10 Inspiring Laundry Room Decoration References

Since it is not really considered a lot by some people, then let’s talk about it more. Having the laundry room decoration should not only be done by only thinking about its beauty but also its proper arrangement and how you can maximize the function of its small space. What is meant here is that you can use the space not only for your washing activity where you just need to put your washing machine and storage. Let’s say that you can use the space for your drying and ironing needs. That will be great to deal with your dirty clothes in one spot until those clothes can be worn again. Anyway, if you need some inspiration on how to create such functional, well-organized, yet pretty laundry room decorations, here we have some advice for you.

Glass Ceiling

The laundry room is one of the spaces that you should make as comfortable as possible to do the washing job. Using a glass ceiling is an interesting idea that you should try and will never fail for decorating a laundry room. Because the glass ceiling will provide several advantages in your laundry room. That is, in addition to providing natural lighting, using a glass ceiling will also make your clothes dry more easily even if they are indoors. You can also add some plants there to bring a fresh feel to your laundry room.

Glass Ceiling from Homemydesign

Floating Shelf

Storage is one of the things you should pay attention to for any decoration, including the laundry room decoration. Utilizing wall space is the right solution if you have a narrow laundry room. You can install a floating shelf on the wall as a storage idea in your laundry room so it won’t take up floor space and looks more attractive. Choosing to use a floating shelf painted white will present a clean and natural look in the laundry room. Then you can use it to store your laundry equipment so it will look neater.

Floating Shelf from Deavita

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Storage Above the Machine

If you have a narrow laundry room, storage ideas are one thing you should pay attention to. You can take advantage of the space above the machine to create storage space in your laundry room so that it saves more space. Installing a wall rack above the machine will be a practical and easy-to-access storage idea so that it is suitable for decorating your laundry room. You can use it to place various laundry supplies there to make it more tidy and organized. Adding vines to the wall rack will bring a refreshing natural look and make your decor even more perfect.

Storage Above the Machine from Hoosierhomemade


This small laundry room has a white theme that will bring the feel of a wider space. But letting the walls look plain might make your laundry room look ordinary and maybe boring. Therefore you can use wallpaper to cover a plain wall to make it look more attractive. Bird wallpaper is the right choice so that it will present a beautiful appearance in your laundry room.

Wallpaper from Deavita

Lighting Effect

Lighting is one of the things you should pay attention to for any decoration, including laundry room decorations. You can choose to use a pendant light for lighting ideas in the laundry room to make it look more attractive. Pendant light with white light will give a spacious effect to the laundry room decoration so it looks more perfect. Having an attractive design makes a pendant light beautify your laundry room decor at once.

Ceiling Lighting from Elledecor

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Adding Greeneries

Choosing shades of white for your small laundry decorating ideas will present a clean and bright look. Complementing the laundry room decoration with greeneries is an interesting idea that you can try and it will never fail. You can display greeneries anywhere such as on shelves, on windows, on floors, and others so that it will bring the perfect natural feel to your laundry room. Greeneries will provide several benefits at the same time as your laundry decoration. In addition to presenting a fresh look, greeneries can also make the air in your laundry room healthier.

Greeneries from Homemydesign

Drying Rack

A drying rack is one piece of furniture that will never fail to complement your laundry room decor. Choose a drying rack that has a simple and sleek design, making it suitable for small laundry rooms. You can also choose to use a drying rack made of metal so that it is stronger and able to accommodate more clothes. Then install a wall drying rack next to the window so that the clothes will dry more easily.

Drying Rack from Onekindesign

Floor to Ceiling Cabinet

Complementing your laundry room decor with cabinets is an interesting idea that you can try now. You can use floor-to-ceiling cabinets with white nuances so that it will give a clean and bright appearance. A laundry room wardrobe with folding doors makes use of wall space near the ceiling and provides plenty of storage space. Placing the laundry room in one of the cabinet rooms will make your laundry room decorations look neater and more organized.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinet from Bhg

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Ironing Space

To improve the decoration of the laundry room, you can complement it with ironing space to make it more perfect. Completing the laundry room with ironing space will make your work easier without having to leave the laundry room. But don’t worry if you have a small laundry room, you can still use a small ironing board. All you have to do is place the ironing board on top of the cabinet so it’s simpler and still works well.

Ironing Space from Homedit

Built-in Washing Machine Placement

A washing machine is one of the pieces of furniture that must be in your laundry room decoration. You have to pay attention to the placement of the washing machine to make your laundry room decorations look neater and more organized. Placing the washing machine in the built-in cabinet is an interesting idea and can save space. Then you can display the washing machine vertically so it will look neater and still function properly.

Built-in Washing Machine Placement from Decorpad


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