How to Apply Supersized Art for Your Home Decoration

Rather than applying some small ornaments to your wall, it is better for you to have the supersized one especially if you have a small home. In this case, the supersized art can give an illusion that your home can be seen as wider and more spacious. Here, we recommend you apply the simple design without too many details so that it can work way more effectively to create a spacious impression. Anyway, when talking about art, it won’t be only about the painting, it could many other things like macrame and other artwork available. Buy the art product or make it yourself in case you have the capability to make everything look related to your taste. Check the following references!

Canvas Floral Painting

One of the best ways to make your wall décor more colorful is to hang a painting of any size. The Tulip flower pattern is the best choice that you can try. This painting has a blend of green and orange colors that are able to provide a beautiful contrasting color tone. You can hang it in an area of ​​the room that is often visited by guests or family for a different view that makes your home decoration more unique, different, and colorful. Tulip Painting from

DIY Huge Letter Art

To add a personal touch to your home decor, just try using a printed letter with a size large enough. After you have this huge letter art, just frame it with a wooden frame without re-polishing it for a more DIY look. Art letters that can be used can be adjusted with the initials of your name or the name of one of your family members. Here you can use the letter F with two different types of fonts for a more eye-catching look. DIY Huge F Letter Art from chrislovesjulia

Summer Touch Painting Wall Art

Select and use a large painting to fill in the blanks on the wall. This idea is done so that your home decor looks more colorful and has a high artistic value. Just adjust the theme of your painting to the room decor, when you’re decorating with a summer theme, the flamingo head painting is the right and smart choice. This painting has a combination of pink and blue colors so that it will provide a fairly bold color contrast, just make this blue watercolor as the background for your flamingo painting. Flamingo wall art from gwen_kenny_designer

Jellyfish Painting Decoration

Do you have a talent for painting? If yes, then you can try to make it for wall decoration in your home. Just use a simple pattern that is easy to paint, for example, you can paint a jellyfish with a mix of blue and white watercolors that can blend perfectly. You can make this simple painting with large size to make the walls of your home look more colorful and not easily boring. Wooden frames are the best choice that you can apply to your paintings. Jellyfish Painting from libbywatkinsart

Triple Abstract Painting

If one painting cannot be made as to the focal point of the room, then you can use three abstract paintings that can be hung at close distances so that they look like connecting. This abstract painting has a beautiful and fun color combination. Here, painting paints that you can use are green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. All the colors used will work well in living room decorations that are dominated by neutral interiors. Colorful Abstract Painting from alvesdevelopmentymm

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Simple Look Macrame Design

Macrame is one of the wall decorations that is suitable to be applied in a bohemian-style room. You can make it or buy it at a craft shop according to your wishes, just adjust it to the budget you have. Attach this macrame design to the wall using a dry tree trunk. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it directly with the indoor use of green plants that are applied to wooden stand planters that have tiered sizes. Macrame with Dry Tree Trunk from pink_and_balayaged

Leaves Shaped Wall Hanging

The next wall decoration that you can use is a rope design with a cute leaf shape. Just use one type and one color of rope for a more harmonious look and beige is a very appropriate color choice to have. So that it can be used as the focal point of the room, you can make it in quite a large number and with large size. Next, hang some of the leaves of this DIY rope on a dry tree trunk so that it is sturdier to use for a long time. DIY Rope Leaves Wall Decoration from dailymacrame

Macrame Wall Hanging Decoration

Try to create a bohemian decor by using a macrame made of rope and wood as a place to tie it. You just simply make a knot at a few points to form a certain pattern. Attach it using nails when the macrame design that you have made already has a perfect appearance and is to your liking. These nails will help attach your macrame to the bare wall. Use two colors of rope for maximum beautiful macrame. A rattan planter pot that is placed right next to it is an additional decoration that you can have. Macrame Wall Hanging from iwouldratherknot

Bohemian Vibes Wall Art

Present a beautiful artistic value on a blank wall in the living room. You can create your own by combining several strings that are attached to form a pattern. Cut the rope and attach it in a row to form a macrame design that is a favorite decoration in several rooms of your house. This macrame design has two different sizes and can be arranged into one piece to make it look bigger. Here you will get beautiful wall decorations that are suitable for application in a bohemian-style room. Bohemian Macrame from fiberartpassion

