25 Best Frame Ideas to Beautify Your Home Decoration

It can be said that there is no home that doesn’t have a frame inside. Whether for the photo frame display need, painting, or any wall ornament. Anyway, it will be great if you can provide the frames that are not only used for their function but also for beautifying your home decoration at once. For that, of course, you should provide the best frame designs. Anyway, choosing the right frames can be from many aspects. The first one, you can have based on your home decoration style. It means that you can provide a harmonious style of the frames. Then, you can also choose the frames based on the theme of the things you want to display. Also, if you love art, then choosing the aesthetic ones is recommended for you. Well, when talking about frames, basically it won’t only be about the wall frames but also the frames that are displayed on the table, rack, and anywhere! Here are the references for the best frame designs you can have for your home.

DIY Wooden Frame Cutting

The best way to display your photo with your partner in a room is to apply it using a wooden frame that you have at home. Look at this wooden photo frame, doesn’t it look very attractive and has a unique pattern? Yes, you can try it maximally without any paint for a more environmentally friendly and natural look. The cutting design on this photo frame looks very aesthetic, you can get it at the nearest craft store or you can get it online.

Minimalist Style Frame Photos

These photos of you and your partner in black and white prints get strong compliments from the minimalist black frame that is one and the same size. The white print on your photo creates a thick frame around the print and will expand the visual background. Hang it to the wall with a distance that is not too close to make it look neater and more organized. Just apply it to the entryways decoration so that it can be used as the main sight for your guests or family who come to the house.

Magazine Framed Photos

Do you have old magazines that are no longer in use? If so, then you can use it as a cheap and easy DIY photo frame to make yourself. You can shape this magazine lengthwise and cut it to the same size so that when applied it is neater. Inadvertently this DIY magazine frame will look more colorful and fun. Paste it using adhesive glue that has good quality so that it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time.

Antique Gold Wall Frame

If you don’t have free time to make DIY painting or photo frames, then you can just buy them at the nearest craft store. Choose and buy a wall frame that has a style that matches your home. When your house is in a vintage style, then you can choose an antique painting frame with a gold color that will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. This frame looks very classic and of course can be used as a wall decoration that is more different and unique.

Aesthetic Wood Frame Painting

There is nothing wrong with using natural materials to make wall frames that can be used as wall decorations in your child’s bedroom. This painting frame will look aesthetic when you combine it with a geometric painting that is dominated by black paint. Just fill this wooden frame with your own child’s painting to make it look more motivating. Make two frames of the same size and hang them vertically on one part of the empty wall.

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Modern Frame Photo with Vines Decoration

These four painting frames that have different sizes can be hung on the empty wall. This frame has a solid black color and has a modern touch that doesn’t go out of style. In order for this painting frame to look more beautiful, you can apply vines simultaneously. Just use faux plants so they don’t wilt easily when used all year round in this room. This colorful painting will make the white wall area more colorful and fun.

Radio as Photo Frames

Three radios of the same size you can reuse when they are damaged. Decorations that you can do are turn them into photo frames that look creative and amazing. The first thing you can do is remove all the cables in the radio until they are clean and then fill it with various photos of you and your partner or friends. When you are going to put it on the table, you can add a cactus plant using a small transparent glass vase filled with soil and white gravel.

Colorful Beads Frame Photo

Collect enough beads to be used as photo frames so that you can decorate your home this year. If you don’t have it, then you can buy it online in a variety of different colors to make it look more fun. You can assemble these beads using adhesive glue that is strong enough to make a beautiful photo frame. After this frame has been completed, you can fill it with a photo of your child and just hang it on the empty living room wall.

Natural Vibes Branch Frames

One of the best ways you can show off your paintings to guests who come to your house is by making some frames made of materials that you have around the house. For example, you can make a frame with tree branches and tie it on the four sides of this frame with a sturdy rope. The materials needed are very easy to find without having to buy them. This DIY frame is suitable for those of you who want to save on expenses when decorating your home this year.

Your Craft Child’s Frames

Check out one of these amazing children’s works. Besides being cute and beautiful, you can also use it as one of your DIY home decorations for one of the rooms in it. Flamingos, flowers and hearts are a combination of ornaments that you can attach to the frame which is dominated by this pink color. Just put it on your work desk or on a console table in the entryways area to be used as a room decoration that looks very creative. The main material needed here is folding paper with a variety of different colors.

Transparant Glass Frame Photo

Transparent glass is one of the materials that you can use as a DIY frame design that you can make yourself. To prevent this photo frame from breaking easily, you can apply it to a wooden photo stand that has the same size alignment. So that the surface of this frame does not look too plain and boring, then you can decorate it with several flowers that have various types and different colors. The colors used start from yellow, red, purple and white, this idea is perfect for summer home decor.

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Summer Wreath Frame

Have you ever thought that the wreath design can be used as a photo frame that can decorate the walls of your current room? See this will be a new decoration that you can apply in your home right now. You can fill the wreath of the center circle with several photo prints of the same size. Stick this photo on the wall using adhesive glue or a double tip so it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long time. This wreath design is also complemented by flowers and faux tans that add to its overall beauty.

