39 Cute Winter Wreath Ideas to Make A Cute House

Celebrate the arrival of the winter season with some cute winter wreath ideas to decorate your front door and impress incoming guests! Especially now that Christmas and New Year are around the corner, you surely don’t want to stop decorating and beautifying the whole house, don’t you?

Looking cute for a holiday doesn’t always mean big spending. We have collected the most popular winter wreath ideas you can easily make at home with easy-to-find resources and affordable expense. Adorn your front door with one of these ideas below, and see how the frigid temperature warms up along with your family, neighbor guests, and friends!

1. A Ruffle Winter Wreath

Ruffles aren’t only for stylish fashion. You can try making a ruffle winter wreath made from a simple Styrofoam wreath form with a neat little cut here and there to make perfect circles. Splash it up with bold colors for that dash of festivities.

This winter wreath with a ruffle look is simple and too neutral. Therefore you can combine it with a hello sign which is perfected by the presence of greenery and a beautiful plaids ribbon. Ruffle Wreath with Plaid Ribbon Accent from @dezrenee_designs

The hydrangea, which comes in three different colors, will add additional color to the ruffle wreath design you are using this winter. This type of flower is suitable for use in any season, choose and use floral ornaments in red, white and yellow color. Hydrangea Ornament Ruffle Wreath from @lalypete

This medium-sized burlap ruffle wreath looks even more appealing when you add natural accents like evergreens and pinecones. Another DIY ornament that you can hang is a JOY Christmas tree made of natural wood. Rustic Style Ruffle Wreath from @wreathsbypeg

Not only using burlap material, but you can also choose ruffle fabric with a plaids pattern to be used as the main material for using winter wreaths. Attach some different ornaments like a white ribbon and a mini wooden snowman. Festive Look Winter Wreath from @wreathsbypeg

This white ruffle burlap winter wreath takes on a modern look for the perfect winter design. The addition of a mason jar vase creates a stylish room decor that will grab the attention of every guest. Hanging on the front door will greet your guests cheerfully. Plain White Scheme Ruffle Wreath from @julesandme2

Interesting idea for winter wreath with ruffle design. Use burlap for the main material and you can add some rustic ornaments to create a contrasting look. Complete with a small ribbon to make it look attractive. Placing it in the corner of this house will be the perfect focal point of the room. Ruffle Wreath Hanging Door from @dezrenee_designs

This winter striped wreath burlap ruffle features a unique room decor and will add the perfect winter vibe. Adding this red snowman sign DIY to gives the room a stylish design. Winter Ruffle Wreath with Snowman Sign from @modelchickny

The perfect winter wreath using ruffles on burlap can make your door look eye-catching. Complete it with a plaids patterned ribbon and cotton for a contrasting look. Hanging it above the door will give the perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Ruffle Burlap Wreath Design from @wreathsbypeg

You can apply these burlap black and white ruffles to your winter wreath for an eye-catching room decor. These white ribbons black accents will decorate your wreath and create a unique look. Don’t forget to add a green ribbon to hang it on your front door. Monochromatic Color Ruffle Wreath from @baby.bull.handcrafted

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2. A White and Blue Winter Wreath

The combination of white and blue is timeless, and so it does when it comes to winter decoration. A white and blue winter wreath can be easily made from any proper material. Complete with some ornaments to look more attractive.

White and blue winter wreaths are very beautiful to beautify your door. Complete with small snowball ornaments to make it more attractive. You can also add a blue satin ribbon to give the room a chill vibe. Easy for you to make so that it will create a stylish room decoration. Hanging Natural Door Wreath from @wreathdesignsart

The touch of blue, white and white floral creates an elegant and luxurious floral arrangement. You can make it yourself so that you can hone your creativity. These blue and white floral accents will complete the look of your wreath. These small white flowers make a charming decoration. Blue Sign and White Floral Wreath from @rhondacarrierdesigns

This combination of pom poms with the color choice of blue and white can be strung together on a winter wreath that you can attach to the wall or front door of your house. When it’s finished assembling, you can perfect it with some treen bottle brushes that can be attached neatly in the middle of the wreath. Pom-Pom Wreath with White and Blue Color from @heartofgoldpompomcreations

