How to Provide a Coffee Station for Your Home

For the coffee lover and the ones who can’t start the day without having a cup of coffee first, having a coffee station is such a must. You can provide a coffee machine that is based on your budget since there are so many kinds of machines that you can choose from. Then, you should also provide the jars for your coffee stocks. You may also need a rack for your cups, spoon, and other appliances. Well, after all of the needs are fulfilled, then you should also consider the beauty of the decorations. You can add a simple ornament like a vase of flowers or greenery. Or, you can install a simple wreath or garlands. There are some references that you can copy for the coffee station designs as follow.

Coffee Station with Floating Shelves

To reduce the burden of your counter space, additional storage is a smart idea that you can do easily. For example, you can add floating shelves that are applied in the corner of the room so that it will work well and of course, this wall area will be of better use. With this, you can use the counter area more optimally to prepare drinks for all as a warm dish when the weather in the room feels colder. Don’t forget to add some decorative items to your homes such as blooming flower arrangements and greenery wreaths that are hung on an empty wall. This plant will give a fresh impression of the room instantly.

Corner Coffee Table from homebnc

Modern Farmhouse Style

The decoration of this coffee station has a modern farmhouse theme that has a fresh look with a vintage feel. You can use simple shades that are dominated by a splash of white. This coffee station will be one of the priorities in the house because it is an area to serve hot drinks that will accompany your morning before your activities. For more well-organized storage, you can use a dresser to make it closed storage that will protect all your mugs from dirt or dust. You can try this coffee station idea well and maximally.

Shabby Chic Look from homebnc

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Wood and Metal Cart Coffee Station

Of course you need a storage area for the coffee station area in the room. If you want to have a coffee station that is well-organized and neat, then you can use a cart that has a material that is quite sturdy and doesn’t break easily when used for a long period of time. The recommended materials are gold-colored wood and metal that are not easy to rust. These two materials will work well together, no need to repaint the wood, just let it appear naturally. Just choose a cart that has several sections so you can keep all your coffee station needs more organized.

Tiered Cart Coffee Station from homebnc

Hidden Coffee Station

To hide the mess that is in this coffee station, you can use a hidden style that is behind the cabinet. Inside this cabinet, there are three floating shelves that can be used to place some necessities and stationery supplies. Use teak wood for these floating shelves to have a firmer and smoother surface. Avoid repainting for a natural impression that is very environmentally friendly. This coffee station will become a favorite area in the morning to serve and enjoy drinks or it can be to entertain your guests.

Organization Coffee Station from homebnc

Monochromatic Themed Decor

Black with white is a color combination that will never fail when applied to any room, including coffee station decorations. These two colors work well together to create a monochromatic theme that never goes out of style. Start decorating this room by painting and applying shades of white to some room interiors such as walls and dressers. Furthermore, to bring a touch of black nuance, you can use a black blackboard that can be used as a room sign that you can write yourself according to your thoughts and desires. Finish off this décor with a wreath greenery large enough to hang on an empty wall.

Black and White Coffee Station from homebnc

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Small Space Coffee Station Ideas

No need to worry when you have home decorations with limited space and still want to present a coffee station area. Dedicate a corner of your house to make the station coffee area according to your dreams. Start by using a dresser that is able to store all the equipment and necessities needed neatly and perfectly. Don’t let the wall area look plain and boring, now you can hang some of the painting frames you have as the focal point of a beautiful room. Finally, repaint the dresser with white paint so that it has color harmony with the walls of the house you are using.

Small and Neat Coffee Station from homebnc

Valentine Coffee Station Celebration

One way to get focus on your kitchen area is to use a Valentine’s Day theme this year in one corner of the room with a theme and style that matches. The area that you can change is the coffee station decoration with a smaller size so that it will be easier for you when making renovations. Decorations that you can do is to wrap the cabinet doors with ribbons and hearts that are dominated by pink. Don’t forget to use a love-themed mug that will add color and pattern as well as help you enjoy a drink that can also be served to friends or family who come. Procurement of this coffee station is not difficult and very on budget.

Hearth Patterned Coffee Station from homebnc

Simple Portable Coffee Station

Do you need a coffee station for daily use? If so, then you can use a portable coffee station which is equipped with several open shelves and wheel legs that can be moved to any room according to your needs. There is nothing wrong with serving your guests. Each of these open shelves will arrange all the items you need in a neat and orderly arrangement. This cart looks more stylish when you repaint it with solid black so it looks shiny and cleaner. The advantage of using this station coffee cart is that it makes it easier for you to find out which equipment has run out.

Black Iron Coffee Station from homebnc

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Straw Tray for Countertop Coffee Station

If you have a smaller and limited room, then you can apply a coffee station in the corner of the countertop to save space and not interfere with its main function. So that all the needs of this coffee station are arranged properly, you can use a straw tray that is large enough. Get this tray at a price that is not too expensive to save more expenses. In addition to giving a natural impression, this station coffee tray also has a simpler appearance but still attracts attention. Take it anywhere you want, into the living room decor or into the bedroom.

Straw Tray Coffee Station from homebnc

Corner Home Office Coffee Station

There’s nothing wrong with adding a coffee station cart in your home office decor to relax your mind. Just put it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space during activities, or rather next to the desk for a closer reach. Because it has several open shelves, you can use them all according to your needs. Besides having a simple and sleek appearance, this coffee station cart can also be moved to any area easily because it has a size that is not too big. The side of this cart is perfected with a hook that can be used to hang some of the mugs you have.

Home Office Coffee Station from homebnc