How to Use Crochet for Your Home Decor

The crochet has its own interesting side with the patterns possible made and the color combination. Additionally, it is really possible to add crochet to your home decoration. It won’t only about the ornament but can also be used for your home accessories and furniture. For your living room, you can have a crochet rug, cushions, lampshade, and more. For your bedroom, you can have a crochet blanket, pillow cover, or wall ornament. The other possible stuff that you can have with crochet materials are dream catchers, decorative planters, coasters, etc. Check the following ideas about how to use crochet for your home decoration and get inspired!

Mandala Crochet Carpet

Replace the usual carpet in the living room decor with this eye-catching crochet pattern. It will add style and warm personal touch to your home decor. You can choose this carpet with a round shape that looks more attractive and of course, you can use a size large enough to cover more of the floor. The existence of this carpet will add to the comfort of your footwear and will be a great project that can be tried properly and maximally.

Colorful DIY Roses

This crochet craft that has the shape of a rose will be a table decoration that you can place in any room as needed. You can use a touch of three different colors to add color to the room, three colors that you can combine are red, orange, and white. These three colors will work well together. The glass jar that is used as a vase is the best container that can be made into this crochet flower arrangement, you can decorate the room with this creative craft.

Bohemian Lantern Ideas

You can apply this colorful lantern crochet pattern to bohemian-themed bedroom decor. The existence of this crochet lantern will add a DIY interior that looks simple but looks very creative and smart. You can do this craft yourself by learning some basic stitches. Not only lantern accents, but you can also make crochet garlands to decorate the bed while adding a bright color to the room.

Boho Blanket in the Living Room

Cover your velvet sofa with a crochet blanket that will make your sitting surface warmer. You can choose this blanket with a beautiful bohemian pattern. Usually, this pattern is used in bohemian-themed room decor with a vintage touch that never goes out of fashion. This DIY crochet also includes the use of a colorful carpet that can be used as a wall decoration that can be applied to the back of the sofa in this living room. The green plants around it are an additional color as well as a natural decoration that can be found in the backyard garden.

Colorful Blanket with Pom-Pom Accent

To add color to your bedroom decor, cover the bedding with a colorful blanket. The blankets used have beautiful patterns and bright colors. Purple, pink, blue, and brown are the color combinations that you can combine with this crochet blanket. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also perfect the look of the blanket with pom-pom accents that have a different color combination, get this blanket at the nearest store or you can buy it online.

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Unique Shaped Table Runner

Add different patterns and colors to your dining table to get a more varied look in the room. For example, you can coat the wooden dining table with a table runner that has a unique shape. The combination of white and brown on this table runner is the right color combination, perfecting this dining table with a beautiful flower arrangement that is blooming. This crochet table runner can be washed when it starts to get dusty and dirty.

White Crochet Pillowcase

There’s nothing wrong with adding a throw pillow on your sofa as an added comfort when in this living room. Use a pillowcase that has the same color as the sofa you are using, white being the best color because it is neutral and fits well with other interiors around it. Besides having a softer surface, this pillow with a crochet pillowcase layer is also warmer. This pillowcase can be removed when it starts to get dirty so it is free from dust and dirt and is safer for your children.

DIY Bottle Vase Cover

Reuse old bottles that are not used as indoor plant vases that you can hang on the shelf provided. Cover the bottle part of your vase with DIY crochet that has a gray color. With this, the bottle vase that is used will have a more beautiful and elegant outer surface. Use this vase with vines for a fresh look, the feel of the room dominated by white makes this plant vase bottle bolder. You can choose a custom from this crochet as you wish.

Handicrafts Coaster Crochet

Present a different atmosphere on the coffee table by using crochet coaster handicrafts as additional decorations that are unique and also interesting. This DIY craft will make the atmosphere more vintage and warm. Handicrafts coaster crochet white on a brown wooden table will make it more contrast so that it will create a new center of attention in the coffee table area. Meanwhile, the existence of a flower arrangement on the coaster is an additional natural decoration that you can get in the backyard garden without having to buy it.

Patterned Crochet Cushions

Fill your spare time to make a useful craft. For example, by crocheting some pillows that have a floral pattern for unique bedroom decoration. Try to make several different patterns to make the bedroom look more colorful. Bohemian patterns with floral patterns are the right mix and are ready to make your bedding or bedroom decor more colorful. Three pillows with the same material will add to your warmth and comfort when lying on this mattress.

Hanging Crochet Vase

If you want a wall decor that is different from the others, try using crochet pots for hanging plant pots. Use a crochet pot that has a color that matches the wall to make it look harmonious and not tacky, white is a neutral color that can be combined with any color. Just hang it on the hook that is already on the wall to apply it. Vines are the best idea you can choose to fill this DIY planter pot.

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Floor Pouf for Extra Seating

Look at these two ottomans made of crochet, aren’t they very eye-catching? Yes, you can have it in two different sizes to make it look more diverse and varied. This crochet ottoman will be a new interior that you can place in a living room decoration as extra seating when you have a large number of families. Of course, it has a soft and warm surface so it is very comfortable when used to relax all day on the weekend.

