50 Artistic Textured Wall Designs

When commonly you only know the wall as the flat smooth spot, but here, we are going to introduce you to the textured wall design. Yes! It will be a real wall with real texture. It is awesome how the wall could be seen as aesthetic with artistic touches even without any ornament applied there. Even sometimes, with the plain white wall color where the wall doesn’t give any additional colors, the textured wall has seen enough to beautify the decoration. Well, if you do not want to have a crowded wall, then you can have the textured wall into one part side of the wall. You don’t need to have it to all parts of the wall.

To give the texture to the wall, you can have it by using stone, brick, wood, and more. The texture itself could be adjusted into varied designs and made as unique as possible. You can also make the pattern to the wall where it is used to characterize the style. Adjust it based on the home decoration style that you have so that everything could be harmonized. The textured wall is such an effective way to beautify your home even without any ornament. It will be the best choice for you who have only such a small house so that you won’t make your house be seen as crowded with the ornament. Please go down for the references of the textured wall design you can have.

Mosaic Stone Wall from nextluxury

Brushed Wall Texture from nextluxury

Wooden Wall Textured from nextluxury

3D White Wall Texture from nextluxury

Molding Wall Dining Room from nextluxury

Patterned Wooden Wall from nextluxury

Natural Stone Wall Texture from nextluxury

3D White Stone Wall from nextluxury

Textured Fabric Wall from nextluxury

Wavy Wall Bathroom from nextluxury

Weathered Wooden Wall Texture from nextluxury

Small Square Wood Wall Texture from nextluxury

3D Hexagon Wall Texture from nextluxury

3D Natural Wood Wall Texture from nextluxury

Wavy Wall Texture Staircase from nextluxury

3D Faux Wood Wall Texture from nextluxury

Black Padded Fabric Wall from digsdigs

Black Shiplap Statement Wall from digsdigs

Draped Fabric Wall from digsdigs

Fabric Padded Statement Wall from digsdigs

3D Metal Accent Wall from digsdigs

Natural Stone Wall Texture from digsdigs

Wooden Slab Wall Texture from digsdigs

Driftwood Wall Texture from digsdigs

Textured Wooden Planks Wall from digsdigs

Reclaimed Wood Wall Texture from digsdigs

Wood Slice Wall Texture from digsdigs

3D Concrete Wall Bathroom from digsdigs

Geometric Wooden Wall Texture from digsdigs

3D Dark Panel Wall Texture from digsdigs

3D White Round Shape Wall from digsdigs

Minimalist Wall Texture Bathroom from digsdigs

Shutter Window Wall Texture from digsdigs

Silver Tile Accent Wall from digsdigs

Red 3D Panels Wall from digsdigs

Woven Wood Wall Texture from digsdigs

Wooden Log Wall Texture from homedesignlover

Modern Wavy Wall Texture from homedesignlover

Floral Wall Textures from homedesignlover

3D Triangle Wall Texture from homedesignlover

Black and White 3D Wall from homedesignlover

Rustic Style Textured Walls from homedesignlover

Flannel Fabric Wall Texture from roohome

Mirror Wall Texture Bedroom from roohome

3D Wall Texture Lighting from roohome

3D Light Wood Wall Texture from home-designing

3D Square Wall Texture from home-designing

Dark Color Wall Texture from home-designing

Mosaic Tile Wall Accent from home-designing

3D Round Wooden Wall Texture from home-designing

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