Bold Color Rose Painting

When you want to paint flowers on a large canvas, don’t just use red watercolors. For now, you can use a blue tone so that it looks bold, unique, and different. The rose is a pattern that you can because many people love so it will never fail. Not only blue watercolor splashes, but you can also combine them with white splashes so that the two can work well together. Hang it right above the sofa in the living room. Blue Rose Painting from

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Modern Style Wall Art

Perfect your modern living room wall theme with the selection of the most appropriate wall art. For now, you can choose from two to three paintings with three sizes large enough and of course with a choice of patterns that are suitable for application in modern minimalist or contemporary styled living room decorations. Striped painting with a combination of black and white will present a monochromatic theme and is suitable for a modern living room. Hang these three paintings close together for a beautiful focal point. B/W Modern Wall Art from styling_spaces_with_aman

Beach Vibes Wall Art

This beach painting which is perfected with a wooden frame is the best wall decoration that you can try. The design and pattern of this painting have a vertical shape so that it can perfectly decorate the wall. The bright color can make the room brighter too, add an indoor tropical plant right next to it as a compliment that provides fresh air in the room. Just hang it right above the wooden console table as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. Bright Beach Painting from hallmarkhomes

Canvas Floral Painting

Do you need wall decoration right now? If so, then you can do the art of painting on a canvas media that has a fairly large size. Here you can use several watercolors with several different color choices. Blue, white and red is a combination of colors that can be applied to this flower painting so that it looks very beautiful. Install and hang it to the wall using the nails or hooks that have been provided, try when installing the nails do not to damage the walls of your house. Large Canvas Floral Painting from karenahujastudio

DIY Rainbow Rope Art

With just a few pieces of fiber rope, you can present a living room decoration that has high artistic value. Color several pieces of fiber mine in different bright colors and curved shapes to make them look like rainbow shapes. Install this fiber mine rainbow on an empty wall in the living room decoration so that it can be used as the first decoration that your family sees when you come. Instantly you will create a new center of attention in the living room with this work of art. Rainbow Rope Wall Art from thewoolycanvas

Striking Painting Wall Art

To revive your walls that are painted with neutral colors, you can use a summer painting that has a mix of contrasting colors. For example, you can combine purple with turquoise, which both have bold colors. Just apply this summer painting in the living room or rather on your sofa to make it the focal point of the room. Just buy this painting at the nearest craft store at a price that is not too expensive. Summer Painting Wall Art from boarders_jo

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Woman Face Painting

This colorful combination of watercolors can be applied to the use of a woman’s face painting that is able to give a personal touch. Currently, you can use canvas media which is easier to find at the nearest craft store. After your painting is dry, it is ready to be hung on the empty living room wall. Not only for decorating the living room, but you can also hang it in the entryway area as an initial welcome for your guests who come to your house. Personal Touch Face Painting from marendevineart

Traditional Vibes Wall Art

An easy way to bring a traditional touch into your home is to hang a rope craft that can be arranged in the best possible pattern. Tassels accents instantly enhance the look of this wall decor. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine straps with beige and light gray colors. These two colors will work well together in this one art wall hanging design. Get this wall hanging at a craft store at a price that is not too expensive. Traditional Wall Art from homeandlivingco

Pink Color Abstract Painting

To provide a focal point for the walls in your living room decor, hang an abstract painting that has splashes of bold colors like bright pink. Here you can use a combination of white and pink watercolors that can blend into the same painting design. You can be creative according to your thoughts so that they can be expressed to the maximum. The color tone of this room is also very supportive of the existence of this abstract painting because it is dominated by plain white shades. Pink Abstract Painting from bbartzone

Tropical Vibes Painting Art

There is nothing wrong with choosing a canvas painting with a tropical theme in a small living room decoration. This painting has a very cute panda pattern and is one of the favorite paintings that many people like. Just choose and use a painting that is large enough to brighten up the room and add some fun color. To emphasize the tropical theme in this room, you can add tropical plants and also use furniture made of rattan. Panda Painting Wall Art from yvettestamant

Metal Floral Wall Art

If you have metal materials that are no longer in use, then you can turn them into wall art decorations that you can make yourself easily and cheaply. Now you can turn it into a wall decoration that has the shape of a flower that is blooming beautifully. This metal floral pattern comes in several different sizes, from small to large. But there’s no need to worry because you can combine them into one part so that it looks bigger and is suitable as the focal point of the room. DIY Metal Floral Wall Art from vibrantchild_


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