How to Install Pretty Sun Catcher this Summer

From all of the ornaments available, it can be said that the sun catcher is the right one for this summer. Why? Because it is the right time for the sun catcher to go out and catch the sun to create a certain light reflection that will be really beautiful. If you don’t have the sun catcher yet for your home decoration this summer, then make sure that you find it now. Don’t forget that the sun catcher should be installed on the spot where the sunlight exposing well. For example, you can install the sun catcher on the window, front porch, terrace, patio, or as a garden decoration this summer. You will find varied sun catcher ideas that come in different materials and designs. Even you can make the concept of the sun catcher if you want such as Boho, farmhouse, etc.

Boho Crystals Sun Catcher

This boho sun catcher is outdoors in your home that needs a burst of color and solar energy. During the day the design of this sun catcher will come alive and colorful. The combination of red and blue becomes a color combination that is quite bold and attracts attention. You can get it at a craft store at a price that is affordable enough to buy in multiples. You can lower and move it easily when needed for other home decorations according to your outdoor decorating needs.

Faux Stained Glass Sun Catcher

You may remember making your own sun catcher as a child, for now, you can make one for outdoor home decoration. What you need right now is fun with your friends or family while making it. Make a sun catcher with easy-to-find materials, and faux stained glass with a mix of blue, yellow, and white into the best craft projects that will produce cute designs that shine during the day. Hang the sun catcher in an outdoor area that is exposed to sunlight so that it can be sucked in properly and produce maximum color.

Heart Sun Catcher Design

Enhance the look of your sun catcher with a really catchy and funny result. You can choose and use a sun catcher with a heart shape dominated by a splash of bright pink. Combine this heart sun catcher with some beaded in matching colors for a more maximal look. It really works well for your outdoor wall decor, try hanging it in a sun-reflected area for a brighter look. You can try it to get a summer theme instantly.

Summer Glass Beads Sun Catcher

This red brick wall decorated with glass beads and sun catcher will add a different decoration with more attractive eyesight. You can assemble it yourself with glass beads that have a variety of different color combinations. If you want to present a summer theme, then you can use a rainbow color tone that will look shiny and colorful when exposed to the reflection of the sun. Hang it using a stainless steel hook that has been firmly attached to this part of the wall.

DIY CD Sun Catcher Design

This unique sun catcher hangs outdoors for decoration, perfect for welcoming summer this year. Go ahead and make a sun catcher with the materials you have, and reuse old CDs that are no longer in use as the main ingredient. Making this sun catcher is very cheap because it uses existing materials and does not have to buy it again. You can arrange them with beautiful colors and patterns according to what you think. Hang it using a string or thread, because this sun catcher design is lighter.

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Summer Windowsill Decoration

One of the places that can be used to put a summer sun catcher is on the windowsill area. This area will maximize its appearance properly and maximally. Sunlight that enters through this glass window is also the best source that will make the sun catcher design more colorful and attract attention. You can make a sun catcher design with natural materials such as various types of leaves that are in your backyard garden, paste and apply to a surface of paper or plastic made from thick enough.

Handicrafts Summer Sun Catcher

To save more costs you spend, then for the design of the sun catcher, you can make it yourself according to the tastes and desires that you think. Here the materials needed are adhesive glue, cardboard in the shape of a flower, and an object with a flat surface that has a round shape. Glue the flowers on the paper or plastic surface in an irregular arrangement. Then hang it on the windowsill using a rope or thread you want.

Tree Ornament Sun Catcher

Green plants or trees are one of the patterns or designs that can create summer decorations instantly. Now you can apply a tree pattern to a sun catcher that can be used as a beautiful outdoor decoration. For the branches and trees, you can use wire coils that have a golden brown color. The golden circle is the main ornament for applying this sun catcher design, with this you can move and hang it to any part of the outdoor wall according to your needs.

Summer Rays Sun Catcher

Summer rays sun catcher can be obtained easily at the nearest craft store. You can get it at a selling price that is not too expensive. Choose and use a sun catcher design with a rainbow color selection to better match the summer theme this year. Combine the existence of this sun catcher with a green plant vase that can be placed right next to it, before you can fill a glass vase with clean water so that the indoor plants that are applied do not wilt easily.

Little Spider Sun Cather

Start your morning with a hanging sun catcher display outside this room. This unique and different design makes your eyes see different outdoor nuances as well. Look at this sun catcher design, the design is coated with a white spider web that looks more unique. Also, use faux fur and stones as additional material for the overall design of this sun catcher. Get this ornament at the nearest craft store or you can buy it online.

Hanging Crystal Sun Catcher

This unique sun catcher is like your window decoration with the right choice of decoration. It can hang with glass pendants which come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. And look at this sun catcher when exposed to the reflection of the sun, they will produce a beautiful and beautiful rainbow color. Even the existence of this sun catcher is able to make the room more shining and ready to be made into a beautiful art object.

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Simple Petals Flower Sun Catcher

These petals flower with a variety of different colors can be attached to the DIY plate you make. You can assemble and attach them using adhesive glue that is quite sturdy. This petal flower has a mix of purple, yellow and white colors that work well together. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the sides of the plate using paint with a choice of colors to make it look more festive and suitable for the summer theme in this outdoor decoration.

