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10 Ideas for Winter Wreath Designs

Wreaths are really common for any decoration needs including winter decoration. You can have varied…

Wreaths are really common for any decoration needs including winter decoration. You can have varied ideas of wreaths that have winter touches. You can simply apply things that represent the winter season and use the theme as the theme. For example, you can have the pinecone wreath, evergreen wreath, or any other things that are given with snowy effect. Also, you can use the burlap that can represent winter as well. It is because burlap is commonly used to create rustic or farmhouse decoration styles which are proper and common for winter decoration concepts. For winter wreaths, the applications could be varied where you can apply them to your front door, above the fireplace, wall blank space, and more. Check out the following ideas!

Christmas Wreath

In order for a knitted thread wreath design to form a round shape, you can wrap it with Styrofoam so that it is easier when you decorate it with some winter-themed ornaments. Use white knitted yarn as the main background which will be easy when combined with any colored ornaments. Now you can choose a mini Christmas tree, colorful pom-poms, and a small Christmas ball garland that hangs at the top of the wreath. After everything is neatly installed, then hang this wreath using a red ribbon to make it look bolder when installed in a room or at the front door of your house.

Colorful Ornament Wreath from deavita

Burlap Wreath

The combination of burlap and pine needles makes for the perfect material combination that will bring a chic, rustic look to your winter wreath design. It’s not enough to end here, you can redesign by pairing pine cones, green stalks, striped patterned ribbons, and galvanized snowflake ornaments that are large enough for a maximum appearance. You can get pine cones and green stalks from your backyard garden, so it saves a lot of budget expenses and of course, has a compatibility with a rustic theme that is inexpensive. This wreath design ensures it has a welcoming look for the holidays this year.

Burlap Wreath from deavita

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Evergreen Wreath

Start with a traditional wreath to welcome the cold winter this year with a more appropriate farmhouse style. You can use some natural ingredients such as pinecones, cinnamon, and evergreens that you can easily get in your backyard garden without having to buy them. End this wreath look with the addition of a ribbon that has a bold color like red so that it looks more festive and of course very beautiful. If this wreath series has been arranged according to your expectations, then you can hang it on the entrance which has gray paint so that it becomes a neutral background.

Natural Material Wreath from deavita

Pinecones Wreath

For a country-inspired winter vacation look, try a wreath made of pinecones. Choose and use pinecones with a variety of different sizes so that when they are arranged together they will be more varied. To make it the perfect winter wreath, you can tie it using a transparent thread that is tied into a round shape that is firmly and doesn’t come off easily. Apart from that, pinecones are also one of the most popular winter decorations of the year so you can try and copy them easily and on a budget. This pinecones wreath highlights the beautiful beauty of nature.

Pinecones Wreath On Budget from deavita

Snowman Wreath

There’s nothing wrong with including a winter icon in the decoration of your current bouquet, for example, now you can use a snowman ornament in the middle of the ribbon bouquet which is dominated by a combination of blue and white. For the ribbon material, you can choose one that has a snowflake pattern to emphasize the winter decor in your home. This wreath design has a modern appearance that is not easily boring and of course very adorable. The snowman ornament used has a touch of glitter that adds visual appeal, apply this glittering accent to the scarf and hat decoration.

Ribbon and snowman wreath from deavita

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Dried Flower Wreath

So that the grapevine and dried flowers in your garden can work more innovatively this winter, it’s a good idea to use them as the main material for a bouquet design that you can make yourself without the need for a professional. This wreath display looks prettier by adding an organic aesthetic to this creative décor. Decorate a portion of this grapevine wreath with some white flowers and cotton for an ornamental element that can be used as faux snow. The colors of this wreath design are dominated by white and dark brown so that they can work well together without having to display contrasting colors that are easily boring.

Dried flowers wreath from thesprucecrafts

Floral Wreath

There is nothing wrong with using floral ornaments to make a winter wreath design. Think of using grapevine as a base material that can be embellished and enhanced with accents of flowers, greenery, and pinecones that surround it. After everything is installed as expected, it’s a good idea to add a sprinkling of faux snow and white spray paint for a more snowy bouquet display. After that, you can hang it on the front door which is equipped with an iron hook and a burlap rope that has a splash of red and brown to make it look more different. This wreath design also looks simple but attractive which is certainly suitable for modern farmhouse-style home decorations.

Snowy floral wreath from hgtv

Pom Pom Wreath

Pom-pom wreaths are perfect for displaying in winter. This wreath is very fun to make, you can decide with the dominance of white which can present a magical theme. Furthermore, miniature pine trees and small colorful balls become additional decorations that you can apply to the flower arrangement evenly and neatly. Not only for the door, now you can hang it on the glass window for a different view. To add elegance to the decoration of this wreath, you can repaint the window frame using pink paint so that it looks more colorful and cheerful.

Pom-pom wreath from thesprucecrafts

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Faux Fur Wreath

The white faux fur material that enlivens the design of this winter wreath is ready to be used to decorate the house in any room. To give dimension to this bouquet, you can use a different color that can be applied to the ribbon that ties the owl doll at the bottom. The ribbon used has a beautiful glitter surface. Furthermore, this owl doll can be found at the nearest craft store or can also be purchased online at a price that is not too expensive. White pearl coils can be used as a luxurious finishing touch and of course, make this bouquet look shinier when exposed to the reflection of light from the lights around it.

Faux fur wreath from ducttapeanddenim

Snowy Effect Wreath

Do you have a winter farmhouse home decor? If so, then you can make a scarf wreath as a very appropriate home decoration idea. Use your old scarf so that it can be used better and of course, it will save more expenses. Decorate the surface of this wreath with evergreen and snowflake ornaments that are clearly visible because they are quite large. Don’t forget, before you attach these evergreens to the bouquet, you can sprinkle white powder which can be used as a faux snow accent that fits perfectly with the winter theme this year. Place this wreath right next to the vintage lantern candle holder to emphasize the farmhouse theme on the table that is used.

Snowy Effect wreath from ducttapeanddenim

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