55 Ideas for the Spring Mason Jar Decors

The mason jar can be used for any utilization. That is why it is really recommended for you not to throw them away. Reusing it will be more functional. In this case, it won’t be only about the ornament or home decoration needs, but also for something more functional such as holder, storage, and more. Of course, not to make the mason jar be seen as boring, you should decorate it. The decoration of the jar will also add value to the jar so that everything can be seen as more proper. Well, it won’t be that difficult to decorate the jar where you just need to paint it. Or, you can also wrap it by using fabric, paper, or ribbon. After that, you can add the jar with some accessories to make it prettier.

Using the jars to store things will be the most common way when you are reusing them. Anyway, it will be also really possible for you to use the jars for your spring decoration. Well, its function to store things will still be possible to have because you just need to decorate the jars with spring touches. Or, you can let the jar with its clear appearance and put some colorful snacks there for the spring touch. In case you don’t want it to store things and simply want it to be the ornament, then you can decorate the jars in your best way. Here are examples of the designs that you can adapt.

Floral Fabric Mason Jar from countryliving

Candlestick Easter Candy from countryliving

Chocolate Easter Bunny Jar from countryliving

Bunny Munch Mason Jars from countryliving

Striped Pastel Mason Jars from countryliving

Bunny Mason Jar Theme from countryliving

Easter Mason Candy Jar from countryliving

Animal Themed Jars from countryliving

Easter Succulents Vases from countryliving

Pastel Paint Mason Jar Vase from countryliving

Egg Speckled Mason Jars from countryliving

DIY Tulip Vase from countryliving

Label Spring Decor from prudentpennypincher

Paint Easter Bunny Vase from prudentpennypincher

Easter Egg Centerpieces from prudentpennypincher

Easter Mason Jar Craft from prudentpennypincher

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Jars from prudentpennypincher

Glitter Chick Decor from prudentpennypincher

Painted Spring Mason Jar from prudentpennypincher

Mason Jar Spring Pattern from prudentpennypincher

Mason Jar Rabbit Pattern from prudentpennypincher

Different Mason Jar Vases from prudentpennypincher

Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece from prudentpennypincher

Patterned Pastel Paint Mason Jar from prudentpennypincher

Pastel Easter Egg Vases from prudentpennypincher

Jelly Bean Jar Easter Centerpiece from prudentpennypincher

Lavender Painted Vases from prudentpennypincher

Spring Mason Jar Decorative from prudentpennypincher

Carrot Floral Crate Centerpiece from prudentpennypincher

Vase Herb Garden from architectureartdesigns

Flower Vase Windowsill Decor from architectureartdesigns

Mason Jar Planter With Air Plants from architectureartdesigns

Coastal Mason Jar Theme from architectureartdesigns

DIY Mason Jar Votives from architectureartdesigns

Pineapple Mason Jar from architectureartdesigns

Polka Dot Mason Jar Vase from architectureartdesigns

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Mason Jar Vase Wall Decor from prettydesigns

Vintage Mason Jar Vase from prettydesigns

Gold Spring Mason Jar from prettydesigns

Home Mason Jar Sign from prettydesigns

Spring Mason Jar Vases from prettydesigns

DIY Easter Bunny Jar from diyncrafts

Printable Label Jar Toppers from diyncrafts

Painted Mason Jar Planter from diyncrafts

Bunny Tails Jar Centerpiece from diyncrafts

Mason Jar Easter Yellow Chick from diyncrafts

Farmhouse Country Look from diyncrafts

Easter Tree Planter from diyncrafts

Colorful Bunny Jar Toppers from diyncrafts

Shabby Chic Mason Jar Vase from hometalk

Spring Mason Jar Candle from acultivatednest

Butterfly Mason Jar Vases from ashadeofteal

Painted Rose Mason Jars from itallstartedwithpaint

Pastel Ombre Spray Vase from kastyles

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