Large Crochet Coaster Pattern

Give a different touch to the surface of your table with a coaster that has a size large enough. You can also choose this crochet coaster with a fairly large size and with a bold color like bright green. This coaster will be more durable when used for a long period of time because it is not easily torn or damaged when used for a long period of time. The material used is also very smooth and easy to wash again, get this coaster now.

DIY Crochet Dreamcatcher

Fill the empty space on the walls of the room by using a DIY crochet dreamcatcher. The combination of brown and white makes the DIY crochet dreamcatcher look classic. The material you need to prepare now is a rattan circle covered with white paint and two colors of yarn to create a pattern on a DIY crochet dreamcatcher. The dominance of brown on the outside and white in the middle is an extraordinary work. Hang it on a wall to be used as a decoration that never goes out of style and is suitable when combined with any room decor.

Gray Color Ottoman

Do you need a warm and appropriate sitting area in a small room? If so, then the use of a footstool is a smart idea that you can have. Just use a crochet footstool in gray to make it easier to combine it with other interiors around it. Also, combine it with wooden legs to make it more sturdy in use for a long time. You can buy it at the nearest furniture store at an affordable price.

Colorful Crochet Pillow

Combine several different colors of yarn when you make a crochet pillow to complement your modern living room interior. The combination of pink, yellow and blue will be the right combination that you can use. Place this pillow on a gray linen sofa for a comfortable sitting surface you can get while relaxing. These crochet pillows and blankets are perfect for use in winter because they have a smooth, soft, and very warm material or surface.

DIY Basket Storage

Storage space is of course always needed in every room of your house. Therefore you can make it easier and of course with the materials or skills you have. For now, you can make a storage basket that can be used to store clean towels in your bathroom. Also, decorate the outer surface of this crochet basketball using a ribbon made of lace rope and the colors can also blend well when combined with this orange crochet thread.

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Apply Long Table Runner

This crochet table runner which has a beautiful pattern has a combination of black and white, making it easier to match with the color of the dining table currently in use. You can choose this table runner with a fairly long size, or you can adjust it to the size of the dining table you are using. This table runner pattern is suitable for application in any style of dining room, including modern, farmhouse, or contemporary styles. You can get this crochet table runner at your nearest craft store.

Crochet Pots for Windowsill Ideas

Decorate your windowsill with several colored and patterned pots. You can make this pot with crochet material which is dominated by plain white. Just choose these three crochet pots of different sizes, and adjust them to the size of your plant. Plants that you can apply in this room are frangipani flowers and snake plants which have quite low maintenance. The placement of these indoor plants is very appropriate because they will get enough sunlight, besides that these indoor plants can also be seen from the outside.

Color Block Carpet DIY

Cover the surface of your living room floor with a crochet carpet that has three different color blocks. The colors you can combine are blue, yellow, and purple, they all work well together. This rug also has a medium size that you can apply right under the sofa in use. Green plants that are placed right next to the carpet add natural color. This crochet rug is suitable for decorating the living room in any style, including modern, minimalist, or contemporary styles.

Crochet Wall Decoration

A crochet garland that has a shape resembling a mandala can be used as one of the wall decorations in a room that you like. Just apply it right in the corner of the home office as a different view so it’s not monotonous and boring. Use five different colors, ranging from light to dark for more variety. To make or buy this crochet garland does not require a lot of expenses so it is perfect for those of you who want to save money.

Rainbow Throw Pillows

Insert throw pillows with other shapes and colors into your room to make it the focal point of the room. For example, you can choose and buy a crochet throw pillow with a beautiful and elegant rainbow pattern and color. Choose two throw pillows with splashes of different colors so that the sofa used is more colorful and brings the feel of the room more pleasant. Red, yellow, green, blue, and white become a color combination that can blend perfectly and maximally.

DIY Cactus Home Decoration

Another pattern you can do for craft ideas is a cactus design that can be applied to a clean white ceramic vase. This cactus crochet has a mix of green, blue and black colors to accent the mouth and eyes. You can make it as a table decoration or windowsill so that it can be seen from inside or outside the room. Make it easily according to the video instructions you see. Make more than one so that it can be used as the focal point of the room.

Crochet Garland Decoration

Don’t let your wall or fireplace decor look plain and boring. For now, you can make a crochet garland with a round shape that has a beautiful pattern and attractive color. Make a garland with a size long enough so that it can be used as the focal point of the room and of course, has a very high level of creativity. Get the crochet materials needed at the nearest craft shop, you can choose cheap materials to save on expenses.

Mosaic Crochet Pouf

If you have a talent for crochet then use it to add a new decoration to your home. For example, you can make a floor pouf that can be placed in your small living room decoration. Besides being able to be used as extra seating, this pouf can also be used as a table when you add a wooden tray to it to get a flatter surface. Use a mosaic pattern to make it more different from the others, the combination of black and white is perfect for your modern living room theme.


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