Double Stack Frame Photos

You can design photo frames in the easiest way for a different look when seen by the eye. The recommended idea at this time is that you can stack two frames with different sides like the photo below. Previously you could repaint the outer surface of the wooden frame with green and finish with a patch of some craft flowers that you can make yourself. This frame can be hung on the wall and can also be placed on a table using a photo stand that has the same shape so that it can be placed securely and does not fall. This photo frame idea is quite easy to try.


DIY Frame Photo with String Light

So that your family photos can still be seen at night, it’s a good idea to coat the wooden photo frame using a string light that has bright enough lighting. Choose and use a string light with yellow lighting to give your room a warm feel. Previously you could make this photo frame yourself with four pieces of wood that have the same height. Next, just tie each corner of this wood using hemp rope so that it can be combined so that it can be used as a DIY photo frame that is cheap and easy to make yourself.

Colorful Beads Craft

Take advantage of the beads you have at home to turn them into handicrafts that can be used as decorations for your home too. For example, you can make these beads as a photo frame design with any shape and design you want. Also pay attention to the use of these bead colors, green, pink, blue, yellow and red as a color combination that will blend well and look quite contrasting. Fill this DIY beads frame with your child’s photo to make it look more cute and amazing.

Striped Straw Material

Choose and use a straw with a striped pattern to make it as a DIY frame that you can place on the console table in the entryway decoration or in the living room. You can cut straws of two different sizes to apply on the sides or on the top and bottom of this frame. The striped pattern with a mix of black and white also instantly brings out a monochromatic theme. Complete the look of this frame with a fake flower arrangement so that it doesn’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time.

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Custom Frame with Names Ideas

When you can’t make your own photo frame, then you can buy it according to the custom that you like. For example, you can design it with your name to make it look more personal. Hang some photo frames that have a round shape vertically using a chain rope made of stainless steel. Use a photo with a large enough number so that it can be used as a focal point for a room in your home. With this, the frame design looks more unique and different from the others.

Colorful Paint Frame Photos

Before you hang the photo frame on the empty wall, then you can paint it first using several different color combinations. This is done so that your wall decoration looks more fun and not easily boring. You can also add floral patterns, lemons and dry twigs to the surface of the frame as an additional eye-catching design. Use floral patterns with a variety of different types to be more varied.

Macrame Frame Photo

Change the look of hanging macrame in your home to make it a multifunctional room decoration. For example, you can add two ropes in the middle of the macrame so that it can be used to hang photos of your pets. Hang it on the wall that has white paint to make it look bolder and clearer when used as the focal point of the room. This macrame itself is suitable for use in modern room decorations or to get an instant bohemian touch.

Photo Frames with Moon Name

Besides being able to be used as an area to apply memorable photos, this DIY photo frame is also a reminder of the months throughout the year. This DIY photo frame cardboard can be done easily yourself, all you need to do now is redesign it with some paintings or floral ornaments that can be attached using paper flowers. You can hang the photo frame using nails so that it can be firmly attached to the wall. Vertical layout is a very appropriate layout idea because it will look neat.

LED Tree Frame with Names

Besides being able to be used as room decoration, this LED tree frame can also be used as additional lighting in a room. Another advantage that you can get is that it can be used as the focal point of the room because it has a unique shape. The shape of the tree with this iron material will be more sturdy in use throughout the year, you can fill some of the available frames with photos of you with your family or partner. The addition of the initials at the bottom makes this photo frame more individual.

DIY Craft Frame Photos

These five photo frames that have different designs and shapes are wall decorations that you can use right now. Besides being able to be used as room decorations, this photo frame can also be used as your memories with your family or friends. You can make it with ingredients you have at home to make it cheaper and on budget. For example, you can make it from a large number of buttons and pieces of colored paper, do this craft yourself on the weekends.

Handmade Wooden Frame Photo

Make photo frames with different views for a more satisfying end result. For example, you can do engraving names according to your child’s name. Not only the name, but you can also add the date, day, and year of birth on the two sides of the frame with different shapes. After everything looks good, then you can fill it with some photos of your children ranging from newborns to two or three years. Try these craft ideas at home when you have free time.

Colorful Faux Rice Frame Photo

Don’t let the photo table frames in your home look plain and boring. For now you can sprinkle the surface of the frame with colorful faux rice. Before applying to this frame, you can paint faux rice and wait for it to dry before attaching it to the frame. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add fake flower arrangements in the corners of the frame as additional decorations that you can easily get at craft stores.

Vintage Table Frame

Antiques become a home decoration that many people are looking for. Therefore you can try to buy a vintage table frame that has a unique and beautiful shape. For now do a repaint to get a cleaner and more elegant result. This vintage frame display showcases the beauty of individual works. This frame can stand alone firmly, don’t forget to add other decorations such as faux flowers and greenery around it.


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