Magical Paper Sun Catcher

This DIY paper plate that you have can be used as the main ingredient for making a summer sun catcher. What you can apply on this plate are flower petals, green leaves, and vine leaves which have quite a contrasting color combination and are certainly very eye-catching. So that the presence of this sun catcher can be seen from inside or outside the room, you can apply it to the window sill decoration which is perfected with transparent glass windows that look clean because they have routine maintenance. You can try it as best you can.

Sunshine Sun Catcher

Take a look at this DIY sun catcher design with the shape of the sun, doesn’t it look very eye-catching? Yes, you can use a combination of yellow and gray for this design so that it looks like the original color. A sun catcher that has a sunshine shape will also be a favorite this year to decorate your outdoor home during summer. Pay attention to the layout of this sun catcher so that it can be exposed to the maximum reflection of sunlight during the day and of course, it will look bold in color.

Summer Craft Windowsill Decoration

To fill your spare time in the summer, then you can make a craft that is easy to make. Suncatcher is a craft that you can do without the need for a professional. You can make this sun catcher with colorful paper and solid black paper to serve as the frame. Make this DIY sun catcher in the shape of a sun and a ladybug to work well together for this year’s summer, hanging it right on your porch decor.

Glass Sun Catcher for Garden Decor

If you don’t have free time to make this sun catcher, then you can buy it online to make it more practical. Just choose and buy a sun catcher design with faux glass material so it doesn’t break easily when it falls on the floor or the ground. Complete the outer surface of this sun catcher using 3D flower ornaments with a size large enough and of course with the right color choices. This sun catcher design will look more alive when exposed to direct sunlight reflection.

Colorful Beaded Sun Catcher

Collect the beads that you have at home to turn into crafts that can be used as decorations for your summer home. Crafts that you can try are sun catchers that can be hung outside your home. Arrange and string the beads vertically using a piece of string or yarn you have. When you already have a few of these beads, you can hang them on the tree branches that have been drilled, and adjust the distance to make them look neater and more beautiful.

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Summer Sun Catcher Art

Sun catcher can also be made into art because you make it yourself with the creativity you have. For materials that are inexpensive and suitable for summer decorations, you can take advantage of green leaves and flowers in your backyard garden. Just stick these flowers and greenery onto the three embroidery tools that have sweet round shapes. You can attach it using adhesive glue that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t come off easily when used as an outdoor decoration for a long period of time.

Butterfly-Shaped Sun Catcher

Puede formar un receptor su con cualquier forma que desee. Pero es una buena idea usar una forma que encaje con el tema del verano de este año. Por ejemplo, puedes usar una forma de mariposa con cuentas como ingrediente principal y, por supuesto, con una hermosa selección de colores. Puede organizarlos ordenadamente y bien para obtener los máximos resultados. Los adornos de mariposa más pequeños son decoraciones adicionales que pueden combinarse con las cuentas que usas como material principal.

Nature-Themed Sun Catcher

Bring the feel of nature when you make a DIY sun catcher. Yes, flowers with green plants are the main ingredients you can use. Now you can make two paper plates to serve as areas for attaching your leaves and flowers. Just arrange it until it has a pattern that resembles a blooming flower. In this way, the outdoor sun catcher design emphasizes the summer decor instantly. You can finish the design of this sun catcher by repainting the sides of this paper plate to make it look more lively and colorful.

Summer Wildflower Sun Catcher

Several colors of wildflowers can be applied in one craft, namely the sun catcher. In addition to being the best craft, this suncatcher can also be used as an additional summer decoration that you can do easily and cheaply. Flowers are used ranging from blue, yellow, and purple. But not only flowers, you can also add some fern leaves that have a variety of different sizes too. You can add two to four small sun catchers under the main sun catcher which is quite large.

Modern Style Summer Sun Catcher

Decorating the windowsill with summer nuances feels incomplete if it is not decorated with the sun catcher you have. You can hang a sun catcher with a touch of modern style which has a length of 20cm so it is quite long and wide. This sun catcher is ready to be used as the focal point of the room because it has a combination of two to three different colors. Choose a crystal material to make it more durable and can look very shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight that enters through this transparent glass window.

Summer Beads Sun Catcher

Collect enough beads to turn into an eye-catching craft like a sun catcher. Arrange these beads together with a sweet round shape and have a fairly large size. You can hang it in your backyard along with a colorful, ready-to-use banner for an instant touch of summer. Use the thread as a rope which will make it easier for you to hang these sun catcher beads. Try this idea easily with your family on the weekend.

Colorful Paint Sun Catcher

Not only using flowers or green plants, now you can make a plate sun catcher with this colorful floral repaint. You can combine yellow, purple, white, and blue paint so that they work well together and of course, it will produce an interesting color combination that won’t get boring easily. After that, don’t forget to add a rope so that it is easier for you to hang it on outdoor home decorations. This DIY sun catcher will make you more creative when making crafts in the summer.

Water Ford Crystal Sun Catcher

Do you need summer windowsill decorations? If so, then the crystal sun catcher is the answer or the best decoration that you can try. Just hang this crystal sun catcher along with the fresh greenery. Hang it right on your transparent glass window sill so that it can be seen from the outside or from inside the room. Take a look and watch the color changes that will result from this sun catcher when exposed to a sufficient amount of reflected sunlight, they will have a rainbow color splash that attracts attention.


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