How to Apply Cinder Blocks for Your Aesthetic Home Decoration

It is amazing how the cinder block can be utilized in many things and being inserted into your indoor home decoration. Well, it might be seen as something unfinished and not sleek but it could be really aesthetic. If you want it, you can even paint it for a more sleek look. However, if you want to have a rustic impression, you can simply apply the cinder block without giving any touch to it. The main thing that you should do is to make sure that you clean the cinder block so that it won’t produce dust inside your home. The utilization itself could be really varied. You can use it for the planter, rack, table, and more. Look at the following image references so that you can get the ideas to utilize the cinder block for your home decoration.

Four cinder blocks are enough to make a very attractive planter display design for your porch decoration. This planter display design looks even more modern because it was repainted using a bold red color that looks fun. For easier application of plant pots, you can combine them with open wooden shelves as the right combination of materials. The plants that you can use are various types of flowers with different colors so that they are more colorful and can make the porch area more attractive to guests who come to your home. Modern planter display from homebnc.

An easy way to bring an aesthetic impression into your home decor is to use one of the furniture in it using the main material of cinder block. Now you can change the cinder block material and wood into a TV stand design that will stand firmly. In addition to being a TV stand, the empty space can also be used as a storage area and can also be used to place a woven storage basket that has three equal sizes. This furniture can be used for a long period of time because it is not easily porous. Cinder block TV stand from homebnc.

Do you need a storage area for your books when you are at home? If so, then bookshelves are a great storage idea that you can make easily and inexpensively. There are not too many Cinder blocks needed, you can arrange them vertically and horizontally according to the picture above. Wood is a combination that will work well together to be used as an open bookshelf, choose and use hard and sturdy wood materials so that they are not easily porous when used for a long period of time. DIY
cinder block bookshelves
from homebnc.

Other easy furniture that you can make from cinder block with wood is a mini deck design that can be perfected with a dark colored chair with a softer surface. You can make this DIY desk yourself without having to spend a lot of money. Don’t let the top surface of this desk look plain and boring, you can decorate it with a series of green plants that can be applied to a transparent jar filled with water. This Cinder block has an empty hole that can be used optimally as a built-in storage area. DIY desk from homebnc.

Another option for turning cinder blocks into a decorative piece of an aesthetic home is to use them as a faux fireplace that can be stacked vertically. Next you can put a candle in the hole in the cinder block for dim and dramatic lighting that can make the atmosphere of the room feel warmer. The more candles you use, the warmer the room will be at night. The center of this cinder block fireplace can be filled with green plants that have the appropriate height as a fresh decoration that can be obtained easily. Faux cinder block fireplace from homebnc.

Cinder block is one of the materials that can make your bedroom decoration look aesthetically pleasing. Now you can turn it into a platform bed with a harder and stronger material. The existence of this cinder block will also be more multifunctional when you reuse it as a shoe storage area. Look, doesn’t it look simple but works well? Red brick walls with wooden floors become interiors made of other materials that instantly add to the industrial atmosphere in the room. Cinder block platform bed from homebnc.

These two vertically arranged cinder blocks can be perfected with one cinder block so that it can be turned into a nightstand that can be placed in this bedroom decoration. Complete the look of this nightstand with indoor greenery of different types and sizes. Not only plants, but you can also use it to store some of your favorite magazines that you often read. Do the making of this nightstand yourself to save budget expenses. Cinder block nightstand from homebnc.

A guest table made of cinder block and transparent glass is not thought of by many people, so you can try it well and maximally. This Cinder block can be used as a sturdy table leg. You can repaint it with plain white for a more elegant and modern look. It’s not enough to get here, you can glue the cinder block with a transparent glass table so that it doesn’t fall off easily or come off when it hits a guest or yourself. Decorate the coffee table with green plants that are not too large. Elegant coffee table from homebnc.

This side table design which is dominated by cinder block material gives an instant natural impression. You can combine it with wooden boards as a combination of materials that can work well together to store a large number of books. Both have a hard and sturdy surface so you don’t have to worry about large amounts of storage. No need to repaint the cinder block or the wood, let them come with original colors that seem to attract attention. DIY side table storage from homebnc.

Take advantage of the cinder block you have at home so that it can be used better. What you can do is reuse it as a sturdy dining table leg. These four vertically arranged cinder blocks are sufficient for a standard height, combined with a wooden plank that is wide enough to provide a smooth and comfortable surface. Surround this dining table with dining chairs made of wood. Cinder block dining table legs from homebnc.

Do you want to have a relaxing area on the porch? If so, then you can design a bench that is perfected with a side table equipped with wheel legs. Use a bench with a simple design and of course use materials that you have around your house. This DIY cinder block bench combined with thick wood will become a comfortable sitting area because the top layer is perfected with a tufted seat cushion that has a beautiful pattern. Throw pillows are additional accents that you can use simultaneously. Porch DIY bench from deavita.

The corner of the room will be more useful when you use it as an area to put standing shelves. Make this storage with two different materials, for example, you can combine cinder block material with wooden boards that have a neutral color. Both will work well together when used as a storage for books and some of the ornaments you have. You can also place green plants in this area as a fresh decoration that you can easily get in the backyard garden area. Corner standing shelves from deavita.

Choose and use cinder block to be the main material for a TV stand in the living room, this material is easy to find at a selling price that is not too expensive so it is perfect for those of you who want to save on expenses. Do a repaint with white for a cleaner, elegant and beautiful look. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with wood to create a surface that can be used for storage. First, the wood paint that will be used is black to make it look more glossy and modern look. Cinder block and wooden TV stand from deavita.

There is nothing wrong with using cinder block material into modern living room decorations. Because now you can combine it with wood that has been repainted with a clean white color. Make these two materials into a multifunctional room divider. The Cinder block that is being used today has a beautiful pattern and is different from the others, another advantage that you can get is that it can be used as storage for some of the beautiful ornaments you have. Apply vertically to have more storage space. Multifunction divider room from deavita.

Cinder block material can be applied to any interior and can also be placed in any room as needed. Currently, what you can apply is cinder block kitchen shelves which can be repainted in solid black. This painting is intended to make it look more attractive. You can combine it with a wooden board for a more even surface and can be used to place several bottles that are used to store some kitchen spices. You can try it right now. Repaint kitchen shelves from deavita.

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