10 Pretty Spring Decorative Candles

Candles will be something that almost every home has. That is why it is always interesting to provide decorative candles that are based on the season including this spring. For the spring candles, you can have them with colorful designs. It will be really pretty since the blooming can be provided to beautify the candles. Also, the colorful candle designs will be possible as they can create such a cheerful impression. In decorating the candles, you can focus on the candles or on the holders. You will be amazed by the beauty of the spring candles designs as follow.

Use Colorful Candlestick

To fill the void of your dining table in the spring, you can use several candlesticks with a variety of different colors. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use various sizes for a more varied look. The combination of pastel colors like blue, green, and pink is a smart idea that you can do. Pay attention to the layout of this candlestick so as not to interfere with the movement space and the main function of the dining table, you can make it as a spring centerpiece decoration. In addition, the advantage of using this candlestick is that it can be a fun focal point for a room.

Variative Color Candlesticks from shelterness

Butterfly Theme Candles

An easy way to bring natural nuances into your home decor is to use natural spring candles that look unique and beautiful. Nowadays you can use birch as the main ingredient, this material is quite easy to find, you can even get it in your backyard garden. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the outer surface with some green plants and small flowers that are blooming. Small spring signs and butterflies are additional ornaments that you can use together. After everything is arranged properly, you can place it in a strategic area that can be seen by anyone who comes to his house.

Birch Spring Candle from shelterness

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Spring Stenciled Candle

Choose and use several glass cups that have splashes of different colors to make as a fun spring candle. The glass used has a monogram pattern that you can arrange with the words spring so that it can be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. Not only as a welcome but when you put it in the living room area, this candle can also be used as a decorative item that makes the surroundings feel warmer. Because these candle cups have the same size, when they are placed on the table at the same time they will look neater and more organized. You can try it easily and cheaply without having to spend a lot of money.

Colorful Spring Candles from shelterness

Floral Candle Holder

You can decorate this glass candle holder with a plain surface with a sticky sticker that has been printed with a blooming flower pattern. You can use more than one candle to make it the focal point of your dining table. Not only does it give a touch of color, but the presence of this floral candle holder also adds a very beautiful texture to the room and is suitable for spring this year. In addition to presenting a spring theme, they also provide a feminine touch that never goes out of fashion. The original blooming flowers placed around the candle are additional decorations that can make the room feel more relaxed because it gives a fragrant aroma to the room around it.

Feminine Style Candle Holder from curbly

Festive Eggshell Candles

Don’t throw away the original eggshells that you have in your kitchen to reuse as a DIY candle idea that has a visual appeal that is quite fun to make with your family on the weekend. The reuse of eggshells will minimize the presence of waste. After the eggshell is clean, then you can fill it with several different colors of candles, the colorful theme is one way to welcome spring this year. Furthermore, to avoid the eggshell wax from falling onto the floor area, you can put it on the egg carton. Fill the egg carton evenly to make it look more beautiful and maximal.

DIY Eggshell Candle from housebeautiful

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Easter Egg Candles

Easter eggs are one of the accents that can be used to emphasize the spring theme this year. Take advantage of the existence of this Easter egg for a few candles that can be used as lighting as well as decorative items that can be multifunctional. To decorate it, you only need a gold paper that has been cut into small round shapes so that it has a cute and sweet gold polka dot pattern. After this gold paper has been installed neatly, the Easter egg candle is ready to be used to decorate one of the tables in your home. Apply it on the Easter egg using adhesive glue that is quite sturdy, this idea is quite easy to do by yourself.

Polka Dot Easter Candle from housebeautiful

Spring Candle Centerpiece

To make a statement on the spring dining table, you can use a glass candle holder that is surrounded by various types of blooming flowers. This spring candle can be used as a colorful centerpiece decoration and of course, gives a fragrant aroma to the surrounding area. Not only blooming flowers, to make it look more lush you can combine it with green plants that are still fresh. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use candles with unusual colors, pink candles are an option that can bring a feminine feel. Besides being able to be used as lighting ideas, these spring-themed candles can also be used as decorations and beautiful decorative items.

Flower Candle Centerpiece from homebnc

Candle Lantern Holder

Bring a traditional feel to your dining room decor by using a wooden candle lantern that can be decorated with fresh leaves and lavender flowers. Use fresh rosemary leaves as a complement and can be used as a sweet finishing touch, apply on the lantern area neatly and not too much. This candle lantern can be moved to any area according to the needs of the room. Don’t forget to use reclaimed wood as the main material, which is cheap and looks vintage. White is one of the paints that you can use for a more neutral look, you can use it as a spring centerpiece decoration.

Traditional Candle Lantern from homebnc

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DIY Terracotta Candles

Faux grass and moss is the right combination to decorate your candle set. The two will work well together to produce a great display. Every table definitely needs seasonal decorations, candle sets with natural green decorations that are applied in terracotta pots are an option that you can try with your family. After this candle set is ready to use, then you can place it on a wood slice with a flat surface. This makes the appearance seem more rustic and of course never out of date. The ribbon on the outer surface makes for a very easy embellishment to apply.

Terracotta Spring Candle from evermine

Print Wrapped Candles

Get floral print paper with a material that is thick enough to be used as a candle holder that will instantly bring the spirit of spring into your home. The layout of the candle in the paper holder must also be considered, because if it is too close it will burn easily. If you want this candle to be one of the focal points of the room then consider using more than one. Use these printed paper candles in different sizes and floral patterns to create a rustic spring table decoration that looks stunning. This paper holder candle will make your guests say wow.

DIY Floral Paper Candle from town-n-country-living


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