How to Provide Pretty yet Proper Vanity Table

For every woman, vanity is something important that it is a must to have. The beauty of vanity can influence your mood in spending your time there. Anyway, in choosing the vanity, you should consider the two important parts. The first one is for the mirror, then the second one is for the table that will include the storage or drawer there. Of course, there will be so many aesthetic vanity designs, but, you should make sure that you choose the one that won’t only be aesthetic but also functional. Make sure that all your stuff needed can be stored well and the mirror has a perfect size for you. Don’t forget to also install the lighting that will help you when doing the makeup there.

Try a Focal Point Vanity Table

This vanity table mounted on a mirror wall will provide good stability because it does not use up too much floor area. This is a very practical solution for your small room if you want to present the focal point of the room. In addition, the vanity tables that you can choose are also those that have a bolder color than the other interiors around them. Orange is one of the color choices that you can try. On the top surface of this vanity table, you can also add a tall glass vase filled with flowers with tall stems. Stainless steel chair is a combination that is highly recommended because it has a style that matches the vanity table that is used today.

Colored Vanity Table from decoist

DIY Floating Vanity Table

There are several efforts you can make to install and use a vanity table in a room with a smaller and limited size. The first thing you can do is choose the right and proper vanity table. Well, for now, you can use the empty wall for the installation of a multifunctional floating vanity table because it is enhanced with several storage drawers that you can use as needed. Mirrors are a must-have interior mix in this area as an area to check your appearance before leaving the room. Use a chair with the appropriate height for the maximum comfort you can get, you can remodel this room, and good luck!

Solid Wood Vanity from decoist

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Dress Up Old Vanity Table

Rejuvenate your old vanity table for a newer and more eye-catching look. The first thing you can do is clean it using a cloth and then you can repaint it with a choice of colors that suit your taste. The design of this vanity table is perfected with a folding mirror underneath which is equipped with hidden storage that you can use to put some of your make-up tools. Next, you can put a flower arrangement in bloom on the top surface of this vanity as a decoration that can be easily found in your backyard garden decoration. Use a painted vase to add color and pattern to a room.

Repaint Old Vanity Table from decoist

Making with Natural Material

Rattan is one material that never fails when it is turned into furniture in your home, including a vanity set design that you can apply in a bedroom decoration. Look at this rattan vanity table, doesn’t it look prettier and seem more environmentally friendly? Yes, you can buy and choose it at a lower cost. Don’t forget to repaint with a transparent color so that it has a more shiny and clean surface. This mirror with a rattan frame is a built-in accessory that can be used properly and will be very useful for you. The design of this vanity table is perfected with sturdy metal legs that are not easily porous.

Rattan Vanity Table from decoist

Add a Seating Area

It’s a good idea to add a stool in the vanity table area as a very comfortable sitting area to use whenever you want and can be adjusted to your needs. Stool selection needs to be considered for maximum comfort, try to choose a stool with a height that matches the vanity table so that it is more balanced and safe for your back. The existence of this vanity table is perfected with patterned wallpaper which will be the background while making the room look more pleasant. You can easily apply a classic touch through the use of a hanging mirror which is covered with a gold frame with a unique and antique shape.

Corner Vanity Table from decoist

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Install Built-in Vanity Table

The best way to save space in your small house is to choose all the right and appropriate interiors. When you have limited space and still want to use a vanity table, choose a floating design that can be applied to an empty wall. This floating vanity table only uses a small area of the floor and makes it easier for you to carry out regular maintenance. Choose a chair with the appropriate size and height as a sitting area, then you can put this chair under the floating vanity to save more floor space. For a more beautiful and feminine look, add a series of roses in a pastel ceramic vase.

Wall Mounted Vanity Table from decoist

Elegant Beachy Vibes

You can choose the theme or style of this vanity table according to the taste you want. When you want a beach theme, the first thing you can do is apply clean white shades. Another interior that you can use to emphasize this beach theme is to use a mirror with a sea shell frame that has been repainted as well. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the top surface of the vanity using some marine elements such as shells and seaweed ornaments with a fairly large size. This vanity table made of transparent glass with rattan is the right combination that you can choose because it has a beautiful and unique appearance.

Coral Themed Vanity Table from decoist

Bring in Brass Touch Ideas

There is nothing wrong with adding a touch of brass to the vanity table design that has a contemporary modern style. This brass accent can be applied to the use of vanity legs and stools to give a different luxurious color and of course it becomes a shiny point when exposed to reflected light or sunlight entering the room. Perform routine maintenance on this furniture to minimize rust and easily porous. Another brass accent that you can use is a vase filled with blooming flower arrangements. The black and white nuances in this room make the vanity look bold and can be used as the focal point of the room.

Modern Vanity Table from decoist

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Mirror LED Lighting Ideas

Modern vanity tables usually have special lighting for better lighting and are complemented by soft backs for sitting. This lighting is applied to the use of mirrors with built-in bulbs that have white lighting. Stainlees steel vanity table itself has a smoother surface, is sturdy and harmless. Another lighting that you can use is sunlight that can enter through a large glass window, open your curtains as wide as possible in the morning before noon. Place the vanity table in the corner of the room or rather next to your glass window in this room.

Minimalist Vanity Table from deavita

Use Recycled Vanity Suitcase

Do you need a vanity table design with a different style and shape? If so, then you can reuse the old suitcase as the main ingredient of the vanity table design that can be placed in any room that has a free corner. This DIY suitcase vanity can be done by yourself easily and doesn’t require a lot of expenses, so it is perfect for those of you who want to be on a budget. In addition to being cheaper, this vanity design is also able to present an instant vintage impression. This vanity table takes up less space but will take more time and effort to install. Add a wooden leg that has been painted with black so that it has the appropriate height in general.

Vintage Style Vanity Table from amazinginteriordesign


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