Adding a white and blue winter wreath to your door décor is perfect for creating a festive look. Add blooming floral for the perfect winter decoration. Some of these blue bands also produce the perfect hoop wreath look and steal the attention of many people. White and Blue Hoop Wreath from @wreathdesignsart

This wreath with blue and white accents will bring a winter vibe to your home décor. Complete with snowman and snowflake accents, this will create the perfect room decor. Hanging on the front door of this house will welcome your guests with a lively and cheerful spirit. DIY Snowman Wreath Design from @myboutiquebythebeach4833

Flowers that bloom beautifully in the backyard garden can be used as a winter wreath design that will look more vintage when combined with a vintage ornament. Just choose and combine flowers that have blue and white colors so that the colors can blend perfectly. Vintage Blooming Door Wreath from @riverroadsisters

This blue and white floral wreath will create an attractive room decor and will steal the attention of many people. Complete with ball ornaments and the words “LET IT SNOW” will present an amazing room decoration. Placing this in front of the door will make it easier for you to decorate a charming home terrace. Dominant White Wreath with Blue Touch Color from @crafting_itswhatido

In this inspiring simple wreath you can use the blue and white color scheme for the perfect result. Some of these blue and silver ball ornaments will create a stylish look and steal the attention of many people. Placing it on the fence of this house will also provide a stylish room and welcome your guests lively. Glitter White and Blue Winter Wreath from @millymyllz_boutiqueofwreaths

This blue ribbon, accented with statement glitter snowflakes creates the perfect wreath and grabs everyone’s attention. This white ribbon will also create a unique look. Hanging on this white door will give a unique and charming look. Snowflake Ornamen Wreath from @arts_and_crafts_with_mamabreck

3. A Winter Pom-Pom Wreath

Pom-poms are that tiny yet cute feature we love, and they can be implemented entirely in a winter wreath project. Join several same or different-colored pom-poms into a neat circle, and finish it up with ribbons and string lights if necessary to complete the winter pom-pom wreath.

A wonderland inspired green, brown, gold and white pompom wreath with a large snowy pinecones is a fun idea. You can hang it on the wall of your house for a charming room that will steal the attention of many people. This white color scheme will make this wreath a charming focal point. Wonderland Themed Wreath from @designingnikki

Another choice of pom poms in other colors that you can try to apply to your winter wreath design is emerald green. This color gives a touch of a wonderland theme which can be completed with tree, snowy and deer ornaments. Emerald Green Color Winter Wreath from @rene.gowen

The white pompom, which is combined with several Christmas tree bottle brushes, is the right blend to make as a winter wreath. Arrange all the materials you have in a nice round shape, after everything is installed neatly then you can hang it on an empty part of the wall. White Pom-Pom with Bottle Brush Tree Ornament from @ivon_homeuk

Arrange two color pom-poms into neat circles for your cute wreath ideas this winter. Complete with winter figure to make it look perfect. These long stocking garland will give a unique look and will steal the attention of many people. Hanging on this wall will be a charming home decoration. Hanging Pom-Pom Wreath on the Door from @alixcherry

The dominance of white on this pompom wreath will be more textured when you combine it with hanging snowflakes and shiny silver Christmas balls. White pom poms can be found online at low prices, the predominance of white gives an instant snowy touch. Snowy Pom-Pom Wreath Design from @poppys_pompoms

Blue and white is a color combination that will never fail when used in winter. Likewise, you can apply it to the hanging wreath which is dominated by cute pom poms with a soft and smooth surface. Winter Color Pom-Pom Wreath from @nikipompomdecor

If you have a large number of pompoms at home, you can use them as additional ornaments to your winter wreath designs. You can add a medium-sized wooden tree ornament as a sweet finishing touch. DIY Pom-Pom Wreath with Tree Ornament from @forsecreo

A winter wreath of pink pompoms, green and white sage and small village ornaments make for the perfect room decor and will steal everyone’s attention. Hanging on your front door will give a stylish and attractive look. Pastel Color Pom-Pom Wreath from @a.curious.crafter

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4. A Sweater Winter Wreath

Think again before you throw away old sweaters! It’s time to put them into use by upcycling them into sweater winter wreaths that emit warmth and coziness in an instant. You can also use used scarves instead of sweaters, though.

