How to Provide Summer Wall Decoration

It can be said that decorating the wall is such an effective way to create a certain decoration impression. It is because when using the wall, you don’t need to use any space in your home which is great especially if you have only such a small home space. Including for this summer, if you want to add a summer touches to your home, you can surely use your wall where you can apply many things there. It is amazing where you can simply apply some wall gallery with your own painting, your family pictures, or some scenery pictures. Also, you can apply some ornament there like a dream catcher in the summer theme, a craft, and more. If you love plants, you can even have the hanging greenery there. If you want to have a summer touch without even adding any stuff to your wall, you can even simply apply the wallpaper there. Or, make a mural painting with a summer theme. Awesome, right? Get the ideas down below in case you need some references.

Colorful Summer Wall Gallery

Don’t let your wall decor look plain with a layer of white paint that dominates it. The first decoration that you can try is to hang some frame paintings that have a touch of summer. The painting patterns that you can choose from are floral, pineapple, watermelon and lemon patterns. Finish off this colorful wall decor with greenery hanging and hanging around it. Hang green plants on the wall using white macrame that has a color match with the wall paint you are currently using. Throw pillows that have patterns and are full of colors add to the cheerfulness of the room.

Nature Themed Decoration

There is nothing wrong with incorporating green plants into your room, one thing you can try is to use it as a summer wall decoration. Choose and use several floating pots that have the same size, shape and material. After that, you can hang it using a rope with different heights to make it look more varied. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use different types of plants ranging from blooming flowers and succulent plants that hang down. Butterfly ornaments complete the summer wall display that you can try right now.

Floating Shelves with Pot Plants

Take advantage of the empty wall area to use as a summer decoration that you can do yourself easily and cheaply. Decorations that you can try are floating shelves filled with a variety of green plants of different types and sizes. This DIY shelf is made of two easy-to-find materials, wood with sturdy black straps to make a neat combination and instantly bring an industrial theme. With the floating pot of this green plant, you will get the maximum touch of summer, do regular maintenance so that this indoor plant can last longer.

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Rainbow Wall Paint

An easy way to decorate your walls in the summer is to repaint them with several colors of choice with a beautiful rainbow pattern. The colors you can combine are purple, yellow, blue and green. Just choose a rainbow color tone with a calm and beautiful pastel theme. For paint rainbow decorations, you can now apply it to your child’s bedroom decoration. This wall decoration idea is easy to do yourself without the need for professionals so that it is more on budget.

Summer Beach Touch

There is nothing wrong with combining a summer theme with a beach in the same room, for example, if you apply it to the living room decoration. The first decoration that you should pay attention to is the wall design so it doesn’t look plain because this room will be the area that is used most often. Start by hanging three beach paintings dominated by a touch of light blue. These two themes will work well together and are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. One of the advantages of using beach painting is that it makes the room feel brighter and more colorful.

Green Palm Wallpaper

To welcome summer this year, try covering the walls with a wallpaper that has a pattern that matches this season. Wallpaper with a tropical palm theme is one of the best choices that you can try. Apply this wallpaper in a living room decoration so that it can be used as the focal point of the room and able to give a different look to the people who see it. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it with a large tree that can be placed in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space while in this living room.

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Gorgeous Floral Wall Art

If you are creative enough, then try making some wall art. Start by making some canvas paintings that have blooming flower patterns. Choose and combine some bold colors like orange, pink, red, purple and dark blue. Before you hang this art painting, first repaint the wall with plain white paint. With this, your wall art will look bolder and attract attention. Pay attention to the layout and spacing between these paintings to get a more elegant and neat look.

Natural Branch with Photos

Dry twigs combined with this string light will be the perfect combination for your wall decor in the summer. Complete the look of this branch with a collection of family photos that you have. Paste this photo with adhesive glue so that it can stick to the wall firmly and not easily come off when used for a long period of time. Get these dry twigs in your backyard garden without having to buy them, saving you even more money. Blooming flower arrangements can be placed underneath as an additional decoration that emphasizes the summer theme.

Butterfly Painting Framed

Apply some butterfly paintings to your wall to make it a summer touch that you can get instantly. This butterfly painting is perfected with a wooden frame that has been repainted in deep black so it looks more elegant and beautiful. This painting also has a variety of different sizes so it looks more varied. The color choices are also very diverse ranging from pink, yellow, blue and green. All of these colors will work well together in the same area of the wall. The pattern of this butterfly is also different and looks very beautiful.

DIY 3D Floral Wall Bedroom

Decorate the walls of your bedroom with 3D paper flowers that have different colors and sizes. Use paper with several different colors for a more colorful appearance and make the room look fun. You can DIY this wall hanging by yourself using folded paper and adhesive glue. Apply it to the corner of the wall so that it can be used as a photo background when needed. This wall decoration gives a feminine impression that many women like. Try this craft well and maximally.

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Flamingo Sticker Wall Art

Do you have walls with light pink color? To emphasize the summer theme through this wall decoration, try sticking some flamingo stickers with a choice of colors that match the wall paint that is currently being used. This color gives a feminine feel to the room so you can apply it to the walls of your daughter’s bedroom. With this sticker, the wall surface does not look so plain and boring. Get this sticker at the nearest craft store or you can buy it online so it’s more practical and hassle free. Paste with a distance that is not too far or not too close.

Vintage Summer Wall Art

The shiplap walls, which are painted in plain white, are complemented by vintage ornaments and two hanging pots filled with ferns. This plant will emphasize the summer theme in this white living room decoration. Don’t forget to fill this part of the pot with clean water to minimize your indoor plants from wilting easily when used for a long period of time. Vintage ornaments that you can hang are paintings with wooden frames and woven baskets with bohemian patterns. The interior, which is dominated by a combination of black and white, presents a monochromatic theme instantly.

Beach Ornament Wall Decoration

Not only painting can decorate your summer wall. For a different look and decoration idea, you can hang some favorite marine ornaments. These sea ornaments start from fish, sea horses, starfish and several lanterns that give a vintage impression. To emphasize the summer beach theme on this wall, then repaint the wall surface with dark blue paint to be used as a room background that will make your ornaments look bolder.

Lemon Canvas for Summer Vibes

This part of the wall which is painted with light blue color will be the main background that emphasizes the summer theme. Then you can complete it with two canvas paintings that have a fresh lemon pattern with a combination of yellow and blue colors. These two colors will look contrast but provide an attractive appearance that can be used as the focal point of the room. Finish with a throw pillow in bold colors like yellow and a blue linen sofa that looks calm. Green plants are placed in several different areas into a combination of natural decorations that can be obtained easily in the backyard garden.

Tropical Mural Ideas

If you are a skilled painter then apply your skills to home decor this summer. What you can do is paint a mural on a plain wall. One of the mural themes that is suitable for summer is the tropical nuance which is dominated by the patterns of ferns, banana trees and monstera trees with various sizes that are quite large. Look at the tropical mural with a pink paint background, isn’t it very contrasting and eye-catching? Yes, you can try it optimally to give a different decoration or look to the room.


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