This lamp has a fairly dim lighting so it is very friendly for decorating your bedroom at this time. Small glass chandeliers from realhomes.

When you want to bring a bohemian style to your winter bedroom decor, you can use chandeliers with chain straps that are applied right next to your bed. This lamp has dim lighting but is enhanced by the feel of the room which is dominated by white. Bohemian style chandeliers from realhomes.

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The decoration influences a bedroom atmosphere. Do not hesitate to make some changes to create the perfect romantic winter bedroom décor.

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