Reusing old sweaters as winter wreath ornaments this year is a new inspiration for you to work on. Choose and use a white knit sweater so that some of the ornaments you use look bolder, start using white and gold ornaments. Knitting Sweater Wreath from @projekt_wianki

The initial welcome for guests who come to your house is a hanging wreath whose design can be adjusted according to the current season. When you have used a white sweater material for this wreath design, adding evergreens, pinecones and red berries is a smart idea that can be arranged neatly. Reuse your Old Sweater from @hollyyoungneedham

For a simple winter wreath, you can wear a white sweater. It can make your winter decoration look unique. Don’t forget to make it a wall decoration for a more textured room appearance. Sweater Wreath for Wall Decoration from @violet.creating.home

Don’t throw away your old sweater, reuse it as a winter wreath design that you can place on a table with a very strategic layout. The addition of a gnome figure that is placed right in front of it adds to the appeal of this ornament when it is to be used as the focal point of the room. Winter Wreath with Gnome Figure from @skrzeczaca_pracownia

This red knitted sweater that is turned into a wreath ornament will look bold when hung on a wall painted in plain white. You can also add evergreen accents to the top of the wreath for a really contrasting color combination. Statement Color Winter Wreath from @simplyalabaster

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of budget to decorate your home in winter. Now you can try to make a perfect wreath sweater with snowflake crystal ornaments that can be hung evenly and thoroughly. Black Matte Wreath with Crystal Snowflake from @lita_w.1

This cable knit sweater material has a white color that is suitable when it is turned into a winter wreath design that can be hung on the front door of your house. This layered sweater wreath looks super cute when finished off with a large plaid bow. Knit Cable Sweater Wreath from @/lisa_keever

Cover the outside of this winter wreath design with a light gray sweater. Because the color of this sweater seems more neutral, for the bottom of the sweater, you can enhance it with some natural ornaments that can be found in the backyard garden. Sweater Wreath with Greenery Accent from @amusemains

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5. A Rustic Winter Wreath

Go rustic even in winter with a lovely rustic winter wreath that can be created without a ton of supplies. Only with a canvas, 18-inch Styrofoam wreath forms, and quilters’ pins, try to make one wrapped in burlap and flannel bow with evergreen.

The top ornament that you can use in winter is the hanging wreath design. You can buy it or make it yourself with the materials you already have, for example, pinecones wreath which is perfected with two types of gold-colored ornaments that can instantly produce a rustic theme. Pinecones Wreath with Gold Ornament from @ivana.babinska

Greenery are one of the main ingredients that you can use for winter wreaths that can be applied to the walls or windows of your home. The rustic appearance of this wreath design is perfected with the addition of red ribbon and candy canes which have quite bold colors. Greenery Wreath with Red Ribbon from @jasiek_plecie

Grapevines, evergreens and pinecones are a mix of materials that you can apply simultaneously to this year’s winter wreath ornament. All the materials used can be obtained from the backyard garden without having to buy it so that it saves more on your spending budget, just try it easily. Hanging Evergreen Wreath Door from @darbycreektrading

Add different sizes of snowflakes to a grapevine winter wreath that you can easily make yourself. Just apply it using a sturdy adhesive glue so that it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time. You can buy this snowflake ornament online at a fairly cheap price. Snowflake Ornament Wreath from @kerrys_krafts_and_things

You can easily apply the rustic theme that is applied to the wreath ornament section, use dry pinecones so they don’t rot easily when used for quite a long time. Make it medium or large according to the amount of ingredients you have. Rustic Pinecones Wreath from @the.rustic.hen

Hopefully, there’s an idea from these cute winter wreath ideas to get you inspired!


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